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Guide to Google once said that the patent system was originally designed to protect the developers of the innovation, has become a morass of lawsuits and delays that kill creativity. “Patent wars – is death,” – said the representative of the company in 2012. However, Google still is one of the most prolific applicants for new patents worldwide. Perhaps, the company changed course because of its operating system Android, focusing on the company Apple, buying up patents to protect its operating system.

Many of the developments interesting Google, are really fantastic. These include self-managed and futuristic cars, and innovation in the field of mobile operating systems. But some of the patents may leave the reader at a loss, because the actual application of these developments in everyday life are hard to find. At least at first glance. So, here are ten of the strangest patent rights owned by Google.

1: Update status in social networks in the form of comics
In 2010, the Corporation has applied for, and in 2013 acquired the patent, entitled “Creating comics in social networks and other communications on their own.” Apparently, the need to buy the technology originated in the wake of the popularity status in social networks. It is expected that with the help of a patented tool, the user can get an affordable way to pass on to their members information about what’s going on with him at the moment.

As you might guess, means developers have chosen comics, which belong to the popular cultural stratum of US residents. Google offers a potential user to tell his friends that he went, for example, to the dentist is not in text form, and adapted to the style of drawings. Most likely, for this purpose, special patterns, and in which we should use the necessary information. Anyway, so far the application with which could occur this process is not running on the market.

2 Ship with servers running through the waves
It’s hard to imagine how much electricity is required such global information giant like Google to power all their servers. According to some reports, in 2010, its volume was equal to a quarter of the total energy produced in a typical nuclear power plant. Perhaps that is why in 2008, the company filed for a patent entitled “Data Center on the water.”

It is expected that it will consist of a barge or cargo vessel equipped with the tools to capture energy from the tides and convert it into electricity, which will then be used to power the computer servers of the global information network from Google.

3 gadget that projects a keyboard on the arm member
Application for this technology, Google filed last year, shortly after testing its legendary development «Google Glass». The concept involves the release of the last pockets and hands of users from an overabundance of modern mobile devices. Management “smart glasses” is based on voice commands, to give the owner.

Despite the obvious appeal of technology, many have noticed a significant miss. If the user is, for example, in the noisy company or a public place where it is inconvenient to manage your gadget voice, points can lose all meaning. That is why the development of patented “Methods and systems for virtual input devices” for the design of the keyboard on the user’s hand, turning it into a sort of touch-screen smartphone.

4 Tattoo microphone on the throat with a lie detector
This patent is owned by a subsidiary of Google Motorola Mobility. He suggests placing on the neck of the user tiny tattoos. This device, consisting of a human neck and chips, will be equipped with a microphone and a wireless transmitter to broadcast audio voice.

According to the patent application, this implant has the best advantages compared to current techniques, since it is able to reduce background noise. And if this is not enough for the pampered member of today’s mobile devices, it is proposed to select a device with a sensor modification of skin reactions, which will operate in the gadget lie detector.

5.-cane camera
One of the most well-known functions, positively distinguish Google Maps from a number of similar services – is the availability of on-line collection of photos and panoramas. In addition to the usual street snapshots, Google start placing panoramic images of hiking trails in North America.

In 2013, the Corporation received a patent for a device which is capable of a similar shooting landscapes with incredible ease. The invention has been called “cane with IMU (inertial measurement unit).” It is a likeness of the staff, equipped with cameras and sensors location with a switch on the bottom, which gives the command to remove the photo, when cane touches the ground.

6 Based Advertising environmental indicators
Google’s success in the field of advertising known to all entrepreneurs, using modern tools. The Corporation achieved impressive results in advertising based on search queries. But the growing popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices that are connected to the Internet has created an incredible amount of new features.

The patent application in 2008 under the title “Advertising based on environmental conditions” provides equipment for smartphones and other devices, a sensor that will transmit data on temperature, humidity, sound, light, and chemical composition of the air analytical tools Google, which will then use them to send ads based on specific information about the user. For example, a person who is in a hot area, will be able to get the ad from the manufacturer of air conditioners.

7 software accounts for separation
This software is designed for a group of people who are going to pay for dinner at a restaurant with a bank card or check. In 2013, the company filed a patent application entitled “Monitoring and control group costs.”

Development is an application for smartphones that not only calculates how much to pay each member of the group, but also automatically transfers the money to the online account person paying the total bill.

8 Tracking System for viewing ads
This also applies to the development of niche advertising for which Google keeps tight enough. To date, there are no tools for the analysis of the amount of time during which the user is looking at a particular advertisement. And, moreover, the means of informing the advertiser, what emotions people felt when viewing his layout.

In 2013, Google has received a patent for a “system for tracking gaze,” which focuses on the development of such as Google Glass. With them, the system will record everything he sees devaysa owner, and then analyze how long the user was looking at each ad and possibly measure the degree of dilation of the pupils, to determine the nature caused by emotional reactions.

9 Virtual Assistant, responsible for recording in social networks
This patent is called “Automatic generation of suggestions for personalized responses in social networks.” It focuses on the need for some people to leave witty comments to all posts in your stream.

But, in fairness, it should be noted that any vocabulary can dry out. To help these users come to Google with their virtual clone capable of generating proposals based on other people’s records, subject information and user behavior in social networks in the past. Before sending the instrument, of course, will allow the future “author” to get acquainted with his witty commentary generated.

10 likeness of the heart, formed a gesture of two hands
The company has filed a patent application entitled “Gestures of hands to indicate something important” in 2011. Gesture meant forming an area bounded by two hands in the form of a symbolic heart.

This development should fall into the everyday life of the owners of Google Glass. It is using it users will be able to celebrate their favorite objects, fixing gesture on background, for example, a coffee mug with the built-in camera. In fact it is a “Like”, delivered in reality.


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