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Fiction | 10 extinct animals that can be revived

Not so long ago, we talked about whether we can revive the dinosaurs using fossils left over from times immemorial. What came, you know yourself : at this stage of regeneration technology is not yet achieved such success, to turn trash and dust in the living monsters. However, not so long ago was discovered mammoth with liquid blood, and all from a single drop of blood was cloned mouse . You are able to link the two together break. And then look at the ten animals that are waiting in the wings to come back, stamped, flapped his wings above the Earth.

Woolly Mammoth

Шерстистый мамонт

The leading candidate for the “dying in reverse” is a woolly mammoth. Russian scientist Semyon Grigoriev of the Sakha Republic mammoth museum plans to replace the cell nuclei elephant egg cell nucleus, extracted from bone marrow of a woolly mammoth. Theoretically, the elephant can become a surrogate mother baby mammoth.
The Tasmanian Tiger

Тасманский тигр

Tasmanian tigers became extinct in 1936, partly because suffered from a lack of genetic diversity, which translates as “bad news for the species,” says Katherine Belov, a professor of comparative genomics, University of Sydney. “Types less able to adapt to changes.” Even if the Tasmanian Tigers – or other animals – will be reborn, it will take time to create variety.
Passenger pigeon

Experts believe that billions of these birds inhabited America when Europeans arrived. Loss of habitat and commercial use of birds for meat has led to the fact that they all died out in the shortest possible time. It is sad in the extreme.

Currently, efforts are being made to revive the species by extracting DNA fragments of surviving examples and then use the tailed pigeons as surrogate parents.
Pyrenean ibex

Pyrenean ibex, a horned mammal that was once widely distributed in Europe and was first in line for a revival. Scientists have attempted to clone the animal at the end of the 1990s, when the last of the female Pyrenean ibex was still alive. But even if they did it, there was a male, who was able to continue the race. Need genetic engineering.
Saber-toothed tiger

As the saber-toothed tiger (or cat), but rather their bodies are sometimes found frozen, there is a chance to extract DNA and cloned animal. About 5 years ago, scientists have done the trick with a mouse that had been dead and frozen for 16 years. Woolly mammoths, by the way, is also found in the well-preserved, but the frozen state.
Dodo Bird

Dodo, flightless bird was delicious and, unfortunately, stupid to humans and other predators. In 2007, scientists discovered an incredibly well-preserved dodo in a cave. Its DNA may be used to revive the species.
Ground sloth

Ground (or giant), sloth, relatively slow herbivore was easy prey for predators antediluvian. Scientists, however, have found the remains of medvedepodobnogo creatures (some reaching lengths of 6 meters), covered with a soft cloth. Like the woolly mammoths, ground sloths have a chance that they will appear in our world, thanks to the wonders of genetic engineering.
Irish elk

Irish elk became extinct about 11,000 years ago. Like the woolly mammoth, this elk inhabited the cold regions. As a result, their bodies are sometimes found in the frozen and relatively good condition, which means they can be incorporated into all of resuscitation.

Earlier this year, Harvard geneticist George Church, said he saw “a female incredible man” who wants to be a surrogate mother for a cloned Neanderthal. Although the Church is only suggested, it is quite possible that this controversial project to become a reality. And then “The Last of the Pleistocene,” Edgar Burroughs cease to be science fiction.

Paleontologist Jack Horner is a project to create dinosaur Chicken – “dinokuritsy” or “kurozavra.” He says that the birds – “are dinosaurs, so technically we do dinosaur dinosaur.” Together with colleagues, it activates genes associated with non-avian dinosaurs, such as long tails.

Well, if genetics and cloning will not help in the revival of the dinosaurs can help virtual reality .
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