11 way to take pictures professionally during Eid al-Fitr holiday




Eid al-Fitr, we will soon all the beautiful customs and traditions of family visits and authentic Arabic sweets and streets decorated with lights, and is known as the nights feast full of atmosphere and vital activity through a variety of activities which will be held exclusively for the feast.

Therefore, we find the means of social communication of our own full of pictures of friends and family who are documenting the most beautiful moments they spend together during the holiday period.

Due to the importance of knowing the key principles to capture beautiful pictures, we would like your participation are some steps that help you take pictures using a professional camera phone iPhone.
1 – Clean your phone’s camera lens iPhone

To make sure not to lose any of the pictures you take, you must work on your iPhone lens cleaning before taking any image, as the hands fingerprints and dust on the camera lens will make a negative impact on the image and affect the quality. Do not risk losing the best footage feast and clean your camera lens before any image.
2 – extinguish camera flash

To capture the best picture of the cake and place the summits Pthouderh the festival and share these images with your friends, nationalist turn off the flash lighting on your iPhone, so as to get the best images for artistic Thvtk.
3 – picked up a video-enabled shorthand time Time-laps

What about using your iPhone to capture video format Time-lapse of the preparations for the feast! This feature will allow you to capture the full videos for the entire holiday preparations, including preparations so your views or home Thouderatk to receive the feast. How it would be nice to return the video after the end of the feast and enjoy the retrieval of these memories.
4 – Enjoy feature live images Live Photos

Do you want to restore the memories in your images with sound and movement? Recalled the most beautiful memories of Eid vibrant by clicking on the Live Photos button, it has a beautiful high-quality photos up to 12 Mijaksla, but has at the same time the sound and movement of the moments leading up to and after the image is captured.
5 – Follow the one-third rule, use the network feature The Grid

You step brilliant following, they use The grid feature on the iPhone device to settle the snapshot on one line, especially in the case of landscape photography. However, images appear better if the horizon took place on the top line or bottom of the image.
6 – Use of temporary images Alselva

Many of us likes to take pictures of Sylvie playful and fun with friends and family. When you do take a group picture with a camera iPhone, then give everyone enough time to take the appropriate position for this image by temporarily adjusting the image, you can select 3 or 10 seconds before you do take a set of images burst mode pattern, and then your phone will select the best image.
7 – the level of exposure to the light control

Taking pictures can be difficult sometimes, because the appropriate lighting are not available at all times. Sometimes it is a strong and sometimes be very bright. But you is not a concern with your iPhone will help Exposure control where the property to do to whiten or darken the image depending on the lighting you have.
8 – Pick up the panoramic images

Since the city festooned with lights and beautiful decorations during the holiday, it’s nice to use the property Panoramic photos on your iPhone to pick up a set of panoramic images. All you do is click on the Panorama property and move your phone continuously for the filming set of horizontal or vertical viewer into a single image.
9 – Add beautiful effects to your photos

To make holiday images more beautiful and attractive , add after effects by using an application Picfx which provides you with a beautiful addition to the glamor photos.
10 – Set up Collage of images

Set up after the feast a special collage images of the feast, which could include pictures of the most beautiful Atalalatk, family and your meetings, the most beautiful places I have visited during the holiday. Use the application Diptic to prepare a collage of your feast.
11 – Share your photos via Shared Album or AirDrop

After you take a group photo, the first thing is to ask you to share this photo with the group. You do not have anxiety and you are using iPhone phone you can share photos via iCloud Photo Sharing feature or you can use AirDrop feature to share photos with your friends around the iOS system users or macOS.

Luna Ayoub, director of public relations, Apple


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