39 competitors to win the “Emirates Award unmanned aircraft to serve the human”




he organizing committee for “Emirates aircraft Award drones to serve man,” declared qualified for 39 projects to the final half of the stage of the different categories of competition: national, international, governmental, and amounting to a total prize money of 4.67 million dirhams, making it the largest award of its kind in the world.

And saw the award, which was launched by the UAE government during the second government summit in the month of February 2014, a wide participation from around the world included the ideas described Palmpetkrh to hire aircraft technology drone to develop services and civilian products that will raise the level of human life. This, and the project details are available in the site mail the prize.

The organizers of the contest that involved projects readily available solutions described Palmpetkrh to provide services that benefit the whole of humanity, especially in natural disaster relief areas, public health, agriculture, environment, urban planning, and logistics.

And belong Posts qualifying to the group of countries including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Sudan, Australia, Germany, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, and Singapore.

In the field of public health, the list of finalists included to stage the semi-finals Taisei Ferrer Gomez of Spain and her team who designed unmanned aircraft designed to transport human organs from donation centers to those in need with high efficiency in the shortest time possible while maintaining the vital indicators natural including reducing the chances of rejection of before the body of the recipient.

In this context, Gomez said: “We’ve re comprehensive formulation of the logistics of the process associated with the donated organ and cultivated by enhancing the ability to communicate and coordination between hospitals, and the creation of digital data to collect and organize all the information, and simplify procedures, reduce costs, and reduce the likelihood of loss of documents base. And supports the development of our project work style medical system and the opportunity to save more patients efforts. ”

As an expression of gratitude to the UAE government on this initiative, Gomez said: “The majority of people consider to unmanned aerial vehicles generally some sort of suspicion because most of its uses are limited to war and military purposes. Therefore, contributed to this contest to change the negative perception about this type of aircraft. ”

And helps Spaniard Marc Beltran project in the detection of landmines effective and safe manner at the same time. Beltran said, speaking of his project: “landmines are still scattered in more than 70 countries around the world; which cause an increase in the number of victims of these deadly weapons each year. The road is currently approved in the search for a slow clearance and involve a great deal of risk, and for this we have developed a way to search from the air effectively contribute to ward off the danger for the people who are doing it. ”

As an expression of gratitude for the UAE to launch this award, Beltran said, “will be employed in prize money in research and development in order to enhance the reliability of our system, and then close cooperation with agencies demining around the world to help reduce the threat caused by landmines.”

The Polish Thomas Moszenski, the monitoring, communications and rescue capabilities collection within a single system resulted in the development of unmanned aircraft to detect shipwrecked, and to ensure their safety through the transmission system for wireless voice and image, and even assist in pulling them towards the beach quickly to enable rescuers to help them. ”

He thanked Moszenski based on “Emirates Award unmanned aircraft to serve the man,” and said: “We have to keep up with the latest technology to improve the safety of people. I am very much excited to work with all participants in the contest, and the exchange of knowledge with them freely, and the sale of these techniques without any costs are high to meet the patent rights. ”

In the area of ​​logistics, Clinton created Brchat of Australia project eliminates the need for unmanned aircraft to a wide area of ​​the landing upon delivery of postal parcels. Clinton added: “The current delivery methods require the availability of a spacious landing platform, where delivery is usually either by plane landed in the courtyard of the house or drop the package using ropes. That is a serious point of the consignee, including pets and children. My idea revolves around the delivery of parcels meticulously according to the highest safety standards. ”

Expressing his pleasure to participate in the prize, Brchat added: “The UAE contribute by organizing this competition to expand the use of aircraft technology of unmanned civilian purposes. Without a doubt, this competition will result in significant benefits lasting impact for a long time. ”

And blends “Quantum” project to Florian Sybil and his team among the advantages of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to build a drone that can fly for longer periods of time and longer distances and higher degree of safety. According to the description Florian, can take advantage of the “Quantum” in a variety of areas including agriculture, logistics, humanitarian assistance, and business relief in cases of natural disasters, and so out of the ability to transfer larger and aviation cargo for a distance of more than 500 km; What makes the “Quantum” safer, more effective and economic transformation is to paragliding pattern in the case of energy access and landing smoothly.

Abizaid and Florian describing Award “Emirates drones to serve human” Balraúah: “In a time when the rest of the world is still in the preparation of laws and regulations to regulate the work of the aircraft sector, unmanned used for civilian purposes stage, managed the UAE to achieve quantum leaps in this area by encouraging types of technology to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place to live. ”

And provided a team of Singapore project to drone enjoy Bmazata “safe failure” and “sensing and avoidance”, which enables it to deliver goods efficiently and safely.

He commended Pedong Liu from Singapore team to contest the initiative, describing it as an important platform to attract researchers and experts of this type of aircraft to put up and exchange ideas on how to use them to improve people’s lives.

