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Soviets writers will soon become more than seals and funny pictures. Among the large amount of garbage is hard to find really useful information. I chose the 10 tips from the book “The bird the bird” Anne Lamotte, which I consider the most interesting and useful book for writers.Anne Lamotte book ” Bird the bird “remember me a lot. Firstly, Anne was very interesting to tell the story of his life. Second, the book is really a lot of useful tips for writers that can be applied in practice. It would be foolish to believe the advice of the writer, whose book frankly failed or would be uninteresting.

Find tips for beginning writers is not difficult. Only on Layfhakere such articles is much more than a few . So I tried to choose the most interesting, and most importantly, a previously unknown tips. Had almost a second time to re-read the book, but it was worth it.
You do not always like what you write

Nine times out of ten I do not like what I write. When I re-read drafts of articles that were written in the table, it makes me a little uncomfortable. Unfortunately, another way to be better not exist. In order to improve, you need to write a lot. And not always the result will please you. It’s OK.
Published is not as important as many people think

It’s like thinking that is needed for the tea ceremony tea. In fact, the ceremony is needed for the ceremony. And with a writer thing.

Creative writer need itself – to write. It is not necessary to strive to ensure that your book or article published.

The publication must be clearly in the list of your priorities, but do not put it in the first place. Write in order to write.
Write well – so tell the truth

It seems that the easiest way to write the truth. It is much more difficult at first to think of something, to give it form and write. In fact, it’s not that. Write the truth so that it was interesting and understandable to the reader, it is so difficult as to bathe a cat.
If you do not know what to write about, start from childhood

Write about the beginning. About the time when you’re just starting to understand themselves and the world around. If your childhood was bad – get a gloomy story, if good – get a bright and colorful history. However, no matter how was your childhood, at first the result of your work will still be terrible, but the main thing – is to begin.

Anyone who has experienced childhood, got enough material for life.

Flannery O’Connor

When you start to think about all the details of his childhood, the material can become so much that you do not understand, how can you write about everything. In this case, narrow the scope of and write about individual events, time periods or people.
Sit down to write at the same time every day

Lamotte says that this ritual will train the subconscious included in creative activities. Sit down at the table at 9 am or 7 pm, or at 2am – when you like. The first hour you’ll probably just look at the white paper or a computer screen, like an idiot. Then you start to swing from side to side. Then you will want to dig deeper into the nose – do not avoid it. You will start to crackle fingers, stretch, stroking a cat biting his nails or biting his lip. And only then you may be able to start writing. Doterpit up to this point.
Write better in small portions

If your intention is incredible work, then because of the fear of its size, you can fall into a stupor. Write in small portions. Do not be afraid to take a pause and rest.

Writing a novel – it’s like to drive at night. You see only what lights snatched from the darkness, and yet so you can go all the way.

Edgar Doctorow

You do not immediately see all the way – just the next couple of meters. And in literature his: do not try to master everything at once, and write small portions – so you do not go mad.
Do not be afraid disgusting sketches

Reading a book by Stephen King, Charles Bukowski or Salinger, do you think that these stories are obtained from them the first time. But it is not. All good writers are the first sketches disgusting. And then second, third, fourth. Then comes the turn of tolerable draft, and only after he gets something sensible.

Almost everyone, even great writers, creativity is given easy. And the only way to begin to write – this sketch is weak, disgusting draft.
Perfectionism – enemy of the writer

The desire to make perfect will haunt you all the time. On the one hand, this is good, on the other – perfectionism is killing life in the text. Trying to get rid of unnecessary junk, you’ll Scribbles, reduce and change the text as long as it is dry and lifeless. Know the measure.
The author should have to imagine

Think of your favorite actors. Each of you just typed a couple. You certainly willing to look even worst movie if there withdrawn your pet, right? Yes, that really there, you would have watched the weather forecast without stopping, lead him your favorite actor.

With fiction writing as well. You as the author should have to yourself.

If your outlook on life coincides with the views of the reader and you get to express those thoughts, which also came to mind reader, he is not so important, what is happening in your book. He will read it anyway.

Try on someone your stuff

Find a good friend, relative or colleague and ask him impartial assessment of what you have written. They do not have to be writers too, because you’re sure to ordinary people. The eye is much easier to see all the flaws and gaps in your text, but they are there, no doubt.

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