6 Common Myths about Exercising




The major discouragement causes when it comes to working out is hitting the gym hard enough according to what you were told and not getting the result you were expecting. There is an overflow of fitness advice out there solicited or not, but it is always important to weed them out to ensure that the best and the fact-based ones are followed.

Here are the common myths that have become pitfalls and cause a lot of people to give up on their workout goals:

  1. Exercise May Turn Fat Into Muscle

The only way to make muscles is through strength training and not through burning fat. There is no special ingredient in any exercise that converts one type of cell to another kind. Fat will never be muscle, the best thing exercise does is to build the muscle and burn the fat that surrounds it.


  1. Elderly People Can’t Exercise

This is a big lie. There is nothing like a sedentary lifestyle that speeds up the aging process. People who live an inactive life are more prone to chronic illness and age associated diseases like heart disease. At least 30 minutes of activity is recommended five days in a week with two days of strength training to keep a healthy lifestyle. It does not mean signing up with a gym membership or getting a new sport, a short 10 minute walk or a small activity like an indoor cycling can give you full-body workout.


  1. More Sweat Means More Fat Burn

The amount of sweat is not an indication of the calories burned, sweat is just your body’s way of cooling down when temperatures get too hot. Older people do not sweat as much, but it does not mean that they are burning fat much less; exercise is all about moving your body and getting your heart rate up which promotes the calorie burn you are aiming for.  Sweat is good; it shows that you are active but not sweating as much should not discourage you from continuing your workout.


  1. Stretching Helps Your Body

Stretching does help the body, but not in the sense of losing weight or burning calories. Stretching helps loosen tight muscles giving you a full range of motion to ensure that the exercise is done correctly for optimal impact. It also helps in getting your body warmed up for the strenuous exercise to follow and get blood flowing into your muscles which helps the heart adjust. There are experts who recommend stretching before the activity especially for beginners and followed up after the workout when the muscles are their warmest.


  1. You Need Sweat Of 45 Minutes To Get A Health Benefit

The thing is, you do not need to work out non-stop for a period of 45 minutes to get the best result.  Studies show that high impact exercises in shorter periods of time is better than low impact work out at a longer duration.


  1. Lifting Weights Make Women Bulk Up

Testosterone build muscle while estrogen create more fat, since women do not have as much testosterone, building muscles will not be like how men build muscles. Strength training with less weight and more repetition is ideal in getting lean muscle without the bulk unless that is what you are aiming for. Training your muscles is very important especially in your day to day mobility and it has long term benefits, lifting reasonable weights will not give you that muscular body, but will surely give you that desired muscle tone.





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