10 predictions about the world of technology futurists




10 predictions about the world of technology futurists

Futurists – one of the few people who can anticipate the emergence of new technologies in our daily lives, and to replace many of the products to which we are accustomed. Not so long ago we explained how the work futurists . Now let’s take a look at ten technologies of the future, which, in the opinion of futurology, there will be certain.

Teleport as a beam from one location to another, in principle, possible, but the reality before it. Inventions such as VCR’s were once part of the high-tech – but not now – and not all were able to handle them. And who knew that the transactions with the atoms and molecules will be the future of technology? Is that futurists.

Predicting the future of technology – the lot of dreamers who hope to improve their surrounding things, but ordinary consumers are also interested in the fact that they will have to buy to take advantage of already existing technologies. Many inventions are born in the lab, but do not go out to the consumer market, others – are becoming an integral part of our lives. What’s next?
Tiny intelligence


No one wants to be known as zero by the standards of intelligence, but intelligence with close to zero size – a computer as powerful as the brain, packed into a tiny volume. Computer visionary companies encourage creativity, and some, such as Intel, and now Google , have even own futurist on board that can predict to what technology it is time. Futurist Brian David Johnson sees the future of computers, packaged in such a small system unit, that it can not be considered by the naked eye. We have the technology that can push a computer anywhere and in anything. They occupied entire rooms, then the tables are now fit in your pocket, and the size of individual elements of the chip is so small that, and do not see it.

Many have said that reducing the size of computers will lead to the end of the so-called Moore’s Law. Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel, predicted that processor speed will double every two years, and in parallel with this technology will drop in price is directly proportional. 10-20 years we will see computers equipped transistors the size of one to five atoms and atomic transistors finally replace the chips. But will fall in proportion to the cost of a higher power with such a quality transition – is still unknown.
Moon, Mars, what’s next?

Орбитальная станция

It looks like that in this 21st century space exploration will unfold in its full capacity. And despite the fact that in August 2012 on the Mars rover successfully boarded Kyuriositi, NASA continues to explore possible options for the future. After a planned unmanned missions Space Launch System (SLS) in 2017, NASA will send four astronauts to the moon. After that, perhaps, will make a serious attempt to master and other celestial bodies.

Although the crisis of this century, seriously shaken the economy, some of the physical and legal persons in the private sector continue to aim for the stars, so that everyone can afford a ticket to Mars. Some futurists of the past decades would have been surprised to see that today, space travel, though not become commonplace for everyone, they can still afford some rich person. It will take a bit of time and space travel will no longer be science fiction.
Mind reading

Чтение мыслей

There will come a day when you say “I’m sorry, I’m not a mind reader”, and in return you will be “yes, come on, you can, of course?” Probably. Neuroscientists are looking for ways that will read people’s minds, has been for many years. The reasons for this are not vicious: by reading brain activity can be treated, for example, people with dementia, in addition, given the huge fan of all kinds of disorders of the central nervous system, it is possible, for example, to find out what people want before he forgets .

On the other hand, it is scary when you realize that science and machines will be able to access our innermost thoughts. The consequences of such a “neyrohakinga”, that is the literal breaking of the brain, may be used for promotional purposes – the same “good corporation» Google, forcing us to buy what we do not want, and manipulating our desires for profit. Our thoughts and actions may well be the subject of hunting, and we will buy what we do not need, but our brain will think that it is good.
Massive data storage

Facebook дата-центр

Even if scientists and marketers will not be able to access our brain to hacking or manipulation, whether they can get access to our data? With an unprecedented number of images and data available online, clouds and other data stores, government regulators and marketers did not close his eyes, watching the user’s preferences, habits, and even relationships.

What to do with all this data? More precisely, how to store them without the need for visual storage in the real world? As the search for work, depending on people’s preferences, all our moves online, “optimized” for us, thanks to the keywords we choose products or just read the news, it all accumulates a huge amount of data and storage facilities in which they are located.

In addition, there is always the question: Who keeps track of all this data? As the volume of many of the responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of machines, computers and algorithms. People still control the data, but the problem is looming on the horizon.
Quantum Control

Квантовый компьютер

Imagine a tiny little thing on the existing tiny computer chip. Something microscopy with opportunities to think like a computer without the need to grow into integrated circuits. Movable light and sound. This quantum technology in the simplest representation.

