25 hidden feature in the iPhone phones




Phones possess iPhone has many features and hidden tricks, and we will in the following article reviewing 25 hidden feature that users can use to facilitate the experience to use.

Reconnect: It can show the last number dialed by pressing the green call button inside the screen keyboard within the phone application.
Clear Cache: the user can improve the work of the iPhone phone and make it work faster by getting rid of temporary storage for many of Apple’s application memory and through to go to the store or podcasts, music or games and applications of the phone center and put pressure on any tab located at the bottom of the screen 10 times in a row.
Accelerate the work TouchID advantage: It can be larger than the previous speed up the work of identity definition touch feature by doing the same footprint saves several times and in different ways to enter, This is especially useful for older phones like the iPhone 6 and iPhone iphone 5s matter.
Conversion through the Spotlight: users can get iPhone phones on the results of a quick conversion to open Spotlight and by writing any conversion they want, such as “20 euros in GBP” to get the results of the conversion immediately.
Spotlight of mathematics: Spotlight can be used to solve arithmetic problems quickly and without the need to open the Calculator application through the clouds down to open Spotlight and do have issues to get instant results.
Delete numbers from the calculator: the user can delete the single digits of numbers within the Calculator application and then swiping left or right on the screen the whereabouts of the wrong number that the user wants to delete it.
RAM: survey can scan RAM and make the phone run faster by pressing continuously the power button until the words “Slide to power off” appears and then left button and pressing the main menu button until a blank screen appears and returns home screen to appear.
The status of continuous shooting: You can access the status of continuous imaging by continuous pressure on the shutter button to turn on the camera and imaging Burst mode which allows the user to shoot up to 10 images per second.
Imaging distance: You can use the button to raise or decrease the volume on the headphones level to capture an image via the camera application.
Turn off the flash light: Flash light can be turned off without the need for several steps, by scrolling up on the camera icon within the lock screen to be off the light flash.
Touch during the three-dimensional drawing can be used to draw a three-dimensional tactile feature within the application notes to respond to the eraser and drawing tools to the sensitivity of the pressure.
Close multiple applications at one time: the user can do to close several applications together, by double-clicking on the main menu to open the app switcher button and do withdraw applications using two fingers or three of the closure through a single pass.
View desktop version of the site: the user can ask the Safari browser View desktop version of the website that Atcefha through pressure continually on the reload button in the title bar.
Show recently opened tabs: the user can access the tabs that continuously he visited recently by pressing the + symbol within the display ring tab in Safari browser to show the screen that lists all the tabs that have been visited recently
Peek tabs: tri-dimensional touch technology allows glancing at tabs that the user wishes to take the idea of it without opening it during the parade ring tab within the Safari browser.
Peek at the titles: three-dimensional touch technology allows glancing at the website addresses before you open them.
Instant Edit: You can use a three-dimensional touch technology to modify the time or add a site within the recall application.
View e-mail messages Unread Only: The user can view the e-mail messages, unread only, by clicking on the mailboxes link in the upper right corner of the e-mail application and then click on edit and then click on the circle next to “readable” option to get new folder containing e-mail messages unread only.
Save a draft through a single pass: Can Save draft within an application and mail it by clicking on the subject and scrolling line towards the bottom of the screen to save the draft.
Rapid Response: The user can respond quickly when a message via iMessage or SMS messages and through the pull-down alarm to respond without the user to leave what he was doing.
Hidden levels: You can access the feature bubble level to measure the angles and the level of balance by scrolling to the left within an application to open the compass level and then put the phone flat against the ground so as to detect the level of the bubble feature “bubble level”.
Peek at the artists: You can take a peek at all the musical acts performed by an artist through a three-dimensional touch the name of the artist within the music application.
Re-enable the low-power mode: is shut down low-power mode when the user device and the ship appears on the lock screen alert stating disable the low-power mode, and can re-enable it once the slider to the left on the alert.
His knowledge of the phone: can be directed to the following question personal assistant Siri “whose phone is this?” To show you the phone owner information.
Reachability: This feature is considered one of the best new phones features iPhone so that double-Touch allows and does not put pressure on the main page slide the entire down enabling the user to reach the top without the use of other hand-screen button.


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