A couple of billion years ago, Earth was stinking like rotten eggs




A couple of billion years ago, Earth was stinking like rotten eggs


An article published by one of America’s leading scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said that scientists from Oxford University have finally solved the mystery of how our planet, I’m sorry, smelled a few billion years ago. To be more precise, scientific minds believe that the Earth was once exuded not very pleasant smell of rotten eggs mixed with the stench of old sewer system.

To come to this conclusion has helped scientists the opportunity to work with the fossilized remains of a very ancient bacteria Gunflintia cylindrical shape, the dimensions of which are from 3 to 15 microns. The resulting research data about the bacteria scientists have only confirmed the hypothesis that to get the nutrients needed for survival, ancient microbes had to be fed by their own brethren. Scientists have noticed that fossils cylindrical Gunflintia often been holed, that could mean that someone has tried it for breakfast.


The three-dimensional model of how a small roundness bacterium eats bacteria Gunflintia

The Portal Live Science points out that this way of life is quite a scientific term heterotrophy, that is, when the body is not capable of producing the most nutrients have to “dispose of” other life forms.


Found the fossilized remains of Gunflintia age of 1.9 billion years, which indicate heterotrophy (pictured in black)

Scientists believe that no matter what the cause of eating their own kind, it helped release into the atmosphere of a huge number of chemical compounds (hydrogen sulfide) that smelled like rotten eggs and old sewer.

“In this study, we first tried to find out who is who ate all the same,” – says scientist Martin Brazer of the University of Oxford.

Martin and his colleagues believe that the first time some organisms have to eat other living organisms about 3.5 billion years ago. It continues even now. And we already eat.

“By the way, we are also a kind of fodder basis for modern bacteria that exude a smell similar to the smell of rotten eggs and clog the drain “- hurried” good news “Martin.

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