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15 actions “Bad Steve” 19

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Steve Jobs – the legendary person, but despite all its great achievements, people still remember the bad traits of his character. Biographer Steve Walter Isaacson says that there is “good Steve” and “Bad Steve.” One company can inspire people to exploit, and the other person can erase in a powder. Colleagues from Business Insider decided to highlight a few examples of the latter category, and to better acquaint us with the “Bad Steve.”

Dedication to the team CDMG
This situation is perfectly shows the ratio of Jobs for partners that something does not suit him. At the time, the company VLSI Technology supplied chips for Apple, and the delivery did not fit into the timeline. Jobs at the meeting broke into screaming, calling to the company “s ** governmental castrati and m * Dacians.” Steve re disappoint no one wanted, and the company coped with the terms of the contract, after which its leaders have made myself a jacket with the words “Team EKM” (original «Team FDA»).

“You do not understand anything in his work”
Another conflict arose between Jobs and his friend and advertising partner Lee Clow during start-blue iMac. Apple executives did not like the color on print advertising, and he shouted, “You do not understand anything in their work. I’ll ask someone else to do advertising because it is some kind of p ** dec. ” Then Steve Clough calmed and made him take a second look at the pictures and the resulting publicity. Steve is cool. No difference in the colors were not.

Bondi Blue iMac

Not good five-star hotel
Jony Ive took over the hotel search for Jobs in London. Who, if not Quince know London, and he found a great room at a five star hotel. But as soon as Jobs has gone into it, he called Quince and said, “I hate this room. It’s a piece of shit, let’s go. ” Apple founder took his things and not only stopped the reception to express his opinion to the clerk about the hotel.

Cocktails at Whole Foods
In this story, again involved the chief designer of Apple. Ive told how they went with Jobs enjoy a cocktail at Whole Foods. Jobs then made several claims of an elderly woman. He did not like how she was doing him a drink. He later repented, realizing that this woman is already not very happy in their work.

Bob Belleville joined Apple
Xerox Star – a product that has failed, but in 1981, many thought this computer worthy of attention. Jobs and his team then were quite impressed with this computer, and a few weeks after meeting with the product he called one of the engineers working on the Xerox Star, Bob Belleville. “Everything you have ever done in your life – shit – Jobs said – so why do not you work for me?”. Belleville accepted.

About the relationship with her ​​daughter
It is known fact that Jobs could not be called a good father. For a long time he denied paternity of Lisa, in connection with which she and her mother were forced to live on welfare. Eventually Jobs yet started to pay child support and the state of California to reimburse the costs of the child. Relations were established, and Lisa became a full member of his family, but the past can not be changed.

Стив и Лиза

Jobs ashamed of his parents
This fact became known from the biography written by Walter Ayzeksenom. When the parents were taken by Steve in college, he went away from them in silence, without saying goodbye and thanking. Later, he confessed how much he regrets it:

It was one of the things for which I am now really ashamed. I was not attentive enough and touched their feelings. I should not have. They have done so much, just to make sure I get there, and I just did not want to see them side by side. I did not want anyone to know that I have parents. Wanted to be like an orphan who travels across the country on trains, and appears out of nowhere, without roots, relationships and past.

Once Steve had to make some cuts in Pixar. He drove people without giving them even severance pay. One of the first employees of the company, Pamela Kerwin, then Jobs said about the need to notify at least two weeks. “Well, – Jobs said – but the notification came into effect two weeks ago.”

Friendly fraud
Working at Atari, Jobs once drew his friend Steve Wozniak to help him create a smaller version of the «Pong». Steve promised a good reward in case of success, but Wozniak this information came in a distorted form. Most of the money Jobs left himself.

Джобс и Возняк

Shares for other
Daniel Kottke was not only one of the first employees of Apple, he was a friend of Jobs. In 1974, the two of them traveled to India. However, when it came time to distribute the shares of the company between employees, Jobs decided that Kottke they are not useful. Rod Holt, vice president of engineering, then said to Jobs: “No matter how much you would not let him, I want as much.” What Steve said: “Go. I’ll give it a zero. ”

Jobs at the interview
Another amazing story from the book Isaacson. “At what age did you lose your virginity?” – Asked Jobs at the candidate. “What did you say? You’re a virgin? “- He continued, though the poor man was so excited that I just could not answer. “How many times have you taken LSD?” – Did not calm down, Steve. Andy Hertzfeld tired of looking at the red face of the candidate and asked him a simple technical question. However, when the answer candidate began to chant, Jobs shouted, “I’m starved, eat, eat, eat.”
The poor guy got up to leave, saying, “I guess I is not the one who you want.”

MobileMe launch
Like the cards from Apple, the launch of service cloud sync is not exactly smooth. Users encountered a few problems, as the press called underdeveloped service. To solve the problem, Jobs assembled a team of MobileMe in the audience and asked him to explain what action should perform service. Receiving an answer, Jobs cried: “Then why be b ** he does not?”. After this phrase head of MobileMe was fired and was replaced by well-known to many Eddy Cue.

Стив Джобс

Communication with journalists
In 2008, Joe Nasir worked on a column in the New York Times, dedicated to the health of Jobs. He was critical of Apple and Steve personally, because his health is kept secret from investors. Prior to publication, Joe received a call:

You think I’m arrogant m * duck, who considers himself above the law, and I think you’re a bucket of slime, which greatly mistaken.

Steve Jobs wanted to spend an impressive advertising campaign dedicated to the iPad, and its first round did not live up to expectations. Then for advertising replied James Vincent, and his calling to him, Jobs said: “Your advertisement – sucks … iPad – a world revolution, and we need to do something big. You’re given a little shit. ” Between them fell into an argument, because Jobs did not know exactly what he wants. After much bickering started advertising company “Revolution.”

Freedom to developers
Ryan Tate – one of those lucky enough to exchange letters with Jobs, if I may so call it. In his letter, he was interested in Jobs, why the developers can not get the “freedom” and work on the iPad all that they want. So, he provoked email skirmish, and the last word in it Jobs left behind him, he wrote: “By the way, what good have you done this? You are creating something or just criticize the work of others, understating their motivation? ”

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