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2020 comes after six years, and you know, this year will be a great round date, which would mark an important milestone in the progress of 21st century technology. Resource TheNextWeb talked with a number of interesting people in the technology space, and learned their opinion on 2020. I think you will be interested to read them and compare their predictions with the predictions of these same people. Before you twenty opinions with which you can agree or disagree. But the spirit of optimism definitely reward you with their presence.

“There will be more robots that will therapists, friends, associates and even friends, helping people every day. People will be able to buy their own robots, such as through Amazon, will customize them to suit your needs. Help them be more robots working in iTunes and Spotify ». – Ariane Van de Ven, an expert on global trends in Telefonica I + D.

“The city authorities allowed an alternative form of currency like Bitcoin , Litecoin etc. This will create an additional channel of income for the city, as well as providing a secure way of buying and selling the currency of choice. ” – Shannon Spanheyk, deputy director of innovation, the city council of San Francisco.

“After the buzz and hype of big cities will abate, we realize that even the most advanced technology has its limits (and what to pack a bunch of people in one place and rely on bits and bytes in the work – not the way into the future), the focus will shift to intellectual side villages, so we will build a distributed network of small and sustainable human settlements.

We will see mixing traditional thinking – public buildings, local production and consumption, mixed with rural transport system, local tekuchkoj. Attention to quality of life and the environment come to the front, and will be supported by traditional technology updates and the latest digital networks and devices. ” – Ken Banks, founder Kiwanja.net.

“Guaranteed minimum income will grow as the machines will supersede most of the human labor market … Although some very wealthy men still own most of the world’s money, the employment of women and their purchasing power will surpass men.” – Blaise Ager Arcas, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer

“Waiting nanomobilnosti era, I predict: telepathy and teleportation will be possible by 2020 – and commonplace by 2040.

By 2020, I predict that people will become incubators for personally controlled applications and platforms in a “network of corporal”, written in code “physical condition” and virtually giperinteraktivnom “virtual state.” All states will keep a lot of Web servers molecular size; IP-AP-domains and protocols for self-sustained replication quantum computers on nuclear energy and patented personality. I coined the phrase “nanomobilnost” to describe this new curious state.

2020 will be a flourishing era nanomobilnosti – someone can ascribe anything else, but if you want to look into the future, be ready for that right now. ” – Michael J. O’Farrell, founder of The Mobile Institute.

“We have short-term problems that governments and large companies illegally spying on its citizens (because they can). Although it is a serious problem in the short term, in the medium term we will learn how to turn away this lens in the opposite direction and start demanding answers. For example, in Russia (which is distinguished by its lawlessness) each have a DVR, which protects people from corruption and insurance fraud. They learned how to unscrew the technology to the other side, let’s hope that it happens all over the world.

Sunlight Foundation in the United States spends an amazing job on the correlation of the votes of elected officials with the people whom they fund. So most likely we will come to the street observing a two-way, but the transition will be quite ugly. ” – Salim Ismail, Singularity University.

“Education will be highly creative. Our way of teaching students will adapt to increasing their innate abilities. The world is moving towards specialization, while education educates workers assembly lines. Machine address these matters, and people will have to focus on our distinctive abilities – creativity. ” – Mike North, Ph.D., founder ReAllocate Faculty, Caltech.

“Robots will become a part of our world. By 2020 we will experience massive growth of robotic technology in a military environment, health, education, transport, homes and even in our children’s toys. These contexts raise ethical issues , and before us the challenge will discuss the new law. Along with responsibility and safety when meeting face to face with battery technology, the emergence of robots that will interact with us on the social level, will also raise the question of our attitude towards robotic objects.

Studies show that there is a tendency to perceive social robots is not as it should. By 2020, we will likely begin to think about the consequences of our interactions with children’s toys, relations between our elderly patients with medical robots, about sexual practices and other issues surrounding our natural tendency to converge with the moving object, simulating the quality of living. ” – Kate Darling, a researcher of the intellectual right and robotic ethics at Harvard and MIT.

“We can lose 25% of” simple “works because of intelligent machines, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, such as accountants, analysts, clerks, taxi drivers, etc. In the next 25 years this percentage may rise to 50 because the “machine” will be even better. As a result, we see a rise in the minimum guaranteed income regardless of the status of the worker, but also see the new definition of GDP. Possible. ” – Gerd Leonhard, futurist, strategist, author and CEO agency The Futures.

