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The new system offers a wide range of features most important of stability in the performance of small and area
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Apple today introduced the public beta version of iOS 9 system operator phones iPhone, and iPad tablet computers, as well as iPod Touch devices, with the expectations of its issuance officially in September / September next.

The company has launched a pilot copies of the system through targeted for developers the past months in order to experience the new features and the development of applications to be ready 100% with the introduction of a formal system.

The new system offers a wide range of features, most notably the stability in performance, as well as small area when compared to previous versions, such as iOS 8 and earlier.
The hardware on which it runs

It is expected that the new system works on a wide range of devices starting with the iPhone 4S and beyond, and iPad 2 and beyond, as well as all versions of the iPad mini and the fifth generation of iPod Touch device.

The company has abandon its support of some previous devices, especially after the developers experiences and users of public beta version, but it could not be confirmed only after the official launch of the system, which will see as well as the announcement of the iPhone new devices Conference, iPhone 6 S, and iPhone 6 S-Pulse.
New updates to Siri

And Apple constantly company is upgrading its personal assistant Siri in Smart bodies to make the experience of using “distinctive and intelligent”, where he was able to open applications and read messages and extract information from them – after the user’s request – for registration within the calendar or reminders, as is searching inside Messages scripts or postal owners of exotic numbers that relate to the user.

Apple added new features such as the proposal to establish daily schedules according to user habits or by its geographical location, it can also suggest running a few songs when playing sports or riding a car, and all the previous operations is required from the user in order to operate.

Apple said Siri receive weekly billion more than a voice command, a figure that is expected to increase with the release of iOS 9; because Seri faster and more accurately by up to 40%, according to the company.
Expand the electronic payment service Apple Pay

According to Apple, e-payment service affiliate Apple Pay has achieved success through since the officially offered the past 10 months, which is why the company has worked to expand its support service to arrive in the UK on July 14, where it was used by 70% of the total credit cards and debit cards.

It is expected to bring Apple support this service to Canada and China officially put at 9 system iOS without any assurances about this news.
Apple Maps

Apple is working to improve its own mapping system Apple Maps after giving up completely on the Google maps that have been used for a long time as a formal maps in Apple’s smart devices.

It features offered by Apple Maps possibility of using Siri to search for somewhere and accessed via the navigation system and audio step by step instructions that.

Apple previously announced for providing new features of this system such as mobility using public transport feature, where you can now learn how to move from one place to another using public transport buses, trains and tunnels, traditional and trains, as well as rivers and seas phrases.

The new feature supports more than cities around the world such as Baltimore, Chicago, and New York, and Philadelphia, as well as San Francisco and Washington in the United States, as well as Berlin, London, and Mexico.

More than 300 city maps will also support the system in China with a complete navigation system, where China is the largest market for Apple products.
Implementation of a new News Apple News

IOS 9 will not contain the Newsstand application where it was replaced by a new application carries Apple News name, a new service that allows follow-up of the latest news from global agencies in the United States, the United Kingdom as well as Australia.
Multitasking in the iPad devices

The new system brings a multiplicity of tasks to the fact that unlike the devices iPad multitasking previously available property, which was limited only to move from application to another without closing any application.

The user can become in the new system together two windows open at the same time with the ability to use both at the same time to copy the data, and access the latest news, or even watch a video and browsing the Internet. As it was possible to minimize the YouTube window or video calls and put it in the machine angle and follow-up use without problems.

Decrease the video will be available exclusively for iPad devices feature Iyer Iyer and iPad 2, in addition to the iPad mini 2 and 3, the open two windows together will be an exclusive feature for devices iPad 2 Iyer.
A new keyboard

He said the new system for users of iPad a new keyboard completely contain the buttons to cut, or copy, or paste any text in addition to the buttons for text formatting with ease.

Among the new features also cursor control property, where they can move the cursor within the text by touching the keyboard with two fingers and move them within the panel to move the cursor, can also be specified text in the same way.

Is expected to be the new version better performance than previous versions, especially after the problems of shipping consumption very quickly which users complained that the version 8 of the iOS system. The total area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis version only 1.3 GB, compared to 4.5 GB of previous versions.

Apple did not forget to improve performance and raise the level of protection and safety , especially with the increasing number of users of iCloud cloud storage service.


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