2K has arranged the sale of games for iPhone and iPad




2K – one of the most prolific developers of interactive entertainment for iOS. In the pre-holiday publisher announced the launch of an ambitious sales of gaming applications for the iPhone and iPad.


Offer is tempting, especially when you consider that games that used to cost 200 or 400 rubles, now you can download at a minimum price of 62 rubles. The list includes the most high-profile releases and bestsellers on the platform iOS, including BioShock, Civilization Revolution 2 and XCOM: Enemy Within.

If you want to fill the screens of their iOS-devices with new icons – now is the time. In total discounted you can download 30 games. Sale will be valid until 29 December.

Here are just some of the games 2K discount:

BioShock [680 p. → 317,50 p.]

BioShock is a first-person shooter released for the Xbox and Windows-based computers in 2007. The action takes place in the ruined underwater city of Rapture dystopia 50 years ago. The main character is in a plane crash in the underwater city, where he will explore the world, fight with mutants and decide the moral and ethical issues – for example, to kill or keep alive those or other characters.


Civilization Revolution 2 [899.90 p. → 505,37 p.]

As in previous games in the series, gamers in Civilization Revolution 2 will hold its civilization from the dawn of mankind times to the modern era; of course, have not gone the development of new technologies and diplomacy. Of new technologies can be noted lasers, modern medicine and information technology. In addition, among the new wonders, buildings and organizations declared nuclear power plants, the Red Cross and the Silicon Valley.


NBA 2K15 [505,37 p. → 242,35 p.]

NHL 2K [505,37 p. → 242,35 p.]

Ever since PES somehow ceased to illuminate their Japanese mobile screens glow, and FIFA unscrew the parts and sell separately, publisher 2K captures the palm in the segment of sports games. See for yourself: a new basketball, and now – after many years of break – new hockey. Joy, happiness, tears, broken teeth. Starts all pretty cute: create a character name it, distribute characteristics, choose roles, then the club. Then the fun begins – because your character is initially an unknown rookie, his release, well, three times in the whole game. That is, three chances to show themselves – or vice versa, is pointed out to ruin his career. The game calculates your every action points.


Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies [317,50 p. → 123,99 p.]

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies is the second time goes more or less like this – interesting, a little highbrow about war strategy winged monsters. The game itself is built on the type of turn-based chess, where instead of shapes – planes. The balance of power is this: you have a pair of aircraft, the enemy too; different types of aircraft carry different goals and different move. Constitute the basis of the battle maneuvers – the battlefield froze, and around your ward grow arrow, indicating where you can fly. Click on one – the plane comes to a peak; the end of the course, the next. It turns positive tactical battle: to drive the enemy to sit on his tail, quickly jump – and before every movement plan, plan, plan. And all this – with giant pauses on large maps.


Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPhone [185,99 p. → 62 p.]

Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad [317,50 p. → 62 p.]

Sid Meier’s Pirates! – A remake of the same game released back in 1987. Find success in almost all the players who played it. Each time the game is able to surprise and cause a new interest in the new passage. It can not only surf the Caribbean Sea on its formidable ship, but also to look for treasure, plunder merchant ships to trade with merchants in the ports, to win the hearts of beautiful ladies, smash menacing pirates, pirate gold in the XVII century.


XCOM: Enemy Within [749,60 p. → 430,22 p.]

XCOM: Enemy Within – it expanded reissue, improved and expanded version of the popular strategy XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Everything starts again: alien attack on Earth, the gamer takes command base XCOM, hires and pumps fighters cleans UFO crash site, building laboratories, workshops and foundries, exploring their technology being captured Dohlyaka or rogue launches satellites of different countries, send interceptors. All this, however, can hardly be called even “the development of old ideas.” All new content so well lay down on the ground rules XCOM: Enemy Unknown, that seems to have been there originally. This is correct, better to detail the variation of different games.


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