“I would imagine that social media will meet the response of mankind, irritable and turbid from the constant stress of everything that happens, but it is unlikely. We’ll see how people overload of messages and information, as well as the first wave of automation products to friendly relations – that people can be polite and at the same time to attend the meeting of the fucking. ” – Ed Makhlouf, founder and CEO Siine.

“Urban applications for more efficient interaction with the emergency services, and in particular the application of relevance to the ambulance, where citizens can report accidents show injured people, their vital signs and even” accompany “the emergency services to the scene.

There will be much more sophisticated urban applications that allow citizens to interact better with the urban environment. Such applications will be able at the same time to warn residents about the difficult situations, earthquakes, gas attacks, terrorists and insurgents. And much more. ” – Andrew Berglund, executive director of global creative in Geometry Global.

“Our experience in the offline and online is united through technology that will offer continuous flow of information, context, personalization, socialization, shopping, writing experience and feedback. The physical world is also influenced by technology – and if a solution is found to restore the climate, we all live in comfortable microbubbles.

With no incentive to crawl out of their bubble and see what was on the outside, the people of this brave new world will live happily in their clean, safe and technologically advanced world. ” – George Benardet, co-founder and head of strategy Shopbeam.com.

“While technology promises abundance, people will continue to be slow to adopt new technologies, burning will become a pandemic and serious failure in giperpotrebitelstve developed countries. Meanwhile, developing countries will be an appetite for giperkommertsii. Economics on the principle “you give me, I will,” homemade things and producers will be the key elements. People will crave authentic products and communication with people as a bonus.

Artists, scientists and intellectual leaders will work hard to help the government understand the slowly adapting this grand transition and realize that a radical change of society. ” – Harald Nidhardt founder MLOVE.

“Storage will become unprofitable business, when people and organizations will require their services on the organization of digital cereals and remove everything that does not matter. Mafia launch in this case your hand. On the other hand, will advertise on television programs that will help lose your data, and Greenpeace will unleash global campaign “life without clouds.” – Fabien Girardin, co-founder and partner Near Future Laboratory.

“Governments are called work or employment (odd scale) is something that we visit and get that money. The nature of work is changing, soon we will not run or walk only one job. We will use your skills and market that will pay for them. Since the work is changing, and our need changes in the currency and the need for banks. P2P money become real when we get away from work and employment. How will the work of the government, democracy and taxation, if there is no currency? “. – Tony Fish, investor, author, and entrepreneur.

“We will see improvement in the overall understanding of the population of creative skills, because it will be able to practice and do things, learning production skills. Manufacturer resonates not only with the creative class, but also with people who have never considered themselves native “creative” – ​​there a whole generation of pragmatists who are engaged in extremely useful “creativity”, learning the basics of code, design and milling machine. ” – Raina Khumri, CEO Juggernaut.

“Young African startup succeed if you apply innovative technology to analyze large volumes of data, sensor technology, wearable devices, and so on, and successfully integrate all these things with the prevailing socio-cultural norms, such as a strong sense of community and collaboration in many African societies.

In this regard, I see Africa as sub-Saharan Africa will be the center for low-cost but highly effective technology services that will address major social problems, thus reinforcing the growth of innovation. ” – Timothy Kotin, co-founder of E-Couch Solutions.

“Police cars without drivers will patrol the road in the air and on the ground. Speed ​​will become secondary to the digital abstraction, highlighting it as the main culprit. All of this will be handled electronically in many large cities, will be documented plates, monitored location and photographed the activity. ” – Kelly Goto, Gotomedia.

“Neuromorphic computing IBM (calculation based on neural activity) Watson will be available by 2016. Together with BCI and dWave Systems new artificial intelligence developed by Ray Kurzweil in Google and Stephen Wolfram surpass the human brain by 2017 and will have access to all the data in the world.

It will be the greatest event and a breakthrough in the coming decade. ” – Yuri van Geest, Singularity University.

“Africa south of the Sahara reaches kriptovalyut and private property. Kriptovalyuty, and one of the side effects, intelligent exchange have the potential to release the entrepreneurial explosion in sub-Saharan Africa. Complexity, cost, lack of speed and the high cost of the movement of money is a serious barrier for African entrepreneurs.

High penetration of mobile devices and understanding of mobile payments will lead Africa to leapfrog areas that will come to the forefront of the new digital payment and remittance systems. Lack of a legal precedent around digital converter provides a tremendous opportunity for African legislators and technologists to break into the world. Reasonable implementation with reasonable “know your customer” show the rest of the world how to launder money. ” – Shen Gbekor Cove technologist.

What do you think about 2020?
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