10 glorious years of the liberation of the female body




10 glorious years of the liberation of the female body

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He unleashed his desires, he has come out openly, and is ready to face the consequences. The man in the bed by her courage and open-mouthed and speechless offers. Who is he? The India of today’s urban woman: young, ambitious and full of confidence.

She has found her voice and has been outspoken in urban areas. This way he is forced to close its doors to the world that he opened it for her.

The figures are also present. The only one of its kind, India Today Group – Mdiara sex survey presents its eleventh edition. After a gap of ten years in this survey once again have surfaced various aspects of women’s sexual experiences. In the 19 cities surveyed 4,000 women – men, women’s sexual response trends, we are going to force fresh thinking.

Old, worn – it’s time to change outdated attitudes. Female – Male sex relationships in men by nature have always believed that Cupid has to prepare the women. But this year, our survey bed now female – male relationships: the traditional distinction if 64 per cent of men were no longer obliged to make his reluctant partner sex, while 60 percent of women do the same.

The second criterion is: if 91 per cent of men enjoy sex pleasure and extremely enjoyable believe the same holds 90 per cent are women. In our 2003 survey of satisfaction in sex for a mere 54 per cent of women.

A decade ago, survey data, a new liberated woman had heard the commotion, but he did not hesitate to express your desires openly. Ythasthition unequal marriage was imprisoned in his life, he was plagued by guilt and moral dilemmas.

Now that a new strain, write your own destiny born of woman who wears clothing of your choice, when wanted, married and has voluntarily decides to become a mother. 2003 Sotto – unlike the nervous housewife, today the school, Workplace and above all wants to take over your sex life. From contraception, sex, even masturbation – in all his desires are motivated him to explore new destinations.

Quote: The only lasting change now only 8 per cent of the women were saying in 2003 that his bedroom is full of excitement every day new claim that 18 per cent do so. In 2003, 64 per cent of the women had premarital sex Sny their number has dropped to just 50 per cent.

In 2003, 9 per cent had confessed to his habit of watching porn movie, this number is now 35 per cent. What most attracts women to men, it has changed. In 2003, 28 per cent women were considered the only erotic and stimulating natural organ, whereas now their interest has arisen in other parts of your partner,” the 25 per cent of the most attractive”’s thighs as mardon.

There is no gainsaying the first time in ten year’s survey, men and women seem to be standing on the same spot. It is completely shattered belief that men and women have come to become emotional and physical appearance would draw. Conversely survey shows that both men and women more or less – driven by lust for each other are the same way.

When asked whether Skya sex is important to you?”,” Yes,” said 91 per cent of men and 86 percent of women who give the same answer – that is 20 per cent higher than 2003. Regular, low – at – least once every week, have sex? In response, ie 46 per cent of women were over 42 per cent of men said yes. Then create excitement in your sex life need a formula to work them Nhią¤ƒ men and women individually can enjoy their positions and receive satisfaction.

The silent revolution taking place in the bedroom What are the factors that give rise to? The truth is that women secure economic future relationship with the environment today as it was never satisfactory. Girls are ahead of boys in school examinations. More and more women are now entering higher education are able to compete.

Compared to the beginning of the 21st century, more women enroll in higher education is 70 per cent. According to the report of the UGC in 2000-01 compared to the number of students in engineering has doubled. Management and Commerce 68 per cent, 72 per cent in Science and Medicine, 89 percent are students enroll. Skilled in the country end up being the difference between men and women – 16 per cent in urban areas, 14 per cent of men skilled women – so there: it also opens up new employment opportunities in the services sector, ranging from banks.

Workplace Accenture survey of 2013 women are happier than the male partners of their status. They also realize that working from home is not the least important. Opening new opportunities for education and employment in the private lives of women, there is a new kind of fitness. Workplace of the game is new ground. Romance Affair colleagues in 2003 only 3 percent of the cases were limited to women. In 2013, 16 per cent of women with partners, short-term one, are willing to build relationships.

And it is not just the girls. In 2003 to just 3 per cent growth in employment based on sex was a matter of making confession. 17 per cent of women, who are now settled in his job to please his boss up fast easy way to subscribe. If the 16 per cent appreciation of the beauty of their women colleagues gesturing by 16 per cent if women are willing to do so.

So, we have a women’s sexual freedom and they are able to behave like men? Women already are definitely more free. Khusur before – instead of being bent over Fusur Now women are strong. More than 23 per cent of surveyed women did not talk about their sexual life. In contrast, 64 per cent with other men about their sexual life Khusur – and 13 per cent Fusur avoid the disclosure of personal matters. Not happy with their relationship while women than men (62 per cent) to discuss, even extramarital affair than men (12 per cent) make.

Calm and balanced relationship soured when 20 per cent women and 14 per cent women and some do not but your partner has been unfaithful to break the relationship. Courage to take action in 2003 that only 6 per cent were women. Men are prepared for such situations? Hardly. They are accustomed to holding of modernity with old Rudiyhon. Most men prefer to see their ladies in traditional costumes, but those women are excited.

”” Do dirty things to bed; Now, voluptuous body and is mostly women who masturbate to their fantasies are weaving; most still believe that sex is their marital right to give their sex partners to elevate admit. 2003 sex survey did show the emergence of the modern woman, she”” maintain control over his desires his life was over. In 2013 he started rallying to their needs and desires.

Clarify the roles and outside the bedroom huge mishmash of time can be difficult for men. The epic work in India formula to define the good life for worldly religion, meaning, seems to think the job. Men may have a dilemma because the other side has suddenly started to meet the challenge.

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