10 possible applications iBeacon




10 possible applications iBeacon


You are My Beacon

On Friday, 254 Apple retail stores in the U.S. were equipped with sensors iBeacon. Let me remind you that the technology works c using Bluetooth LE energy efficient and delivers various information and notices on any newer iPhone 4s, based on its exact location within a small area (more here ). Eyewitnesses said that while not all plain sailing, however consumers have had the opportunity to test the effect of technology on themselves. However, it became easier to understand how and where iBeacon may find application.

Do not assume that iBeacon will only stores “led buyers by the handle.” As expected, the use of such sensors to be as extensive. Here are 10 examples where technology developments and implementation iBeacon could come in handy. Importantly, do not forget your smartphone at home …

Museums and exhibitions. And zoos, water parks, art galleries and other places where you need to go from place to place and read the captions to ensure you’re looking at. iBeacon capable of turning this process in a fun, greatly simplifying the task of the guide and even completely replacing them in the future.
Hospitals and clinics.’s All understandable: coming to the office, you can find out information about the specialist to get brief information about it for hours of work, free time to write, and the approximate waiting time and other subtleties associated with the work of the physician. Navigation 10 -storey building of the hospital on a smartphone would also be very useful. Also would be easier work of medical personnel – programmed sensor iBeacon may contain quite a medical history, patient card, a list of patient medication and other appointments. Physician costs only go up to the patient’s bed and look smart.
Conferences and meetings. Indispensable thing at such events: map exhibition sections with optimal routes, schedule of seminars and press conferences, all information in a convenient way.
Conference rooms and meeting rooms. Logical continuation of the previous paragraph: also convenient to obtain information about the participants to find their place in the hall, to see additional information about the speaker or the report itself.
Coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Obvious solution application iBeacon – virtual menu with additional information about the dish (the amount of calories, fats, carbohydrates), recommendations on the choice of drinks to him. Moreover, it is easy to include details on the used products, where they are and in what way cooked. Also, nothing prevents to include in the list of the available information about the certificate restaurant, its history, celebrity, visited him at one time or another.
Hotels and Resorts. Seems like beacons iBeacon specifically designed for such places. It should be noted convenience term “check-in” and “check-out” in the hotel with the help of this technology, the choice of “points of interest” to stay and excursions, virtual concierge service available anywhere.
Car dealerships and car rental.’m Sure many of you know how difficult it is to find a hire car in the parking lot near the airport. iBeacon fully able to cope with this task by referring you to the right place with parked cars. As a continuation of the proposed application in the Apple store, the buyer will be much easier to learn about price and picking a particular car in the showroom dealership, just going up to him and looked into your gadget.
Rallies and demonstrations. Here is where to turn – quickly familiarize the participants with the changes in the program of speakers to broadcast information from social networks to report every incident and just organize the flow of people, showing the location of ambulances in the end.
Helping people with visual impairments. IOS equipped with features that help the visually impaired to communicate with the device, such as text-to-speech, voice recognition and voice commands built into Siri, support for Braille displays using Bluetooth. iBeacon can participate in the process, helping the visually impaired to navigate the terrain, providing detailed information about the location and what surrounds it.

Educational institutions. Benefiting iBeacon use in schools and universities is difficult to overestimate any information for students and scholars in an accessible form with the necessary details. This can be a class schedule and any changes therein, important announcements, menu in the university cafeteria. And try to say that you forgot to schedule!

Summarizing, we note that technology iBeacon provides incredible opportunities for information in public places, where we do not know or do not understand something, making unfamiliar objects and familiar things, give to feel “at home”. iBeacon able to provide information in a more convenient form than the usual paper guide or handout, saving us time and effort. Very near future: here and there there are news about the introduction iBeacon beacons in a particular place. I think that will soon see on the smartphone to quickly navigate to the mall, make the best route to the shops with the sale, will be as familiar and understandable business, how to buy a ticket on the subway.



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