Quantum Control uses technology taken from physics to computer applications. Quantum electrodynamics (or QED) describes the interaction of matter and light, and circuit QED bring these interactions on a computer chip. Phonons, for example, that the quantum vibration, sound-activated , they can be used to move the circuit and operate the machines at the chip level.

All the achievements of quantum mechanics is closely related to the extremely small size of the intellect, which we mentioned at the beginning, and it is extremely interesting to technicians and scientists. All they are doing – it’s not just an experiment, it is something more that could one day bring the computer and communications future to a whole new level. Imagine a technology giant scale, done in the size of the atom.
Youth tehnodvizheniya

Facebook в Египте

Young people have never before been so technologically savvy and connected, and the amount of free time and pocket money is left in the same null and void, as always. Dissatisfied with life and were always eager for change, but only in the 21st century global economic recession, lack of opportunity and hope for young people forced to boil – well, or at least ready for anything.

People aged 16-24 years, any entity trying to get to a world where they can sit at home doing nothing and seeing no prospects. All this may result in an organized anarchy or rebellion, and technology can play an important role, since the physical and ending cyberspace.
Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine


Technology at the nanoscale, or nanotechnology, have made ​​incredible accuracy to copy works of nature and all of its functionality, but how small is “nano”? According to the National Nanotechnology Initiative, thick sheet of paper is 100 000 nm, and one inch – 25.4 million nanometers. – A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter.

How will this affect the future of technology? In virtually every field of nanotechnology are used as innovation: in machinery, medical, imaging, computers and other. Nanomedicine is experiencing explosive growth and rapid. Since many diseases and disorders in the body occur at the cellular level, nanotechnology can heal them in the bud, rather than after the disease has completely hit the body. Nanomedicine can be both preventive and curative, as treatment for the most part is a non-invasive method and causes minimal changes to the body. Neurosurgery and gene therapy – only two districts from the list where you can apply nanotechnology in medicine.
Dark Networks


The world is getting smaller as the Internet grows. Whether we like it or not, we become vulnerable target for the “bad guys”, especially if they are working collective. The increasing transparency of data poses a threat to our security, and for the hackers is a convenient way to hide under false masks.

Anonymous – this is one example of such “dark bands”, the team of hackers who are looking for vulnerabilities everywhere, regardless of the status and scale of the target. This may be the FBI, and Visa, and Mastercard, and government network infrastructure. They work individually, but together their common strategy – the terror.

Over time, the hazards of cyberspace can be more and more.
Universal Translators

Звездный путь

As the Old Testament tradition, once people spoke the same language and were proud of themselves and their achievements. So they want to build a tall monument to the heavens, and the heavens to know about their exploits. God decided to temper their pride by making them speak different languages. People were scattered over the earth, and the Tower of Babel has become a symbol of stupidity and arrogance.

As soon as the creators of universal translators aim to reunite the people and put an end to the confusion in the world’s languages, but the day is near when two people who speak different languages ​​can communicate with each other without problems.

Everyone who uses the internet translator, know that it is very difficult to get an accurate translation with the help of a computer, but many people are working hard in order to facilitate our process of international communication.
Avatars, surrogates, the robots

Майкл Фассбендер в Прометее

You probably feel uneasy on forecasts of futurists even in the current scientific and technological progress, and it is quite normal. You can be yourself and live in the world of conventional technologies, as long as your copy, avatar or robot technology will live his life for you. Even the defense agency DARPA’s budget spelled out millions of dollars to create avatars that will replace the living soldiers.

Born a natural question: are there surrogates us to a better life, or vice versa, take away the most precious thing? In a world of a debate on the subject, in the meantime, robotic machines are becoming more and more they are helping people who are sick to walk, have the difficult job and one day may be able to give us a second chance at life.

Consider, for example, “Iron Man.” Is he happy with his suit ?
Back robots sniffer will tell the truth about your breathing and the smell of your socks
Next to the United States may prohibit the 3D-printing firearms
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