10 subtle tricks to get the most out of Facebook Messenger




There are many things that the user can do within an application Messenger Facebook Unlike chat and instant messaging, and the social network announced on five of the existence of more than 800 million monthly active users use Facebook Messenger own.

Facebook showed in last year desire by making IM a complete platform for all the special needs of mobile users from sending Animations GIF format to request car subsidiary of upper fare.

With the network launched several updates user may miss some of the best new features of the application, and we’ll display the top 10 hidden tricks that will help the user to get the most out of Messenger.
1. independent site for Masnhr on the Internet

Messenger Facebook has a platform-independent operating within the web browser, is completely separate from the rest of Facebook is similar to an application that runs on smart devices and special form of the same application version, and can be accessed via messenger.com.

The user can continue to chat with friends at work without distracting his attention because of its own summary of the news, offering Alusband minimum requirements are neat and clean and are similar to the underlying application, but more broadly.

And each have a conversation both sides of the bar contains a mute notifications coming from this person option, in addition to access to the voice call or video chat, and view images that the user share it with everyone.
2. Do not need to use Facebook to use IM

Any user can have the phone number of access IM and the use of its features, without the need for a Facebook account, and the command is by downloading and installing an application IM and choose the option is on Facebook and sign up there for the use of IM separately from Facebook
3. request Ober

Messenger application allows the user to dispense with the formal application of upper, so that users can IM request a taxi from the upper via IM from within the conversation, and that by pressing the option more and then clicking transport option.

The user can log on and request upper cross This option is similar to the upper official application, and you will receive updates about the vehicle and the driver and observations friends and keep track of the vehicle and pay the price movement.
4. Install a group conversation for easy access

Talks can be installed by the user with the same group of people most of the time, and in order to facilitate access to, and do not search between the various talks.

This is done by clicking on the Groups button located at the bottom of the application, and will appear in the top left corner button on the pin shape, and then can identify the conversation that the user wants to add, and can be set to a specific that conversation name, and can add a picture of the group symbolically by clicking on the button Camera.
5. mute alerts

The user can mute specific talks alerts by clicking on the name of the conversation at the top of the message, and clicking on the drop-down alerts from within the Options screen.

In addition to the possibility of identifying the time period that the user wants to mute that conversation like fifteen minutes or one hour or eight hours or 24 hours or alerts indefinitely until the user to re-activate the alarms again, and can also stop the alerts altogether.
6. do Order

We have a small number of popular applications that enables the user to do the payment to friends without the presence of cash such as Venmo, however, that the application of IM can also do the same, and can do the payment on his way to friends.
7. share photos in real time with the possibility of face recognition

Photo Magic used special feature Pmasinger face recognition capabilities to facilitate send pictures to friends, and when you activate the feature that the application will alert the user to share photos Aljaddedah captured by the camera and it was discovered that a friend has been identified on his face.

The feature can be activated by clicking on the Settings icon at the bottom right and then select images and media option, and then activate the feature Photo Magic.
8. Send your site

The user can send his similarly to the way drop the pin within the Apple Maps, in addition to the possibility of sending anywhere wants him through letters, through determine the conversation and then click on the icon more then click on the site and then can search for any place and do send it.
9. Send animated GIF images

Animation can be sent via IM by clicking on the option more in the bottom of the chat screen to show a list of different applications that the user can install.

It will appear under the list GIPHY as the only option, and then do the install by clicking on the button, and once installation becomes a user can determine the GIF icon in the lower part of the conversation to search and send GIF images directly within Messenger.
10. The allocation of threads messages with emoticons

The user can change the format of talks, according to the fabrication of people by changing the way you show them these talks, and this can be done within the conversation by clicking on the friend at the top of the screen name, to show titles, colors and symbols expressive options.


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