20 of the most popular ways to cheat when you buy iPhone




Apple mobile device users face the risk of fraud associated with the purchase of popular gadgets. Attackers have mastered a variety of ways to extort money. Under attack in the first place the owners of “apple” of technology – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Tricks fraudsters are universal and can be applied when dealing with any other gadgets. Edition DGL listed 20 known methods of scam that may be encountered buyers of products Apple.
Method 1: Sell iPhone on a prepaid basis.

Sell ​​iPhone on a prepaid basis – the most common method of cheating. Did you even read about it. But scammers have recently become more cunning. Resourceful black hustlers prescribed in ad conditions of purchase, “without payment”, “ex”, “payment after verification”, “without maps Corn” and even buy the status of “Shop” on Avito for 40,000 rubles per year. Sale scheme looks safe even for suspicious guy, and you call. At the wire sure competent manager talks about the pros and cons of the model you are interested in, advising on emerging issues, accepts the order, recognizes the need for additional accessories (protective case, car charger, etc.). All in decent shops. Then you promise delivery within two hours after a full check payment system and even artistic pruning sim card.

This is followed by a cunning feint ears. The manager explains that due to the frequent attempts of robberies couriers and payments counterfeit money, for iPhone will have to pay through the completion of your own personal account, and check with the protection code, without which they allegedly can not take your money, you need to give to the courier. When you approach the terminal Qiwi, «JCB” or any other, you call up to the manager and he explains to you that you must go to one of the purses and enter your contract number.

“So, are you ready? Enter! Nine zero three one five five one two one seven “(9035511217, ie regular phone number),” now make full payment. ” What happens next – guess yourself. Also, in addition to terminals scammers famously used “Euro” with its card “Corn,” “The Messenger” Sberbank and even by making a card for surrogates.

“But what about the ex?” – You ask. Yes, everything is normal! “The office is closed for repairs in the next 3 days,” or, as an option, “Available at: Mikhnevo, Gogol Street, Building 17, right in front of the Savings Bank” or “We have a very long queues, standing 2-4 hours.” After that, you will be offered the scheme by courier – and further described in the recipe.



Method 2: The largest online store sells the iPhone with a great discount for prepayment.

Unfortunately, prepaid for selfish purposes are even proven for years known stores. Here’s how. Declared uberskidka 50%, but 100 per cent advance payment and delivery of three weeks. Fame store and low price for the unit is pushing people lining up to give their money. There is a transfer of funds in the office, you are given a complete set of documents – checks, contract, all the decorum and noble.

When three weeks later call to clarify whether you can pick up your telefonchik you explain that due to the very high number of ORDERING company is unable to cope with the supply levels that do not fit in time and brings your order for another 2-3 weeks. Permit terms and conditions, which you most likely do not read very carefully. After 2-3 weeks, history repeats itself, but it can change the cause of delay. Theoretically, you can initiate a refund, but you say that the iPhone is near, and we have to wait just a little bit. Well right now the drop. Some succumbed to the entreaties, others do not. The story continues as long as the buyer does not run out of patience. But even if it is just to make out a failure, he recognizes that under the terms of the contract (who reads these contracts?) Funds will be returned within one month, and in some cases, with the retention of a specific commission. In most cases, we have a fun and wait for the court to file bankruptcy. With unpredictable results.

Let’s count. For example, BigBazzy in 2012, running the share «iPhone 4s at a discount of 51% for 19,990 rubles,” brought together more than 50,000 orders in the amount of close to 1 billion rubles. The company used the money for 3-5 months. Did collected just lay at interest in the bank, perhaps – was used for the purchase of goods and advertising. This is not very important. But the twist about half a billion rubles – this is a very, very nice. Someone from the “buyers” got lucky and they had to return the money, and someone is waiting for your order to this day.

Method 3: For Sale restored under the guise of the new iPhone.

Often in the specification are words of iPhones refurbished, ref or simply “Ref.” Some sellers just write it without explaining that for such designation, and some shops claim to total novelty. Like, the unit is brand new, sealed, etc. For those who do not know what a “ref”, explain. Sellers will talk about the iPhone, which returned disgruntled customer directly in Apple Store, they were sent to the factory, carefully tested, re-packaged and are now selling at a deep discount. In fact, almost all the sadder. In the Russian context “ref” – a Chinese iPhone parts of inferior quality. Chinese everything – the screen, speaker, microphone, cables, antenna, screws, etc. All except the motherboard, so that the operating system was the original. The percentage of defects in these masterpieces approaches 100 percent. Usually to repair they live a couple of months. Sold “refs” everywhere, but on the ads on their privateers particularly large.


