2014 according to the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov




2014 according to the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov

After last in 1964 World’s Fair in New York, Isaac Asimov, the cult American science fiction writer and popularizer of science, as well as a professor of biochemistry at Boston University, took the opportunity and tried to imagine the newspaper The New York Times is what will be our world 50 years later, when the threat of nuclear apocalypse survive floating in the atmosphere of the Cold War. Perhaps many of you are already familiar with these predictions, but a minority are people too, so let’s take a look together, predicted which of the technological revolution in 2014 have already been held.

“Gadgets continue to deliver the people from the mundane, routine tasks. Cookware offer an opportunity to “avtogotovki”: heated water will be converted into coffee, cook toast, fry, boil eggs, fry bacon and so on. Prepared breakfast can be “ordered” the day before it will be ready for you to the correct hour the next morning. ”

“Communications will step far ahead and let you see your buddy during a telephone conversation. At the same time the phone screen will be used not only to see the person you are talking to, but also to work with documents, photographs, reading notes from books. Space satellites will allow you to make calls in absolutely any point on earth by simply clicking on the desired number, even at Antarctic stations. ”

“A man will continue to move away from nature and will create an environment that is better suited for its existence. By 2014 will be familiar electroluminescent displays. Billboards and walls will illuminate a variety of colors and change them just by one touch of the button you want. ”

“Robots by 2014 will not be an integral part of human life, but at this point they will already be there.”

“Some devices completely get rid of the wires, because work will be on the long-running batteries based on radioisotopes.”

“The peak of development in 2014 will reach road development. Where they are building up to a certain point it was impossible to hit the highway. Sam will be able to transport traffic without touching the surface. Planes, of course, also be, but even ground transportation will be able to rise by 20-60 centimeters above the ground. ”

“Vehicles with a” robotic brains “… allows you to choose the right destination for you … take you to your destination and replace slow reflexes driver-man.”

“Conventional posters will be replaced by a special stand. In this special transparent cubes allow to observe a three-dimensional image. ”

“The global population will be 6.5 billion, while the population of the United States – 350 million” – more Asimov said that if not will be made to control the growth, that “the whole earth to 2450 AD turn into one solid Manhattan, but Society will collapse long before that! In order to avoid such a fate, around the world will be promoted the idea of ​​birth control rational and humane methods. And in 2014 in this regard would be very important and turning point. ”

“Conventional agriculture will be confronted with great difficulties that encourage the creation of special” farms “for the artificial cultivation of microorganisms. The market will be the variety of products with different color and taste based on yeast and algae. ”

“The world in 2014 will be a world where the execution of the regular, routine work would be impossible without the use of special machines, which will completely replace human in some areas. Subsequently, all humanity will begin to use these machines. In this regard, education and school change. All high school students will learn the basic principles of computer technology, binary arithmetic and those items that will allow them to become professionals in computer languages ​​to be much more perfect modern Fortran. ”

“One of the major diseases of modern man becomes boredom. The number of “infected” will vigorously to increase every year. This will lead to serious mental illness, emotional, and social consequences, and I daresay that psychiatry will be one of the major medical disciplines in 2014. ”

“One of the most common expressions in human vocabulary would be the phrase” society of forced rest. ”

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