In the field of urban planning, David Kaire said from Kenya, which employs his aircraft technology drone to assist in urban planning: “Can the government departments that play the affairs of land, housing and urban planning, allocation of today employ aircraft technology drone in mapping, urban planning, land surveying in areas especially urban squatter areas in order to develop. ”

He Kaire great appreciation to the Government of the United Arab Emirates, which launched the award, saying: “The real value of the award is that it opens the door to discover a lot of things that did not take a seriously than before in spite of its importance, apart from being a valuable opportunity for thousands of people, including manufacturers and distributors involved in using unmanned aircraft technology for civilian purposes. ”

And developed a banana Ahmed Achammala and her team from the UAE model multi-jet fans under the name “Ultimate U er”, this model works to dispel the fog of air environment-friendly manner. Achammala said in this context: “We aim to help motorists reduce the risks caused by poor visibility due to foggy skies. Moreover, the project supports the civil aviation sector by helping to avoid the closure of airports and postpone trips or maneuvers to fly over the airport, which lead to increased pollution.

She Achammala “is no stranger to the United Arab Emirates launch pilot initiatives to serve humanity as a whole, has given us support ‘Khalifa University’ great impetus to move forward with our project. Support the great attention paid by the UAE leadership to its people and is considered one of the key factors for Ranked happier than people in the world. And attributed it to the pursuit of our wise leadership continued to provide new ways to improve the quality of life of its citizens. ”

For his part, Yossi Onzdzislava project uses and his team from Germany drones to clear the huge architectural structures that can not be accurately estimate the dimensions of the earth’s surface, using a bird eye perspective technique. To explain his action mechanism, Onzdzislava said, “is to identify in advance the flight path in a way self-control, but the scene in which the audience gets it easily adjustable.”

He described the award Onzdzislava bold step, and added: “This award is characterized by the new catalyst Bmnzawrha; Instead of relying on the military capabilities or hackers or large companies, the competition is based on the integration of a variety of fields to come up with innovative uses for this emerging technology.”

With regard to relief, Khaled Abdel Jawad said from Saudi Arabia who uses his drones to monitor natural disaster areas in order to respond quickly, “the advancement of technology that we bring to the recipients to distress calls Aware circumstantial directly to the situation that lie in front of them, and the extent of the damage, and the areas that need to Relief workers targeted, and effective communication, as well as in response to the high level of coordination plan, and assist in search and rescue efforts to identify and find the missing survivors. ”

Abizaid and Khalid: “We believe that this award is a great step towards employing innovation in a positive way to help mankind, in addition to being a distinct effort to support the country’s vision to become an oasis of technology and innovation in the atheist and the twentieth century.”

He innovated Marco Brichart from New Zealand plane march can provide support and support services for air ships of the Coast Guard rescue during the search for persons or vessels facing troubles or problems. Fritzchih said in this regard: “total operational cost of the process of saving the boat NZ $ 500 (about US $ 393) at least every hour, and this figure does not include the processes of maintenance and training costs. The advantage of the use of the aircraft at low cost, which makes it convenient in economic terms compared with the search and rescue of existing options. ”

He Brichart: “The United Arab Emirates has taken a distinct step should be to all countries emulate them for the benefit of humanity as a whole. It is wonderful to perform this step with Advanced thought the government is aware of the urgent need for unmanned aircraft applications during the current stage and in the future. ”

The Swiss team, “Fly Ibaliti” also developed aircraft “Jim Paul” drone that can enter confined spaces and safely fly close to the people, which proves its effectiveness in rescue operations. Said Patrick Tyvoz, one of the team members: “There is no doubt that our aircraft will achieve a quantum leap, they are able to overcome all obstacles without losing balance, as they are protected from the cage can fly within walking distance of people without harm.”

He Tyvoz: “provide ‘Emirates Award unmanned aircraft to serve the human’ a unique opportunity to promote this technology and help people to recognize the positive impact on their communities away from traditional uses for military purposes.”

He innovated Alex Serrano from Canada drone has a high maneuverability and help in locating people and save them from the buildings in the event of collapse, or fires, or the presence of mines, or other natural disasters or industrial which may infect humans.

Serrano said in this regard: “This aircraft able to fly within narrow environments such as collapsed buildings and under the umbrellas of trees.” He pointed to the possibility of design small or medium-sized, and is easy to use and requires little training to operate.