Method 4: Sale of Chinese counterfeit iPhone as authentic.

If you think that you can easily distinguish between a Chinese copy of the iPhone to Android from the original, I will greatly disappoint. Skill copying grown so much that even with a rather thoughtful placing objects is hard to notice the difference. Well, except that to put next to this unit and poking into all the menu items.

This is an outrage is often sold under the guise of the original iPhone, and more convincing applied check out “Euroset” or “Messenger”. The story is told is standard: presented birthday two pieces, sell the excess with a big discount, need money very much. “Bought” in “Euroset” for 26,990 rubles iPhone 5S will give you all for 9000, and in the dialogue process to throw a couple of thousand. Like, pipe burn, it is very necessary to extinguish the fire.

Check print on receipt printer, which is in all bars and restaurants. You can buy and own – worth it from 2000 rubles. Invoice construct a common printer. Press, as you know, can be ordered in almost any reprint of the profile. With home delivery, one stamp will cost 500 rubles, and it delivered to your door.

Method 5: Sell iPhone layout under the guise of this.

For some it’s not a secret, and someone knows about it now for the first time. If you see in a shop window, or point at radio pile products Apple – these are not real devices, and their imitations. First, lay out the originals safe. Secondly, too expensive. Note exactly the same thing, and over the hill.

But there is another category of people that use these dummies for selfish purposes. Let’s count the cost. Box-dummy – 300 rubles, fake iPhone – 900 rubles, a set of Chinese accessories 150 rubles, 50 rubles shipping film, seal the iPhone plenochku – 50 rubles. To put an ad on the bulletin board – free of charge. Altogether it is 1450 rubles. To sell quickly, give a bad price, for example, 19,000 rubles. And asset 17550 rubles and slightly spoiled chi.

However, the dummy weighs much less than the original, and occasionally customize it by weight. Ask how you can be confused with normal dummy device? So after plenochka on the spot! We immediately see that nove. Therefore, we can not even open up to the house. Or cut the seller himself reverently plenochku and show that within all new. You have no idea how often this works.


Method 6: Selling faulty iPhone.

Scheme similar to the previous one, only a little more costly for fraud. The device is decently looking outside, but in fact dead, pasted over conveying films, and the box is sealed in the original film. Is advertised for sale on the cheap – and rushed.

Method 7 locked by iPhone.

Bought from America with a contract for $ 200 machine prints, pasted to the back of the bottom of the box label with the data unit, for example, from Germany, is sealed in the original box film and put up for sale for 19000. If you bought a miracle, it is likely to stumble upon scams again, only to have the other. Finding ways to unlock your iPhone, you will find a lot of sites that for a modest fee of $ 15 to $ 90 “otvyazhut” him from the operator in any country. Naturally, the prepayment. Well, you understand.


Method 8: Robbery of the buyer.

Completely unfrozen specimens exhibit new iPhone 5S with 64 gigs of memory for twelve thousand rubles. But can occur only in the evening after work, in the area of ​​Vyhino at 22:00. The goal is simple – to find the victim in the right place at the right time to cash in decent quantities. And again, you do not believe it – how many fans freebies ready to go for cheap iPhones at night Vyhino …
Method 9: Fake SMS.

The buyer finds an ad for the sale of the iPhone on the cheap and no pre-payment. Unfortunately, the seller is in the farthest region of the Russian Federation (those famous Chukchi iPhones!), But sends orders via DHL. Customer order, leaving the shipping address, phone number and name. 3-5 days to your number comes SMS. Contains the sender DHL, but within the text that your name is entered parcel with the iPhone 6, for you must specify the number of departure. You contact the seller and he asks for payment, and then report the number of departure. Since DHL with no room of origin can not give you any information on this, many are conducted. A SMS was actually sent by an attacker.
Method 10: Selling iPhone with Find My iPhone enabled and active Apple ID.

