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You did not think that Google will be satisfied with just a cozy place in your pocket? World leader in the search shows a tendency to certain breakthroughs in recent years, but before the announcement of the purchase of Boston Dynamics was hard to tell what the true goal of the strategy Google. Now we know that Google wants to rule the world. It all started with a search engine, but not limited thereto. Before you five-point plan, which is followed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the process of approaching the world domination.

1. Control the flow of information

Google emerged as the project evolves Stanford graduate students Page and Brin, who was supposed to improve information retrieval.

Since our founding in 1998, it quickly moved into first place in the world of search and still kept there. Resist it until no one – except that IBM will begin to untwist Watson . Today the company’s proprietary technology serves more than one billion search requests to 146 languages ​​of the world every day. The transition from PC to mobile devices even more helped search Google, as the total share of Google in mobile search reaches 90%, while on the PC, only 70%, according to NetMarketShare.

Grit Google literally holds all the information of the world – because we all use the company’s services in the end. Ancillary services from Google, from Gmail to Maps from YouTube to Play Store on Android, only improve our access to information and provide flexible control of the search giant.

If Google disappeared tomorrow, we are still able to use alternative services, such as “Yandex” and Bing from Microsoft. But while these options were not much better than those that offers Google, we will go to visit him. Change search engine is very simple and cheap to. Google knows and understands so trying to provide the best quality results, but this one is not secure eternal glory, and therefore need to go to the next step.
2. Controlling access to information

Search engine – it’s just a gateway to information, but your search for hardware – is the gatekeeper. In this regard, today Google serves the most popular mobile operating system world, Android, which took 81% of the global smartphone market as of the second quarter of 2013. Android also bypassed Windows, becoming the most popular operating system in principle. Such dominance is difficult to interrupt, and Apple clearly understood that in the 80s, when computers with the operating system from Microsoft came to dominate the market.

However, this will not stop Google. Her wearable computers will be the next logical Glass circuit miniaturization in the race, which will take computers out of the pocket on the face, and they will be in front of you constantly. No other company can not be so close to the user with this type of device, although it is expected that by early 2014 the device will flood the market. Only a few months, and Google has already won a lot of Glass Explorers program distribution among a small number of beta testers.

Computers are essentially conduits of information and Google Glass will provide information in the same way as it is perceived by people, thus becoming, like a second skin of some technologies. Imagine that your brain works when you get sick – just many users Glass perceive this technique using useful applications. People are very loyal to the iPhone, but they become fanatics Glass, as the glasses embody everything you need such people every day. Perhaps one day in the not too distant future, you are wearing glasses, remember these words.
3. Control of the transport network

Control the information – it’s flowers were, relatively speaking. Google can not really rule the world, will take over if only online part. Self-guided vehicles – an important step forward. They will give Google control over the transportation network, because it is at these cars, people will easily and safely move from one point to another. Now we did that use Google Maps, to get from A to B, but at the same time during the journey, we still turn to the Internet. How much time people spend in traffic jams? Eternity.

Most of the wasted time in traffic is the result of human error. Road accidents are almost always the result of driver error, and every year around the world, millions of accidents occur. Even the desire to slow down and gawk at accident slows daily flow. Addressing weaknesses in the transport network, most likely, will save trillions of dollars spent on treatment, purchase of new cars, time in traffic and other unnecessary things. Once the world is filled with self-managed car from Google, the search engine giant to lay hands on our daily lives, and we will still be grateful. We will only deal with the daily menial work, but here comes into play the latest acquisition Google.
4. Physical labor market control

Boston Dynamics has the reputation of the creator of the most advanced robots in the world. Her four-legged bots were developed as pack mules for the military, and a biped PETMAN terrifyingly like a man in his movements.

Of course, no one is afraid that the robot can steal his or her job only because of his ability to walk. But it is worth noting that the creation of a robot that successfully moves over rough terrain as BigDog, this is a huge breakthrough in the world of robotics. In the process of conquering the difficult problems of everyday walking robots – is the first step. Imagine a world where your delicious lunch will prepare a robot who just knows how to peel potatoes, dip the chicken in the oil, bring to the table and say “bon appetit.” Expertise consists of a mass of simple tasks, you can teach the robot, and as we have said, walking is just the beginning. Not to mention the fact that robots are already replacing workers on assembly tapes. From this position, the acquisition Boston Dynamics extremely favorable.

Since the robots are taking over more and more handmade, people will spend more time on the mental work (which, by the way, Google is thriving). If Google is able to create a symbiosis of mental and physical suggestions that will make our lives easier, better and more pleasant, the company will enter every segment of the global economy and permanently settle there.
5. Control over life’s mysteries

Several months ago, Google announced the creation of Calico, which was to do the former CEO Genentech and that defies modest goal of prolonging life. Press immediately responded to the “Google release” immortality project, which may be not so far from that. Think of the brilliant thinking of Larry Page, who always looks only to the future and trying to produce products that are ten times better than anything we have now. Even if not immediately. Immortality is beyond achievable in the next ten years, but the prolongation of life to 150 years – completely. Aubrey de Grey, known gerontologist, says that the first person who will live to 150 years has already been born. And the first person who will live to a thousand years old, born in the late 2030’s.

Google, apparently, it is able to give us a head worn on computers, cars without drivers and robotic force before the average person will live 150 years. But first decisions pale in comparison with the problem of aging. With this solution, Google will not only control access to the information but also the time allotted you access to this information.

Perhaps, Google will never reach this goal, but let’s assume for a minute that reach. Imagine a society of knowledge workers who live forever under the protection of technologies Google. It is the dream of Larry and Sergey? What if it does not?
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