Serrano added: “A lot of countries are trying to slowly develop regulations to restrict the use of UAVs in civil and commercial applications, which prevents the development of this technology. It is wonderful to see the United Arab Emirates to take the lead in this type of application, and promote opportunities to use and develop such devices; they have the wise vision in this regard, and provide a unique opportunity to achieve the dream of others. ”

In turn, the Australian gave Andrew Bartos project could play an important role in emergency situations, said on his project: “Our project is reduced FRIENDS name the words ‘initial response to the emergency infrastructure relying on unmanned aircraft systems network’. And has allocated relief aircraft possibility of transferring small amounts but effective of food, medicine, and materials, water purification, solar energy, and lighting fittings, communications equipment, and temporary shelters, and other supplies to support small communities so you can restore communication with their communities. ”

Bartos described the UAE initiative as a proactive step to help transform the use of UAVs in military applications to the uses to which elevate human life; and he said in this regard: “It’s a wise move contribute to advancing the technology sector and achieve the benefit of other communities around the world.”

Included solutions help the environment, which integrates Lauren Fletcher project of the United Kingdom flag Bio Carbon Engineering and Technology drones to reforest desertified areas at the lowest possible cost and higher planting rates can currently be achieved.

Lauren said: “In addition to revolutionizing the tree planting sector in order to obtain the associated commodities such as timber and pulp, bio-carbon systems will give mining companies and non-governmental organizations and governments, a major boost in the rehabilitation of forests and trees regions efforts. Thanks to nature that allows modify the system as needed requirements, will contribute to the project to enable large-scale companies, in addition to small groups and communities alike. ”

Fletcher added: “concentrated public perception of the applications of unmanned aircraft and mechanisms associated mainly on the potential devastating. But ‘Emirates Award unmanned aircraft to serve the human’ shed light on the positive side of this technology that contribute to meeting global challenges growing day by day. ”

In another post in the field of environment, Carlo Ratti and his team developed “and Otervlaa” sensor platform environmental self-control to regulate the environmental health of the water activities.

Ratti said in this context: “fleets are using self-directed to fly over lakes and rivers Alkuadkopetr aircraft to gather unprecedented data on the patterns and behavior of aquatic environments, where these aircraft flying in formations and circulating hierarchical data with each other in real time. The aircraft was equipped with a variety of range of sensors to collect high-resolution information in time and space on a range of different environmental factors. ”

Rati and noted that “the Otervlaa” project will play an important role as the water quality is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the coming years, and said in this regard: “You can secure and robust our aircraft conducting operations on the surface of the water day after day, and collect valuable information for further environmental research. ”

He praised Rati efforts of the UAE to raise awareness about the new positive uses of drones, where he said: “We are deeply this approach, which is based on the testing of new techniques in the framework of the public to arouse interest in them, and to promote the march of human progress in the ultimate commitment.”

In the field of production, the German Markus Fritscah created drone able to help cleaners glass facades of high buildings to enhance their productivity at work and ensure high levels of safety. This plane and allows you to create architectural designs do not require the installation of elevators in the building facades. It will be operational for the aircraft without costs less drones greater compared with the cost of using lifts or cranes facade.

He Fritscah in this context: “unmanned aircraft will play a pivotal role in civilian applications in the near future. In this sense, the launch of the award by the United Arab Emirates is a visionary initiative supports human requirements and are encouraged to expand the use of civil aircraft. ”

He pointed Spaniard Arnau Gracia Tiradaz, co-innovation project “Ranger” drone, that the aim of their project is to improve the natural parks services through economic and versatile and easy control of unmanned aircraft fleet.

Tiradaz said in this regard: “Project ‘Ranger’ allows to improve parks and natural resources management through the development of surveillance operations to combat fishing operations, and care of wildlife, and the study of fire hazards, and implementation of search and rescue operations.”

He commended Tiradaz the contest “Emirates Award unmanned aircraft to serve the human”, saying: “This competition involves a great idea that will encourage the exchange of knowledge, and increase the possibility of using this advanced technology to improve people’s lives.”

With regard to the fields of agriculture, too, participated in the competition Sudanese project called “agricultural remote sensing,” which uses a system of agriculture has been provided with an air clever advantage of the flight to sow the seeds of the plant and collect samples for analysis. According to Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Aal, a part of the project team, that this project supports precision farming system to increase food production to its maximum, and reduce environmental impact, and reduce costs.

He thanked Abdel Aal team “Emirates Award unmanned aircraft for the service of man” on the launch of this unique initiative, which explained that it will contribute to changing the world look towards the technology of these aircraft, and encourages development in a manner that serves the interests of all mankind.

It is noteworthy that “Emirates Award unmanned aircraft to serve the rights” of local and international, governmental Pfiadtha aims to devote technology of this type of aircraft to improve people’s lives, whether in the United Arab Emirates or anywhere else in the world. It also aims to establish a legislative structure to provide advanced technology services to the drones in the field of human services. The winner will be announced on projects through a huge event held over on 6 and 7 February in Dubai Internet City, and peppered with live demonstrations of innovative projects in the presence of the international jury


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