6 Types Of Applications You Should Avoid On Google Play Store




Despite Google’s efforts to combat malicious and phishing applications on Google Play, there are still a lot of phishing applications that are used to hurt users.

So it is essential that the user be vigilant before downloading it for applications and follow certain practices to avoid malicious and phishing applications on Google Play Store. (You can find some tips on this in this topic ).

Although phishing and malware applications are available in the Google Play store under different rankings, some types of apps are mostly offensive and malicious.

In this topic let’s highlight 6 types of applications that should be avoided on Google Play

Evidence applications

Evidence applications are one of the most dangerous and malicious apps on the Google Play Store, and publishers of these applications exploit users’ need for certain instructions on certain things, such as some games, to have dangerous powers on their phones.

Publishers of these applications also mimic the names of famous games or applications by adding a user guide to inspire some users as the official developer.

A good example is the widespread deployment of Guide for Pokémon Go, which was downloaded on more than half a million phones last year and caused serious security problems.

So such applications should be permanently avoided, always checking that the application has been published by the official developer on Google Play.

Applications increase followers

Do you think you can become one of the most famous stars on social networks once you install an app that claims to increase your followers by thousands?

All of these applications are silly fake applications that you should avoid downloading. Even those applications that share subscription or admins will never help you increase your followers, such as applications and services that bring fake accounts to increase the number of followers.

If you really want to increase your followers on social networks, you should read some marketing tips from specialist sources and you’ll find lots of advice on the web rather than relying on such ridiculous apps.

Applications of lying detection

In the opinion of people who install lie detector applications want to imitate the role of investigators in films and television series.

Unfortunately, the Google Play Store is full of such applications, either as a kind of play or humor, and most of them claim to be a true application to expose lies.

These applications use users’ devices to display unwanted ads and gather information in addition to other malicious activities.

Money Making Applications

Many people want to make money from the Internet, but do not imagine that you can make hundreds and thousands of dollars once you install an application on your smartphone and do some clicks here and there.

Profit applications on the Google Play store are distributed under different names and categories, and do not provide any real benefit to the user, but only try to exploit it in any way possible, in addition to some of them contain malicious software.

However, there are some applications that offer limited financial gains or a voucher for doing some tasks such as filling out questionnaires, most notably the Google Opinion Rewards application.

Search applications

It can not be said that search applications are useless applications. For many, it is considered a basic application and it is sometimes necessary to rely on them.

However, you should be very careful when you choose to apply a particular scout and only one trusted application, so you avoid falling into the trap of phishing apps that are under this category and that could damage your smartphone.

Asus’s Flashlight application is one of the most appropriate options in this area, and you can rely on it while you are comfortable.

Applications break the screen

The Google Play Store includes a lot of screen breaking applications that simulate breaking the screen and deceiving friends.

Some of these applications place descriptive or title phrases that indicate they are just comics, and some have massive downloads, although they are not of absolute benefit, along with being filled with silly ads or requesting unnecessary permissions, other than malicious software.

While I do not see any explanation for the use of such applications, their high downloads are prompting us to warn them because of the risks they may pose to your phone.


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