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One of the founders and chief executives of Google, Eric Schmidt once said that the patent system, originally designed to protect inventors, degenerated into a morass of lawsuits and creativity killers. “These patent war dead,” – he said in 2012. – “Everyone can choose for creativity. Therefore, the new trick is to give the courts to block the device from country to country. This is bad for innovation. ”

This remark it is interesting that Google has become one of the most prolific creators of patents. In 2013, MIT researchers reported that scientists brainy Google wins 10 patents a day. The company entered the list of the ten most prolific patent holders in the United States.

It is believed that Google quietly changed its view on patents to protect its Android operating system for mobile devices, after seeing what Apple has done the same thing when I first introduced the iPhone in 2007.

Many of its patents in the field of action includes Android, as well as search engine technology and other services that are the bread and butter for Google. Others relate the changes in the rules of the game with future innovations, which develops Internet giant. For example, cars without drivers. In any case, the innovation machine Google nashtampovat innovations such that many of us can only scratch his head in bewilderment.

Before you ten most bizarre patents registered Google in recent years.
Komiksoidnye updates in social networks


In ancient times – in terms of the users of social networks around 2006 – it was really cool otpostit text message and inform all your friends that you were in Hawaii for a new job or a wart removed. (Yes, some people are too open).

But today, when we are tired of the endless status updates, they have become commonplace. That is why, perhaps, in 2010, Google filed a patent application on the technology called “self-created comics in social networks and other communications.” This will allow users to make their own social networking cartoon in various social networks, which tells about their adventures.

According to the patent application, the user can choose a theme and software yourself, offer cartoon with headlines and text that the user can change. Google acquired the right to a patent in 2013, but has not yet brought to market applications for creating comics.
Floating Data Center


Every time you go into a Google search in order to update the collection of cute seals, watch videos on YouTube or send an email through Gmail, Google spent on electricity. Global search giant burned 2.26 million kilowatt-hours in 2010 – the quarterly yield conventional nuclear power plant.

To reduce electricity bills, Google filed a patent application for “natatorial data center” in 2008. It will consist of a cargo ship or barge that uses tidal energy and converts it into electricity, which will feed the computer server Google.

Despite some futuristic patent in October 2013 came the first reports that Google is actually deploys such craft. It became known that Google is building a four-story structure on the mysterious barge in San Francisco Bay. Later saw a similar barge in the harbor in Maine.
A device that projects a keyboard on hand


Google Glass , vision of “Google” wearable art are augmented reality glasses with activated voice and gestures.

But although theoretically they can save us from bricks in his pockets and even from the very need to carry a portable device, in practice Google Glass suffers from many shortcomings. If you are in a noisy environment, voice command works very poorly, and dictate anything other than a short message to be a difficult task for people who have a lifetime write articles on your computer.

In 2013, Google filed a patent application on the technology entitled “Methods and systems for virtual input device” in which Google Glass headset projects a virtual keyboard on the palm of the user, making it a virtual touchscreen smartphone in style.
Tattoo on his throat with a microphone and an optional lie detector


In “Futurama” jokingly suggested that future smartphone users will wear ‘phones on the eyes, “but Google’s idea of ​​implanting a microphone in the user’s throat – is not just an empty phrase.

In 2012, the application filed daughter Google Motorola Mobility, called “e-Connect tattoos on the skin with a mobile device,” says accession digital tattoo, that is a tiny chip to the skin on the outside of the user’s throat. And for those who associate tattoos on his neck with a prison customs, “tattoo” can be placed on the collar or necklace.

Tiny device will include both a microphone and a wireless transmitter, relaying the user’s voice to a smartphone or other device. According to the patent application, a good implant that will reduce background noise and improve the intelligent connection.

And if that’s not enough, there’s something else. If desired, a tattoo can be arranged so that it glowed whenever throat muscles tense member. In addition, the designers believe that they can turn the sensor response of the skin, which will make the device a lie detector.
Photographed walking stick


One distinctive feature of Google Maps is a collection of photos of street panoramas, allowing users to literally walk through the streets of the city. In addition to the usual street scenes Google began publishing 360 degree photos of hiking trails in North America, the company that performed photographers with bulky camera backpacks.

In 2013, Google registered a patent for a device that greatly simplifies shooting like landscapes. An application called “walking stick with the IMU (inertial measurement unit)” basically says canes with cameras and sensors locations that photographed the environment when bangs stick to the ground.

While the gadget is likely to be used by photographers Google, the patent application notes that this technology it is possible to use crutches, and other devices for people with disabilities.
Sound, light and temperature generator ads


Google for many years to ascertain that all users of the world receive accurate targeted advertising platforms with the company. But with the rise of smartphones and mobile devices connected to the Internet, there are other possibilities, offering to buy a particular product or dine out in the restaurant, so the search giant intends to use all the advantages of such systems.

The patent application in 2008 under the name “advertising based on environmental conditions» Google provides equipment for smartphones and other devices with sensors that will record temperature, humidity, light, sound, and chemical composition of the air around the user. Mobile device will transmit the data Google, and he, in turn, will show the relevant environmental Users advertising.

For example, if you’re in a hot and humid area, you will see advertising from the manufacturer of air conditioners. And if you use your cell phone at the concert Adele, technology will show you other British singers or restaurants close to the concert hall.
Software to split restaurant bills


With you it has happened? You go to a restaurant with a bunch of friends, and the waiter did not want to share the checks. So you pay the bill proposes, expecting the rest returned to you then debt. But as a rule, everybody forgets to give coin.

In 2013, the company patented the “monitoring and control group costs.” Software application, presumably for smartphones, not only will count as much as they have to pay, but also automatically transfer money to the account of who pays for all. All you need is to install the application before dinner. All without exception.
System “pay for view” of the ad


You’ve probably seen posts by advertising agencies on how many views collected their banners, but the view does not mean that people are actually interested in this ad. There is no reliable way to tell that someone actually looked listing, well, or pretended looked. Anyway, it was not until today.

In 2013, Google received a patent for “a system of tracking [closely] views,” according to which the device is fixed to the head, presumably part of a computer system with video capabilities like Google Glass, will capture all that user is looking and considered views of advertisements. Then the system will consider how long a user was looking at an ad and maybe will capture his emotional state to expand pupils or something.
Virtual assistant, who “tweets” and post on Facebook


We all want to impress the other part of the internet community by posting interesting messages in social networks. But let’s face it: be smart and informative it is extremely difficult, and the constant inventing funny things can take so much effort that some earn money from it.

What if your computer or smartphone to help you in this matter? In 2011, Google registered a patent for “automatic creation of proposals for personalized responses in social networks.” Technology will read other people’s messages to get relevant information on the subject and then automatically offer you a “personalized” replies to messages, depending on what kind of things you have attracted in the past.

Before the program wants to create a record, it will notify you and ask for consent. This precaution will avoid embarrassment when your e-mail to send an intimate message clone former passion, or heart congratulates a person you barely know.
Gesture “heart”


Singer Taylor Swift possibly popularized using hand gesture that shows heart, but that did not stop Google from trying to patent it. In 2011, the company filed an application called “gestures to indicate that it is important”, which also claimed the right to “hand gesture forming zone of the two hands in the form of symbolic heart.”

Unlike Swift, Google is not going to express affection for boyfriends so. The company wants all owners Google Glass could make a gesture of hands, for example, for coffee in Starbucks, in view of the camera on the head and highlight the glass, making the picture. And then post it in instagramchik course.
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