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Technology has been developing and improving at a tremendous rate and many people are beginning to find that they have more than just a handful of electronic gadgets stored at home. These people find themselves with limited space at home because of the clutter that unused gadgets create. Fortunately, storage problems can be solved with the availability of numerous storage facilities that help store and protect belongings from any damage till future use. In fact, other items such as unused furniture can be stored along with electronic items because storage units will have plenty of space for an array of things.

Do You Need Storage Space?

Not everyone understands that they need to invest in storage space. Instead they opt to have unused belongings scattered throughout their homes in case they will be needed. However, unprotected and unused electronic items can incur damages when they are left exposed and laying about. If your electronic gadgets are still in good working condition, then it would be a great waste that these items are simply left about considering their value and current working condition. You will need to rent a storage unit if –

  • You have several desktop computers and laptops, but do not use them all at home.
  • You have an array of music systems which you rarely use
  • You also have several unused types of televisions; each one is a different model from the other.
  • You are a fan and avid collector of cell phones, hand held devices, iPods and the like.
  • You have a preference to collect all the electronic gadgets you have invested in than selling them or giving them away when you already have a replacement.

Tips To Protect Your Electronic Gadgets Before Storage

These tips can help you prepare your gadgets for short or long term storage in a storage unit. They are meant to help preserve your gadgets so that they may still be used even after a certain period of time.

1. Back Up Media Software

To protect and ensure that your digital media will continue to run in good condition like before, make sure that you have the software saved in CDs or external hard drives.

2. Use Original Packaging

If you happen to have your electronic gadgets’ original packaging in safekeeping, it is best that you use that packaging for storage. The packaging was designed to protect the gadgets while in storage and during transportation.

3. Do Not Use Plastic Wrapping

Mold grows when moisture is present and plastic wrappings can lock moisture in. This is why your electronic gadgets must not be wrapped in plastic. Look for fabric like cotton breathable materials which are highly recommended for the protection of electronic gadgets.

4. Glass Protection

Just because you will be placing your electronic gadgets in storage does not mean that you should not take extra steps to protect their glass. Glass protection using bubble wrap, cardboard or foam can help protect the glass coverings of your gadgets during transportation.

5. Charge Batteries Before Storage

Batteries used in certain electronic gadgets such as laptops, will lose their charge quickly when they are stored empty or fully charged. If you still want your gadget batteries to work at its optimum capacity after storage, have them stored with a charge at 40%.

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Valerie East is a freelance writer specializing in storage spaces. She also offers tips on how to prepare electronic gadgets for short to long term storage.


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