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Given the new features of iOS 8, we can conclude that the OS offers a decent battery life. For users who still do not have enough “autonomy” of devices running iOS 8, MacDigger offers 15 tips on how to curb the appetite of the firmware.


In this article, we’ll show you how to configure certain options iOS 8 to improve the autonomy of the iPhone and iPad.
Disable automatic Wi-Fi

The first and easiest way to extend the battery life of the iPhone and iPad – disable the background search for wireless networks. Go to the Wi-Fi settings, and set the switch “to accept connection” to “Off.”

Get rid of energy-intensive applications

In iOS 8 has a special section, with which you can define services that consume battery power. Menu item called Battery use. Go to the “Main -> Statistics -> Battery use.” There are two sections – “After the last full charge” and “Using the Battery”. The first indicates the total time of operation of the device in active mode and standby mode, the second is divided into two sections – “Last 24 hours” and “Last 7 Days”. You can remove the most demanding applications, or replace them with more energy-efficient counterparts.

Turn off the parallax

Parallax effect on your home screen and lock screen continuously uses the data from the motion sensor, which, of course, affects the battery life of the device on iOS 8. So go at Settings -> General -> Universal access and activate the item Reducing traffic.

Disable background downloading of content

Along with the obvious convenience of use of the automatic content download consumes battery power. You can disable this feature in the section «iTunes Store, App Store» Application Settings. Here in the section Automatic Updates download deactivate item, as well as music, apps and books, if you do not want to synchronize content between your devices.

Disable background updating applications

Application in iOS 8 are able to load information in the background. However, this option consumes battery power is not less than the other functions. Proceed to Settings -> General -> Update content and disable the services in the background. Function can be disabled completely or limit its use in some applications. We recommend you use the first option.

Disconnect the geolocation service

Location-based services in iOS 8 actively consume battery power. If your main application is not tied to a location, location based services can be safely disabled. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Services and disable geolocation function completely or set individual settings for each application.

Turn off 4G LTE

Prolong the Life of iPhone will turn off LTE-connection. If in a particular situation the speed of the wireless connection is not important to you, you should disable this option (Settings -> Cellular).
Turn off the auto-adjust screen brightness

From the very first version of iOS is able to self-adjust the screen brightness depending on the lighting. In Settings, under Desktop brightness and activate the Auto-Brightness. Note: the fifth generation iPod touch is not able to automatically control the backlight, the gadget users have to do it manually from the control room.

Disconnect the push-notification for unnecessary applications

Push-notifications – certainly a useful thing. However, the function is not needed for all applications. In Settings -> Notification Center, you can turn off the warning of unnecessary programs. Similarly, if you do not need a notification about every email, you can turn them off by going to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch. Here you can set either manually receive mail, or check in intervals. The longer the interval, the longer the battery life.

Use Airplane

Since the iPhone is constantly trying to connect to the cellular network, in areas with low signal or outside the network energy consumption increases significantly. At such times, to save battery you can turn on the device Airplane (“mode iPod»). Another option can be useful when this function – night. Throughout the night the smartphone remains active, continuously scanning the cellular network. At this time also helpful to include airplane.

Disconnect geolocation for system services

System services in iOS 8 actively consume battery power. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Services geolocation. Scroll down to line System Services. Here, turn off the following services: Diagnosis and use Location-based iAd, Popular nearby, Local Time, Jam and frequent the place.

Disable synchronizing the date and time

This option is used in 8 iOS iPhone and iPad to synchronize the clock. If you find this is not true, go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time and turn off the automatic update.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If you are not using Wi-Fi, be sure to turn off this setting in iOS 8. device will not waste valuable background search on the charge Wi-Fi networks. The same is true, and Bluetooth. If you rarely use a headset or car kit, turn off Bluetooth to save battery.

Disconnect Handoff and the offer

Unified Communications in iOS 8 have become one of the major innovations in iOS 8. Handoff feature provides a simple transfer of the working context between the mobile and desktop environments, as well as the opportunity to make calls and send SMS from your computer. If you have only one iGadzhetov or you are not using this function, it is recommended toggle switch Handoff in Settings -> Handoff and the offer in the “Off” position. You can also turn off my program and the App Store in the section proposed programs – the gadget will not scan your location to display the relevant application block.

Turn off AirDrop

AirDrop – a great feature for sharing files, but if at the moment you do not need it, it’s best to disable. You can do this through the control point, called swipe from the bottom of the screen. After this, the device will stop wasting energy on searching iPhone or iPad nearby.


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