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iPhone 5s

Unveiled at this week’s iPhone 5s became a major star presentation. Now that the dust has settled down and puzzled by the lack of entertainment events scattered, it can be concluded that the new product is not just the next generation of the iPhone, but also sets the standard for performance in the coming years. The foundation of the future, founded 5s, a 64-bit processor, whose appearance on the phone a few years ago it seemed unthinkable.

While the iPhone 5s are not on sale, we summarize all that is currently known about the new product. Get ready, will have to read a lot.

iPhone 5s

The main difference between the chamber iPhone 5s from the previous generation, immediately catches the eye is the double flash, which Apple calls the True Tone. The system consists of two outbreaks – cool white and warm yellow. They are used simultaneously to maximize adapt to the lighting conditions, providing the best quality color reproduction. Apple claims that the decision to allow a more natural skin color.

Despite the fact that the camera saved resolution of 8 megapixels, the image quality still managed to improve. The fact that the camera is equipped with a matrix iPhone increased by 15 percent now larger pixels of size 1.5 microns. It has long been known that if the relentless push into the camera megapixels, the real improvement of quality shooting it will not. In its decision Apple explained to us that if the manufacturer really wants to make photos look better, not just compete with the specifications of the competition, you need to increase the size of pixels.

Equally important is the choice of lens, since the greater its aperture, the more light can reach the sensor. iPhone 5s received a new optics with a larger aperture, the rate of which is now equal to f2.2. Also, improved camera software, which automatically sets the correct white balance and auto focus performs at the 15 focus areas.

Burst mode is useful paparazzi, because when you hold the shutter button for one second can make as many as 20 shots. As a result, the system automatically selects the best photo or allow you to do it yourself. The most successful picture is stored in the Camera Roll, nepoluchilos frames are simply removed.

Another important innovation – the possibility of video at 120 frames per second support function Slowmo. After removing the video, you can select a site, the playback speed of which will be reduced by half. This will allow you to create interesting and creative video quality close to the professional level.
A7 processor


New features in the camera – not just exquisite fruits of labor for software: it is complex and expensive operations, its performance was in older models is simply not enough “horsepower”. To processes were as smoothly and quickly, Apple has equipped the iPhone A7 chip – the first 64-bit processor used on a smartphone.

The first step is to reassure those who worry that applications written for 32-bit versions of iOS, will not work on iPhone 5s. The new operating system iOS has received 7 native 64-bit kernel, libraries and drivers, besides Apple’s own built-in apps ported to 64-bit platform. However, the device will be able to run both 32 – and 64-bit applications, so users do not have to worry about. When developers optimize their programs at a more powerful core, we observe a significant increase in performance of their work.

Improved graphics core also supports OpenGL ES 3.0 in iOS 7, and Apple claims it can improve the performance of the graphics on one or even two orders of magnitude. This is especially important for the segment of mobile gaming console-quality, which is dominated by iOS. This platform is more attractive to developers for a simple reason: rather than adapt to the different architecture of the GPU devices, Android, they can focus on a limited set of standard hardware.
Touch ID

Touch ID

Another technology for operational work that was necessary to the emergence of a more powerful processor A7, it’s a fingerprint reader Touch ID. He takes a picture of your finger in extremely high resolution and accurate map of the jewelry is a unique pattern of your fingerprints. Biometric data is used to unlock the iPhone and authorization iTunes Store without a password. The new processor is allowed to make this procedure is quick and virtually unnoticeable.

Touch ID bordered metal ring, which determines the presence of a finger. The very same sensor is located under the sapphire lens and integrated into the design of the buttons Home. Become more familiar with the technology you will be able in this material .
Coprocessor M7


Another unique feature of the iPhone 5s – M7 is the co-processor designed specifically to handle data on the movement, which come from a receiver GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass and other sensors.

“It allows you to take advantage of all these great features and sensors will shoot with their statements without having to use the A7 chip, said Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller. – Even in sleep mode, the device can detect when the user remains motionless, running, walking or riding. ”

Shifting associated with the movements of the job to the M7, the system can not derive from sleep-core processor. This allows you to continue to work co-processor traffic in the background, which is very useful for applications related to sports and fitness. Moreover, such a solution would significantly reduce energy consumption. The first application, which utilizes the advantages of the M7 was Nike + Move.

M7 can also considerably easier navigation. For example, the co-processor allows Apple Maps mapping application to automatically change the navigation mode to walking on the road, when it is determined that you got in the car and continued their journey in the car.

Undoubtedly, iPhone 5s is a worthy member of the family ¬ęs-versions” of smartphones, offering a significant improvement of hardware and software components. And if, in order to stand out from the crowd, these charms are not enough, do not forget that the device is offered in new colors, which certainly will not get lost among the gray mass.



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