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Gets a little scary when you realize that our planet is constantly bombarded with stones the size of a rock, but it is. Well, we have an atmosphere that can fry the brazen asteroid or comet, if they fall down on our heads, but sometimes they do fall to Earth, causing inconvenience different scales. Let’s take a look at the ten most interesting meteorites that fell to our planet at different times of its rich history.

1.Tungussky meteorite

Подкаменная Тунгуска

This meteor flying through the Earth’s atmosphere over Siberia in 1908 and exploded a few kilometers from the Siberian surface.

The explosion had the force of the atomic bomb and knocked trees within 800 square kilometers. It took years, scientists have begun to explore a deserted and uninhabited area, a hundred years later they are still looking for convincing evidence in the form of a meteorite crater or fragments of the body.

They say the meteorite brought down Nikola Tesla, but it’s just one more reason for a conspiracy theory .

Some believe that the crater is hidden in the nearby lake. Others believe that the last time the alien ship destroyed the meteorite, so that he did not destroy the Earth. Well, we have much to learn from the aliens .
A separate line: destruction of dinosaurs

As you know, the dinosaurs were killed , probably as a result of asteroid impact. Together with them, killing more than half of all species on the planet. Scientists are not 100% sure that this asteroid has provoked the so-called KT extinction, but they have some reason to believe that the villain is originating from outer space.

Much of the ground during the event (K-T layer) contains a lot of iridium, which many on asteroids, but few in the world.

Scientists believe that about 65 million years ago, fell to Earth, one or more of iridium comets or meteorites, lifting dust into the atmosphere and causing large-scale climate change. Where have dropped this guest? No one knows, but some researchers believe that the crater in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico – this is the place.
2. Hoba Meteorite

Метеорит Хоба

Weighing in at 60 tons, the Hoba meteorite, which is still in place in Namibia, is the largest known meteorite on the planet. Flat iron plate fell to the ground about 80 000 years ago, so we do not know for sure how pyrotechnic show was accompanied by her arrival, but found it only in 1920, when a farmer dug his field and came across a metal tip. Since then, the Hoba become a national treasure, attracting thousands of visitors annually.
3. Meteorite Vilyametta

Метеорит Вильяметта

Weighing about 15 tons and three meters high, this massive bony piece of iron, believed to be the remnant of the iron core of the planet, which broke billions of years ago.

Thousands of years ago Vilyametta fell on the planet, and was only discovered in 1902, the peace-loving Americans as a healing spring Clackamas Indians – Tomanovos.

Tomanovos now rests at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, but recently the Indian tribe has entered into a deal with the museum to the meteorite remained in place for as long as he will be visiting Clackamas for ceremonial purposes.
4. Sikhote-Alin

Метеорит Сихотэ-Алинь

When this massive iron meteorite roared from the sky in February 1947, according to witnesses, he was brighter than the sun. And when an explosion ripped it apart, it showered debris on the land area of ​​half a square kilometer in the Sikhote-Alin mountain range in Siberia.

Log in to the atmosphere and the explosion was visible within two hundred miles away. For many years the meteorite hunters roamed across the area in search of a well-recognized metal bars, twisted and curled in an interesting way.

Small pieces of the Sikhote-Alin are still being sold.
5. Meteorite Sylacauga / Hodges

Метеорит Sylacauga/Ходжес

Ann Hodges and her bruise from a meteorite.

At one autumn day in 1954 31-year-old housewife from Alabama named Ann Hodges was dozing on the couch when a five-kilogram meteorite fell from the sky.

It is through the roof and hit a woman in the thigh. Fortunately, Hodges escaped with bruises, while the neighbors have seen in this stone the size of a grapefruit fireball cuts through the sky. Hodges got her moment of glory, and later gave the meteorite in Alabama Museum of Natural History.

Not long ago, a German boy said that he, too, a meteorite fell during a hike to school. 14-year-old student said he saw a flash of light, and after he was hit by a meteorite the size of a pea. Who knew that shingles can be so dangerous.
6. ALH 84001

Метеорит ALH 84001

Sounding name, is not it? In fact, the meteorite is much more impressive than his low-key imechko.

ALH 84001 (let’s call him Al for short) was discovered in Antarctica in 1984, after 13 000 years on arrival from Mars.

Yes, Mars.

Al was born out of a Martian volcano lava about four and a half billion years ago. 15 million years ago, he was lying on the surface of Mars, and then another asteroid or meteorite released him, sending back to Earth, after which he landed in the Allan Hills in Antarctica.

Inside Al may be evidence of early Martian life in the form of fossilized algae or a small number of bacteria.
7. Meteorite Orgeyl

Метеорит Оргёйль

Meteorite Orgeyl burned atmosphere in May 1864, lounging on the 20 pieces on the road in the French town of Orgeyl. The fragments were soft enough that they can be cut with a knife, and very soon the remains of a meteorite went to museums around the world.

Since then Orgeyl meteorite caused a lot of controversy because scientists have long thought, where did the organic material, brought with him – and suddenly it’s the proof of extraterrestrial life? But in fact, although the meteorite was real, vital signs were rigged.

How so? Some disputes are stuck together with coal dust. But this happened in our world.
8. Peekskill Meteorite

Пикскилльский метеорит

In 1992, the Peekskill meteorite crossed the sky over Kentucky and Pittsburgh greenish flame and fell in Peekskill on a parked car, which was in no way to blame.

It was a Chevy Malibu in 1980, received a massive dent and continues to tour the world as the car survived the meteor attack. A meteorite has been the most ordinary piece of metal the size of a bowling ball.

What was odd, since the degree of attention be occupied Peekskill meteorite. Because he crossed the east coast, its path and trajectory were videotaped and analyzed by scientists, but it turned out that it is the most common meteorite. A pity.

Автомобиль Пикскилл
9. Murchison meteorite

Метеорит Мёрчисон

Murchison meteorite broke into hundreds of pieces, falling to Australia in September 1969. The largest of the pieces weighed about 50 kg, the small – less than 200 grams.

He fell to the ground a massive fireball, followed by a misty tail, and then crumbled. Fragments studied so far.

It was found that the meteorite is a wide range of amino acids, the building blocks of life, so the obvious interest in him by astrobiologists.
10. Allende meteorite

Метеорит Альенде

Allende meteorite that fell to Earth in 1969 in Mexico, broke into hundreds of fragments still in flight. Together, they will weigh several tons. Fragments, of course, went to private collections.

Many of black stones covered vitreous material that is formed under the influence of high temperature during the passage through the atmosphere. The meteorite contains particles, which may be older than our solar system, olivine, and even microscopic diamonds.

After all, if the stars are quenched, so that someone needs.

But what will happen to the Earth now, if it drops a giant asteroid – a different story .
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