10 crazy car geniuses of all time




In human ingenuity has no limits. Spaceships, flying cars and rocket boosters: bring you the top ten stories of crazy designers in the automotive industry. Some of you know very well.

10. Luigi Colani

Луиджи Колани

It’s one thing to build a strange looking car for the people, but quite another to build a monstrosity tent, nurtured in Penaty manic obsession with organic forms. Also, make sure that it had the aerodynamics of high-speed transport. All this – the merit of German designer Luigi Colani.
9. Preston Tucker


It’s one thing to take the collective power of the Big Three when it controls nearly all the American car market, but quite another udelat them with a full-size sedan with a helicopter engine equipped with innovative safety features. Thanks to Preston Tucker.
8. William Bushnell Stout

Уильям Бушнелл Стаут

Like Tucker, Stout was crazy American who thought he could make the car better than the one who already has a well-established production. I remember the story of Enzo Ferrari and Lamborghini producing tractors. While plans Tucker went into a deadlock Design, plans Stout were crazy enough to work, even if the world was not ready for them.

William Bushnell Stout created what eventually became a Ford Trimotor. But it is not so important. Working in Packard, he founded his own company, Stout Motor Car Company. And you know what made the SMCC? Has developed the world’s first minivan Scarab. Later details Scarab inspired engineers Lamborghini Countach.

However, while the price tag in 5000 dollars was too high, so that the car could not afford the common people. Up to now the only five survived Scarab.
7. Ed Roth

It’s just pure madness in the world of cars.
6. Franco Sbarro

Many people remember the Sbarro as the guy who made the first bezosnoe wheel. Some remember him as the man who made perhaps the worst cars of all time. He also did a six-wheel-drive off-road wheels specifically for falconry. Just look at the photograph of an engineer to understand that the Swiss had to move.
5. Elon Musk

Элон Маск

It not only makes the car – it makes spaceships. He also wants to run people from San Francisco to Los Angeles from a giant rail gun at a speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour. What else do you want to know about it?
4. Paul Moller

Пол Моллер

Paul Moller grew up in the California town of Davis. As soon as the boy grew older, everyone laughed at him because he had tried unsuccessfully to make a flying car for forty years. He even had a hand in the creation of a flying saucer, also without success.
3. Felix Wankel

Феликс Ванкель

To invent a new type of internal combustion engine has to be crazy. But the creation of the rotary engine – not the only reason why the Wankel made the list. He was a militarist-fascist, but the Nazis threw him out of his party for excessive enthusiasm. Twice. Seriously.
2. Eugene Middlbruks

Maybe you have not heard of Eugene Middlbrukse, but his Floridian company Turbonique resounded all over the world. The famous creation of the company «Turbomique Drag Axle» – rocket, which clung to the drag-racing machine.

Yes, this company is selling missiles to people who are used to further speed up. At the end of its course, closed for safety reasons.
1. Henry Ford

Генри Форд

No one doubts that Henry Ford was a genius like Thomas Edison . The problem is that Ford and he suspected that a genius, and may have been slightly obsessed with it. He was a pioneer of the modern assembly line and factory production, but stubbornly held on to outdated technology, which has been in love, and often shared a secret team of engineers and forced them to compete with each other and may have killed his son in an early grave.

He was so sure he chose the right path, which built his own utopian city-factory in Brazil. Ford was a legend, but there was something wrong with his head.
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