11 Arabic on the list of honor “Facebook” hackers ethicists for 2013




11 Arabic on the list of honor “Facebook” hackers ethicists for 2013

A company “Facebook” on the honors list for the most prominent hackers ethicists (White hat hackers) who discovered bugs or security flaws in the social network in 2013.

The list included the name of this special year, about 222 ethical hackers, an increase of 100 names from the list of last year, and 170 name from the list for the year 2011.

And that list is the product of a rewards program, “Facebook”, a program that rewards hackers ethicists rewards of not less than U.S. $ 500 at the discovery of a loophole or bug in the site.

Hackers and ethicists classified as hackers Alhadwin to discover gaps in order to be treated, not exploited against websites or users, and is one of the main rules of a rewards program with “Facebook” is not to exploit any loophole against any of its users.

Included list about 11 hackers moral Arabic, of the most prominent security expert Egyptian Mohamed Ramadan after he was named in the list for the second year in a row, and the programmed Palestinian Khalil Shuraitah, who was forced to write on the wall of founder Mark Zuckerberg “Facebook”, to prove to the management of the site and Vulnerability managed discovery allows any user of the social network the ability to write on the wall of any other user without his consent.

Shuraitah forced to break through the wall Zuckerberg to prove the health gap

Did not agree with “Facebook” to grant “Shuraitah” bonus stipulated in the program, where officials explain that “Shuraitah” violates the rules of rewards program when he used the gap against Mark Zuckerberg, in a move described by a number of observers that they carry a kind of racism against the Palestinian programmed.

And refused to company officials then U.S., in a statement a special “gate Arab News technical”, a description of what happened with the “Shuraitah” racism because it is an Arab or Palestinian, and confessed that the main reason is what happened is a mistake in communication on the part of the security team at the company and programmed Palestinian and promised not to This error is repeated in the future.

On the other hand, discovered a security expert Egyptian Mohamed Ramadan this year loopholes serious applications in social networking “Facebook” system “Android”, whether the application of “Facebook” basic or applied “Facebook Messenger” or application management page Facebook Pages Manager, and two loopholes were tolerate leaking information used for calculating the “Facebook” of those applications to the rest of the applications installed on the same machine worker system “Android”.

Mohamed Ramadan illustrates how information leaks through gaps discovered by

In addition to the Egyptian Mohamed Ramadan, and Palestinian Khalil Shuraitah, included a list of honor “Facebook” hackers ethicists this year, other names from Egypt and the Maghreb countries.

The list included the names of the triple Moroccan Secretary of sailing and Mohammed Fawzi Bare and Guti, and the Egyptians Mohammed Nassar and Mohamed Abdel Basset Nubian and Mohammed Fayez al-Banna and Abderrahim Khaled Omar and Rami, and in addition to the Secretary of the Algerian Hohamdi.

One of the highlights gaps discovered by hackers moralists Arabs who are in honors list is a loophole allowing some programmers create applications similar to Facebook apps core, which is applications that fool web users to get on the powers of the use of their personal information and the writing on the Hawwaithm, a loophole discovered by security expert Moroccan Secretary of sailing .

This, and discovered the Egyptian engineering student Mohammed Nassar loophole enables hackers to penetrate accounts and pages on “Facebook through a booby-trapped link, as discovered Mohamed Abdel Basset Nubian serious loopholes in the social network.

The Nubian loophole that allows exploitation was the first bug in “Facebook” to trick users through the manipulation of the content of the posts, a mistake that could have been used to entrap users, “Facebook” and get access to their personal information in order to penetration.

Nubian added in a statement, “the Arabic news portal technology,” said the second was a gap to allow for any of the users, “Facebook” to get tuned to the fictitious account, through the manipulation of social network ties.

It is noteworthy that the number of names in the list of Arab honor hackers ethicists have seen an increase in 2013 compared to last year which saw the presence of three names just did not repeat them only security expert Mohamed Ramadan.
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