10 tips for those who discovers the world of mobile photography




Modern smartphones on the part of photography has long grown out of children’s pants, and in the right hands are capable of miracles. Therefore, it’s time to leave some disdain for the mobile photography and take it seriously. And to help you in this useful tips from this article.

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Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock.com
Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock.com

1. Clean the dirty lens!

No, I’m serious. You can not imagine how brilliant staff was spoiled due to the fact that the peephole camera smartphone flaunted fingerprint or stuck baby. Just take it a rule every time before shooting wipe the lens tissue or soft cloth.

2. Use the right light

From the point of view of physics we photograph it light and by the light. Do not forget about it and pay close attention to the number and arrangement of the light sources. Feature of mobile photography is that while smartphones have much more modest technical capabilities, so the question of illumination is of particular importance. Try to keep the source is behind you or above, do not be lazy to change the point of shooting if necessary.

Luigi Alesi (Nokia Lumia 1020)

3. Think about the layout

Good shot must have not only an interesting plot and the right lighting, but also thought-out layout. To achieve this, you have to get acquainted with the basic principles of construction of the frame. When shooting must be defined in advance in order for what you want to focus the viewer’s attention and put the object in the most advantageous position. Will greatly help you in this special horizontal and vertical lines, which display can be switched on in the settings of the camera.

4. Schёlkayte, schёlkayte, schёlkayte!

Never limit yourself to the number of photos. Even professionals do not know exactly which frame will be the best, and what – no. Sometimes photographs taken from the same point with a difference of a few seconds, can differ dramatically from one another. So try to shoot as much as possible, changing camera angles, layout, lighting, objects. Then, a plurality of frames can always select the best, and the rest removed.

5. Use the correct shooting mode

Camera for smartphones contain a variety of preset shooting modes that are designed for the specific conditions of photography. Do not remove everything on the machine. Photographing the sunset? Select the appropriate mode. Want to make a portrait? Use the special preset settings. They have come up with a reason, and choose the right mode, you usually will achieve the most optimal results. Of course, this advice should use as long as you have mastered all the tweaks and have not learned to shoot in full manual mode.

Alexander Kesselaar (Apple iPhone 4S)
Alexander Kesselaar (Apple iPhone 4S)

6. Do not use increase

Digital zoom – is evil. Evil is absolute, eternal, and ruthless. Do not use it ever. It is designed for only one purpose – to spoil your shot. If you want something to increase, you can do it later in the digital editor.

7. Do not overuse Flash

Quality LED flashes on smartphones becomes every year more and better, but still can not get high-quality images. So try to use it only in situations where afraid to get instead of a picture a black square of Malevich. In all other cases the flash is better off.

8. Make friends with Photo Editor

Even professional pictures taken quality equipment is almost always handled in a photo editor. What is there to speak about the photo taken with your smartphone, which requires adjustments literally everything. Setting levels, color, exposure and white balance will allow you to make a picture of mediocre good, and from good – a masterpiece.

Aran Smithson (Samsung SM-N9005)

9. Pick a good program for shooting

In a previous article , we found that the difference in quality of images obtained using different programs, though small, but still there. And even more important is the number of the program shooting modes, its functionality and usability of the interface. So do not be lazy to find among the many different cameras most suitable for yourself.

10. Patience is everything

The last item of the list is the most important. If you want to be quick to press the shutter release and the race is on, your photos will never go beyond your profiles in Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, learn, analyze, experiment, remove, and then he starts again.


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