10 mistakes that prevent us from change




How difficult it is to develop new habits! Every day we must overcome himself, to fight their desires. If all else fails, we get frustrated and blame ourselves in the absence of willpower and determination. In fact, is to blame the wrong strategy. Find 10 serious errors that prevent you to change your habitsBy avoiding these mistakes, you speed up the formation of good habits and gives them a firm foothold in your life.
1. rely on willpower

Many people during inspiration planning major changes in my life, hoping only on your willpower. For example, you promise yourself to eat more healthy food, exercise every day and walk more.

But willpower – it is a finite resource, and the more you use it, the less remains. Finally, after two days of healthy food, exercise in the gym and walking time, you “burn” buy again for dinner semi-finished products, and instead of walking watching soap operas.

Rather than rely on throughout your willpower begins to produce small good habits.

You do not have to spend on them a large supply of willpower, but when they become habits, do not need willpower. So, gradually, you can buy all the good habits that they wanted.
2. The large instead of small steps

We believe that only recognized the great achievements and to set small goals does not make sense. Walk for two hours a day – this habit can be proud of, and a 15-minute walk sort of like not quite achieve.

Three times a week full training in the gym instead of a half-hour workout with dumbbells at home, only healthy food instead of including in the normal diet of more fruits and vegetables.

However, experience shows that big goals are carried out two or three days, and then everything goes back to normal.

So forget about the giant plans and boldly start small. Instead of a rigid diet and replace sugary flour snack on apples and nuts, rather than spend two hours walking in the open air for 15 minutes and do not forget to praise yourself for progress. So you create positive associations and gradually develop your habits.
3. Do not pay attention to the environmental impact

Ignore the influence of the things that surround us, and rely on willpower is just silly. For example, if you want to make a habit of eating healthy food, get rid of delicious junk food in the refrigerator.
Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock.com

Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock.com

Do not just hope that you have enough motivation to take an apple instead of a donut. Just get rid of donuts and greatly increase your chances. Yes, and spoon the food into small plates, this trick also helps to eat less.

In order not to get stuck in social networks, remove the application from your smartphone, social networking, and if you want to quit smoking, try the first time not to drink alcohol in the company of smokers, is it a chance to break greatly increased.

Change the environment and your behavior will change.

Whatever habits you may want to start, determine what in the environment prevents you from, and what can help. And do not neglect any opportunity to help his willpower some material change.
4. Get rid of old habits, rather than to make new

Bad habits rather difficult to overcome, and much better to develop a new positive habit than to get rid of old negative.

For example, in his book, Dr. Robert Maurer told how to help a patient to quit smoking. He asked her every time she feels a craving for cigarettes, send a voice message. As a result, the woman realized what the main reason for her smoking, and overcome their addiction.

So you can replace your bad habits good, for example, instead of a cigarette accustom themselves to breathing exercises or short workouts.
5. To blame for the failure of lack of motivation

Motivation is like a good mood – it is, then it is not. And rely on the motivation to be – you’ll be disappointed. Of course you can every day to cheer yourself motivational books and videos, but the day will come when nothing will help her increase.

Instead of raising motivation, which usually lasts for a time, it is necessary to make sure that it was not necessary. Leo Babauta says: “Make the action is so simple that you just could not give it up.”

For example, the goal “to run one lap around the stadium,” or “to eat two apples a day” – you just can not come up with an excuse.
6. Do not understand the power of incentives

At the heart of every habit is the same neurological scheme – the brain reacts to a stimulus and you will automatically perform some action.

None of habit can not exist without the stimulus, and if you want to get rid of bad habits, you need to find and eliminate incentives that cause them. Actually, not eliminated, and replaced by other incentives that will cause good habits.

For example, smoking is often a stimulus alcohol. You can replace an evening beer bottle on cycling with a player or some kind of an interesting hobby, which can not be combined with smoking.
7. The belief that information leads the action

Strength is not in knowledge, and in knowledge and action. The idea can not bring any benefit to itself, are the benefits of its implementation.

For example, you have read this article and decided to start gradually change their habits. But if you still did not do this, the information will be useless to you.

Read tips – try to apply them. Less rational, more emotion – let you change to become synonymous with pleasure, and no change – pain.
8. Focus on the abstract rather than to a specific behavior

You read the book or visited the workshop and full of motivation and energy to “start a business”, “lose weight”, “make more money”.

Yes, you have a good purpose and belief that everything will turn out, but there is no specific, clear plans. So create them.
how to change their habits

john.schultz / Flickr.com

Do you have the desire to keep it in mind, but in the foreground should come out concrete steps that you make to your goal.
9. Strive to change the behavior of all, and not for a short time

Conceiving change their lives and put them into practice, it is not necessary to remember the past and to think far into the future.

Concentrate on what’s happening now, on what you can do today. One step after another.

The word “forever” does not give any motivation. Fixed period of time which can be calculated, is much better. “Seven days, I do not smoke,” “Seven months I walk every day in the evening”, “Seven years every morning I go for a run.”

You are more likely to not break their chain of days with a healthy habit, “lasted two weeks, and now give up? Oh, no! “.
10. To think that change – it is difficult

It is much easier to admit that you do not have the willpower or invent themselves some other justification than to change something in their lives.

But when you have the basis for changes, for example, small good habits, you will not be able to justify themselves.

Decide what you want to change right now. Select one good habit and begin to embody it.

Make today a small step towards its implementation, consider that from the environment to help you make it easier to make and celebrate it

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