7 Things You Should Stop Doing On Social Networks




Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks can give us fun and interest through publications, photos, videos and other content.

However, excessive use of these networks and some misconduct may make your friends and followers disrespectful of your account.

So here are seven things you should stop doing on social networks so you do not lose your friends and followers:

Post lots of special photos
There is nothing to prevent personal images from being posted on social networks from time to time, but some networks such as Twitter and Facebook have not been created so that personal images can be posted on them only, but also to share your views, ideas or other content you find useful.

For example, the Instagram network is a photo publishing network. You can publish your photos as you wish, but it’s also important not to bother viewers with posting a lot of photos. It’s also important to select images that make your account look professional and friendly to others. very.

Use an imaginary account
So far, many users still rely on fake accounts on social networks and send requests to their friends.

But do not be surprised if your friends ignore these requests even after telling them your real identity via messages or in real life, some people do not prefer having accounts with fake names.

Imagine having 10 fake accounts in your Facebook friends list, for example, meaning you’ll need to remember each imaginary name and the real account owner!

Send game invitations

Do you want a quick recipe to get banned from your friends on Facebook? Well, send them a lot of gaming invitations and you will get it.

So it’s best to stay away from sending game invitations to your friends on social networks. If you want to play a game on social networks, that’s OK but do not bother others with a lot of invitations.

Pay attention to it a lot
Do not let what others publish affect your mood or attitudes toward them. The excessive attention to what people publish on these networks and follow every small and large may get you into a lot of clashes with friends and followers, and you are undoubtedly indispensable.

If there is a friend or someone who bothers you with his publications, you can easily cancel his follow-up, not see what he publishes, or even cancel or ban his friendship.

In your life you have more important things to think about, and more important than someone who bothers you with his publications or his behavior on these networks.

The same applies to people who may disagree with you or criticize you in the responses. Be calm and mature and deal with it simply and do not think too much about things.

Use lots of tags

Using social media tags is a key to reaching more audiences interested in the content of your publications.

But this does not mean sharing leaflets full of signs every time. This practice will annoy friends or followers on social networks.

Continuing complaint

Wake up in the morning to see some new publications on social networks, to see leaflets from your friend who keeps complaining about career or personal life.

You’re probably going to get in a bad mood, then cancel it and go to see some fresh, beautiful content in the morning.

So avoid complaining about your social accounts that will only bring negative publicity among your friends and followers.

Create lots of accounts
It is not your fault that you forget your account password on this social network or that, and then create a new account and send a new friendship request to them.

This can happen just once because of a security problem or otherwise, but this practice is repeated every time. This means that you are disturbing your friends and most likely they will not accept it.


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