September 9, 2014 the presentation of two new iPhone, 6 and 6 Plus, among other things by Apple. The company found itself in an interesting position: either she lost in the crowd of competitors , or catapulted into the next era of thriving technology industry, where Apple is the “great helmsman.” We will not share everything in black and white, just try to follow, what will the final presentation of mobile technology “apple” of the corporation.

What makes the world Apple?

Presentation of Apple started with promises of the greatest event in the history of the iPhone. Of course, this is a metaphor, alluding to the increased size of the displays of smart phones, but it says nothing about the impact on the mobile industry as a whole. In the end, every new product has to be better than its predecessor, regardless of brand.

The company just introduced the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch – a new phone, a larger version of his own and a new mobile accessory. Hype was noble, but if you understand what’s what, it turns out the following. iPhone 6 has a display of 4.7 inches, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 has long been equipped with a display of 5.1 inches. 6 Plus is already bypassed at least four other phone on the market.

There are many other statistics, which we will not go deep , but in fact Apple just showed smartphone that has all the qualities of its competitors. However, there is one thing: Apple just put all these qualities in one bag. This flexibility will allow Apple, for all its power, to remain for a long time on the throne of the king of mobile. And here’s why.

It is growing, despite the difficulties
iPhone 5S

To maintain a good business, you should always pay attention to what your competitors are doing. If they lower the price, you need to do the same to your products continued to buy. The problem is that Apple does not. While the majority of Android-phones are sold at a price below $ 200, Apple is hardly stoop to such a threshold with their new products.

For many years, analysts said that Apple is on the verge, and competitors will be able to catch up and overtake it for quality – and still talk. But, despite all the difficulties, Apple always bypasses competitors in sales, even if its price is three times higher. A good example of this – the choice between the Mac and the other PC. Dozens of PC makers have become bankrupt and lost Apple. Slowly but surely, selling expensive products, Apple still retains and increases its market share.

It kills other industries

One of the notable features presented at the event Apple Live, was a camera iPhone 6. A few years ago it was widely believed that “the camera does not stay in the smartphone good video.” Apple now the camera can shoot 240 frames per second and has become a standard feature for a smartphone. The video above was shot on the iPhone 6, so you can understand what I mean (do not forget to set the quality to maximum). Separate camera that can shoot well, costs 300 dollars.

Such news can never please the camera manufacturers, as people increasingly prefer a smartphone that has a lot of useful features. In recent years, sales of cameras Nikon, Olympus, Canon and Sony have fallen seriously, and this will not be the end.

There is no question that these companies go bankrupt, as once – Kodak, and go out of business, but smart phones like iPhone 6, very quickly devalue market cameras. Hardly anyone thinks Apple manufacturing company computers or mobile equipment. All she enters into their products, it takes from other industries, and does it very well. How Steve Jobs quoted Picasso: “Good artists copy, great – steal.”

She struggles with the fear of theft

Data leaks are becoming commonplace. Only in 2014 the world has experienced a series of massive data loss – by Home Depot, Target, Google, Yandex, iCloud – even the most Satoshi Nakamoto kind of broke . The cult of fear that the data can not be protected, surrounds the scope of digital payments, as the fog of war, and this hinders the development of innovative systems that allow you to pay for your purchases with your smartphone.

By using the Apple Pay, which will appear in the new iPhone, Apple will try to save people from this fear. Its system will pay for anything – a cup of coffee – just raising a iPhone to a digital reader at the checkout. To add a credit card, it will be enough just to photograph her. It is safe, says Apple, since if someone steals your phone, you will just press one button and block payments. Agree, it is quite difficult to do if the thief sopret real credit card.

In the “Payment without purse” has already had a few pioneers, including PayPal and Square, but they were not lucky, because people do not trust and prefer to keep their money in a glass jar. Will Apple’s system to work, it is not known, but a stream of digital transactions should reach $ 90 billion by 2017, and someone will have to send it to the track. That, in fact, trying to make Apple.

She knows how to sell technology

Over the past two years we have seen a lot of smart hours. All tehnogiganty – including Sony, LG and Samsung – presented their version, but hardly produced an effect like Apple Watch. Even despite the fact that prior to their release will take several months. Why? Why Tim Cook named Apple Watch «one more thing», if the market for options?