First geeks with similar machinations are relatively new, 9-10 months ago. With the release of iOS 7 have the opportunity to block the device is removed through your Apple ID when it is stolen or lost. Unblock a device is not possible, but it is easy to track its location on the map.

As a result, divorce is as follows. Gullible buyer buys a used machine, and the next day it comes the message “This phone has been stolen. I know your location. Call the … and return the iPhone, or I write a statement to the police. ” After that the device is locked. In addition to becoming known location and telephone number of the victim. In 95% of cases, such a device is returned to the owner, and the next day he was again put up for sale. And so on to infinity. If the potential victim does not return a telephone, written statement to the police with the provision of the data available, and the phone is confiscated. The same scheme can block your personal iPhone, having stolen your mail and asking a ransom of $ 500-3000 rubles. Still, they say, pictures can pull off.

Method 11 for sale original iPhone with further substitution on the copy or layout.

In this method, the name speaks for itself. Since you found a seller, you check out a truly original new machine, but at some point, the attacker changes its a fake. Small sleight of hand, but how many impressions.
Method 12 Sale obviously defective iPhone.

This method is often practiced on Yandex Market. In search of a cheap options you run into the store c more than 1000 feedback and 5 stars. Without reading the reviews (after all, five stars is enough), you place an order and wait for delivery. Courier arrives, and at the door hands you iPhone and documents for signature. Patter voiced that the one year warranty, return, replacement within 14 days, asked to sign and removed.

Finding a marriage, you contact the store for a refund, you dictate the number of support services, which in many ways the brain punches (send order number, wait two days. Now send a copy of the check and wait for two more days. Now we need a photo of the fault – and so on until infinity). Number is often busy and does not respond to the post office for a long time to react or not react at all. Deciding to write a review on Yandex.market you with horror discover that the bulk of these already, but between them flaunts the same type of positive mass, many of which were bought for 20 rubles apiece.


From the above stated methods of fraud predominantly affects buyers. But Apple technology vendors are often victims of villains.
Method 13. iPhone Wholesale of 10 pieces.

There is an ad for the sale of iPhone 6 with 128 gigabytes of on board at a price of 30,000 rubles, but the minimum order of 10-20 pieces. The old-timers of the market do not even pay attention to such ads, but the newly minted business very much. You make an appointment (without money) to check – is it true the iPhone, not the ref, copy, fake, etc. And indeed it turns out that the original sale and terms of the transaction transparent: commodity money.

Why is it done? Yes, then, now that the attackers know what it looks like a potential victim. At the next meeting (or before) happen or not very successful attempt of robbery. Or conditions change to prepay.

In some cases, savvy businessmen themselves call up the sellers and online stores to offer cheap to buy iPhone. So, for example, a few days ago all called a nerd and offered “six” 128 GB for $ 750. When he was told that the price is suspiciously low, it has become another offer for $ 850. Learn fast.

Method 14 Checking the iPhone photos and videos.

Since the seller is bound buyer from out of town, wanting to buy the iPhone. He offers to send the full payment in advance in any convenient manner, plus 3,000 rubles for the shipping costs. For example, via DHL. But before that he wants to get photos and videos from a sealed box to make sure that it is new and does not have focus. What can you do with this data – we can only guess. Below publish dialogue and requested over materials. My companion gently sent a man and put a warning on the website material, indicating the phone number of this character. After just a couple of days for the search query with the phone number has been coming for 20-30 people a day. That is a tricky guy did manage to get photos and videos, and breed due to this dozens of people.



Method 15 Robbery seller.

The most common way to cash in on the vendor iPhone is brazen robbery in its various manifestations. In the shop or the dealer bought a few expensive iPhones, called the delivery address and wait for the courier in the stairwell. Even goes so far as to order style girl with a small child in the background. Rob predominantly eastern people and guests of the very central Asia. No offense it will be someone said, but it was the case in 99% of cases. Interestingly, the order always draws a person without an accent, nice talking in Russian.
16 Payment method counterfeit money.

