7 ways to protect your personal information with Facebook




what does that mean?

Feature include “verification of privacy” Three quick steps to help ensure that the wishes of their people can see your publications and your content.

You can review the list of people who send them your publications and applications that use it, and look at the privacy of your important information on your personal account.

how can I do that?

Feature is available “verification of privacy” permanently through your privacy shortcuts on the screen by clicking on the lock icon in the top right corner of the screen.

2. conduct “verification of the security . ”

what does that mean?

Recently launched a “verification of the security” in the worldwide desktop feature, and will be launched for mobile devices version soon, as we launched a similar tool to help people to lose some of the security controls available to their accounts quickly and easily.

You can access these controls at any time through the security settings, as Amemkn take action by using the “verification of the security” like out of your account on the devices is used, and alerts you sign in, and use strong and unique passwords.

how can I do that?

During the next few weeks will see a reminder in the upper part of the “Latest News”, click on the “Start” button and follow the instructions to apply the three easy steps.

3. Turn on the login approvals

what does that mean?

Users must use this feature if they wish to do to change one gives them maximum safety for the self-employed, where the use approvals feature on the login authentication duo worker or 2FA.

And provide an additional layer of security protection when logging on from a new device, and will Facebook sends a notice or an e-mail with a special code that is used to complete the logon process.

how can I do that?

To activate the “approvals to log on,” click on “More” and then “Settings” and from there select the security settings and click on the box next to “approvals to log on.”

4. Select trusted contacts have

what does that mean?

Contacts of trusted friends who can be called upon when needed to help to enter your Facebook account, for example in case you forget your password to log in to your Facebook account to cover and you can not access your email for re-identified.

The next time when you can not access your account, you will receive contacts reliable you have special security codes used for one-time Facebook, and you can connect with your friends to get these security codes and use them together to regain access to your account.

how can I do that?

Go to the “security settings” and then click on “reliable contacts you have,” and select three to five friends who you can turn to when faced with difficulties.

5. Control the information you share through applications by logging in with Facebook

what does that mean?

It provides more than 80 percent of the top 100 application login through Facebook account such as favorite apps like Airbnb and Etsy and Nike + Running and others.

And when you log on there is now a quick and easy way to control the information offered by the application, such as video, images, or Like your birth date or country clips.

This feature provides a new controller screen new design we announced last year, a few months ago it has been adopted in all applications that allow login with Facebook.

how can I do that?

When you enter a specific application using a Facebook account, just click on the “edit the information you provide,” and you will see a list of all the personal information requested by the application you.

You can activate or cancel the participation of all of this information and consecutively to control what you share with the application, as well as it does not have to worry that the application on your diary without your consent publish it by logging in with Facebook you can determine whether you allow the application to publish your behalf.

6. constantly check applications related to your account on Facebook

what does that mean?

If you are logged in to the application using your Facebook account, you must constantly checks of applications related to your account, as it helps to ensure that your applications reliable, always used.

how can I do that?

Simply visit the “Application Settings” section on Facebook to review all applications related to your account. You may find some applications that you no longer use; you can easily disconnected your account on Facebook using the controls on the applications settings page.

7. Learn record your activities on Facebook

what does that mean?

If you would like to know whether you have to publish or admiring the content by mistake you can find out by your activities log, which includes all of your activities on Facebook according to the chronology.

This could include posts that you’ve liked, and other posts you comment on them, and requests friendship you have accepted, or logins in specific places or images you are mentioned in it.

And no one except you can see the log of your activities, Hristit you can use to see any posts made by friends of this property and you’ve liked in the past month or re-identify those who wish to participate content you have deployed in the past.

how can I do that?

Visit your personal page on Facebook and click on “View activity log” in the bottom right corner of the cover image.


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