Yes, for the same reason iPhone, iPad and iPod steel bombs, even if they were not the first smartphone, tablet or MP3-player. Apple just better than others can do something comfortable and attractive – the story will not lie. He waited until it was known that the competitors did, Apple could make it so that Apple Watch for men are the first intelligent clock. Therefore, we believe that the iPad was the first normal tablet, although it existed Tablets ten years, no less. Meanly, but effective.

She is able to effectively impose technology
Google Glass

At Google Glass is very bad reputation. Points are in a state of partial output for a year. The problem is that people believe that in these glasses, they look silly and funny – just read the reviews. People have a certain psychological resistance, reluctance to accept new and it seriously affects the success of new technologies. All that dramatically makes normal abnormal, it is difficult to accept, and even more so – to get used to it.

That’s why Google Glass will get bogged down in the thick of the national disapproval, while Apple Watch, according to all forecasts, disperse to cheer. There is no connection between Glass and to what we are used to, but Apple Watch – is the “regular hours.” Despite the fact that they have interactive and might become a springboard for wearable electronics, them people will feel comfortable. For the same reason people do not know about the coolest innovative pieces and hardly ready for the future, in which humanoid robots will bring them tea, cars drive without drivers, and will be replaced with artificial organs.

She was still “able to innovate”
Apple Watch

Regardless of who first came up with the idea, or how much effort was spent on the output of the product in the top, Apple remains one of the top innovators in the market, and Apple Watch a good illustration of this fact. In fact, Apple Watch – is the first mobile platform that combines useful features that go beyond sight and sound.

Haptic technology is mainly based on the feedback. Any phone with a vibration function has tactile feedback, but Apple Watch go a step further. On the back side of the watch, which is pressed against the wrist, there are several actuators that allow the owner to know about new notifications. Another innovation is tied to Apple Maps. When you activate the GPS-enabled effects will tell you to turn left or right. You do not even have to look at the clock.

Why is this so important? This is a fairly simple addition, but the industry is tied smartphones mainly on visual and audio communications. New features and updates constantly enrich and improve the quality of perception of the screen and speakers. This is a step in the direction that will connect our other senses, and since engaged in this Apple, he raises the bar for future technologies.

It connects us to the technology

As the keyboard is forecast to be obsolete in ten years or so, touch screens, too, will not live forever. Technology is constantly changing, and the current trend moves them to a more personal – more natural – way to interact with your computer. Microsoft Kinect – a good example of a pioneer in this field, the controller keeps track of the user’s movements and sends signals on the Xbox.

Apple Watch, in addition to the tactile sensors are equipped with heart rate monitor, an internal gyroscope and accelerometer that can follow you without having any conscious input. GPS will track your location and with the passage of time to study. Some do not particularly like it – how is it that even in the toilet did not go unnoticed, while others are raving about – after all, the technology makes our lives better.

It unites the world
WWDC 2014

Imagine that you are able to control all of the locks, light bulbs, thermostats, door switches in your home with one central console. Imagine being able to turn on the TV or radio simple voice commands, or to activate the stove in the bedroom. We’ve seen it in the movies, but soon get the opportunity to do sort of omnipotence.

Apple does not unite the world in the sense that we are all going to dance and drive; she just wants to make sure all our devices were connected to the central network. Everything that surrounds us – houses, cars, ourselves – everything must be controlled, roughly speaking, with the iPhone. It’s convenient.

While Google is working on the creation of smart technologies for home (tinkering with thermostats Nest, for example), Apple is playing in Edison. It collects the company and becomes a mediator, bringing them together.

Inductive charging

In the future, the technology simply have to be wireless, and basically move in this direction can be traced – wireless internet evolves. But there is one area that needs to be developed wildly: wireless electricity. No matter how much you are saving your smartphone needs to be charged every day or two.

Apple Watch uses inductive charger which is attached to the phone using a magnet and is automatically aligned in such a way that the charging process begins. There is no need to guess how to get to the tiny port microUSB – simply bring a charge closer. MacBook owners are accustomed to a comfortable Magsafe. It is very simple and easy. This is new? No. But Apple will control the future of mobile technologies, not because they are higher, faster and stronger, but simply because they will be easier. This is what we all really want.



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