Counterfeit banknotes in denominations of 5000 or 1000 buy on the black market for 50% of the nominal value, or work in the criminal elements at such rate. Next, place orders for expensive iPhone – in the evening with the urgent delivery or in advance but delivered in the evening. When lighting is poor counterfeit money distinguish from the real is almost impossible. Happy can play a small scene. Seller meets the buyer specifies the full amount you have to pay and then go – supposedly – to withdraw money from the nearest ATM. 3 minutes later returns with a brand-new bills. Not the most vigilant couriers and sellers often fall for the bait.
Method 17 Hall money.

Also often when purchasing multiple iPhones and aypadov use room bills. Seller meets the buyer, who takes the phones and transfers the money dealer counts, and there is not enough, for example, thousands. An attacker surprised apologizes and asks for money back to count on their own. Yes, indeed, thousands missing. Then the crook gets another bill in 1000 rubles, and reports in the general pack, but at the time of conversion, he turned down about a third of the amount. And while thousands more hid dostavaniya cocked money. Some sellers do not check back the money again and put them away in a purse. With the same as those who are going to count the money again, the following occurs. Buyer, citing strong employment begins abruptly leave or escape, and the seller, failing to count the money, is facing a difficult choice, to run after or count. Both options are bad.

Remote Method 18 purchase in order to obtain data of a credit card.

This case involved a sale online Molotok. After ordering the seller scored on a customer number, but the call is dropped and immediately wrote a SMS, which can not talk right now, call back later. This was followed by about a dialogue:

– On what do you question?

– At the expense of buying a hammer on the iPhone.

– Yes, I was ordering, throw off the card number for payment, within an hour translate money.

Throw down the card number. A few minutes later a new message arrives.

– I now went to Euronetwork, but then to recharge your card asking for the date of its validity.

Send the wrong date …

– Now I will send 50 rubles, to make sure that I have correctly entered your data.

SMS comes about as follows: “An amount of 50 rubles to enrollment on Beeline is not made.”

Having read only the first 5 words from SMS, confirm that 50 rubles received. This is followed by an attempt to remove 3,000 rubles. Iean attacker with your card number and knowing the date of its “shelf life”, can transfer funds without confirmation of the cardholder. Many people think that no three digits on the back side of the card is impossible, and sends the actual data. Two days later support site Molotok.ru notifies danger.
Method 19. bak from a legal entity.

With the online store manager binds the buyer who wants to buy a bag of iPhones by bank transfer, but due to the urgent need to require the seller it is today (in the tyrant-chief of the anniversary along with his bitch-wife, and all of this has coincided with a silver wedding). Manager to explain that the issue of iPhones can be carried out only after the receipt of funds to the account, the buyer offers personally with the manager in the office to make payment. Long-term arrangements and convincing explanation of some (weak people!). Translation is made in the presence of the manager, the attacker takes the purchase, and the payment is withdrawn on the same day.
The substitution method 20 original iPhone counterfeit or layout.

Just as in the 11th method, only this time the victim becomes the seller. It is associated with the buyer rascal with a desire to buy ayfonchik. At the meeting, the buyer usually does not come alone. Before paying the scammer wants to check on the performance of the phone, at which time his accomplice as a seller asks. Then the buyer that does not like and he refuses to buy. Couple goes out quickly, taking with them a real iPhone, and in the box leaving a fake.

Summing up, we can see that most flocks graze on a variety of scams free classified ads website. And it all happens with the connivance of management of sites that are not in a hurry to introduce protective measures (for example, sellers of goods to the price above 9000 rubles, you can enter the verification, indicating proven by some sign, as well as the opportunity to leave feedback). The only thing that bothered to do on Avito, so it is to write “Do not settle for an advance payment, if you do not believe in the reliability of the seller” and set the date of registration of the seller on the site. However, at the request of the same seller registration information can be hidden.

But we must understand that not a guide sites is the source of evil and dishonest citizens. At all sites there are decent and responsible sellers. And they are in actual fact most. And to insure against fraud by following three rules.

1) Do not bite on the absurdly low price. Miracles do not happen.

2) Pay for goods in cash only after the fact, after checking on the performance of the devices.

3) Verify the iPhone IMEI – whether previously activated and what color it. Often, buying a new white iPhone 5 and check for IMEI, you will know that it is activated 10 months ago, and then was black. IMEI, by the way, is indicated directly on the box, open it to check it is not necessary. But if it is opened – of course, it is necessary to turn on the machine and see IMEI in himself.

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