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the cat is out of the bag, the pixel smartphones from Google were presented. Yesterday I was in Berlin, where the event was streamed, and there were to see the devices that come to Germany. The smartphone pixels and pixel XL, plus the VR goggles Daydream VR – and also the Chromecast Ultra will open this year in the local market. Technically pixels and pixel XL have been no great surprise, almost everything has been so betrayed by leaks. For my part I think the exciting thing about the evening was the new Google strategy. This is hard to understand possible, one can only guess to want things and of course, always criticize.


The price, for example. We knew that the pixel smart phones are expensive. But this price range for an Android phone? I mean – if someone like iOS and want to use, then he does not have much choice. There is only the iPhone, which is expensive, but stable prices. On the other hand Android. An unmanageable market with seemingly endless choices and high price erosion. A good smartphone must not cost 1,000 euros today, very good equipment, there are from 399 euros in the Android area (yes, here and there are up and down always exceptions).


For me Google is not the problem with Android, which usually make a good job. It annoy lazy manufacturers who do not even get to the chain, to provide updates. Fragmentation can not always nice talk with phrases like Custom ROM, updates the play services and so on. It’s not even just about the major update to the operating system level – the producers get not even security updates out. Personally, I was really happy because as the Nexus program started, there were play-editions – and manufacturers undertook to provide updates for a period of time for their devices.


Consistently not seem to work on their product range, instead, takes care of you mostly only halfway promptly to the flagships. The rest? Out of sight out mind. But honestly, who cares? The large mass of users certainly not. They want a smartphone – browser, WhatsApp , Facebook, camera ready. Operating system version? New function? Security updates? What. We techies are moving in a bubble.


So now the pixel-products that have a difficult task. They should carry Google’s most important driving force for the years to customers. The Google Assistant was my personal Star yesterday, because he / she / it spoke German. Google Germany has thus recognized as an important market. The Google Assistant brings information in context, can learn from you, he gets interfaces for developers and will be expanded. To what extent Google brings the Assistant to other devices (apart from Allo), is unclear .


Google reserves the Assistant once for himself and his equipment and makes itself for a feature-fragmentation. The big question here is: Target Google yourself? Displeased one partner because this this wizard may not be able to use? If Google should defend themselves against other devices: Probably good for the customer, since alternatives will arise – or competing products are used. Hi echo! And what happens with Google Now?


The Android world has screamed desperately for their iPhone moment. That was yesterday. When it comes to price. As I wrote above: Google’s problem is the selection. You have a hard time at these prices. Just as Google, which sometimes (not always) yes offering real Nexus snapper. What happens is that one draws tough the pricing strategy and preserves since face – or you have the unit in exceptional cases reduced to bring to the customer and puts a little criticism. The lasting price decrease would show that you failed, also probably annoy the one or other partner – said anyway no choice today. Android is currently the measure of all things.


Who buys the pixels? Modder. Hobbyists. Fans. Journalists. Blogger. The work with. Their work may be a device. As a regular customer? So hot the Google assistant and brisk updates are: the market is hard and tough when it comes to Android. It’s probably cheaper – because you can throw me 100 times the DxO Mark and talk about the best camera of all time, which has no OIS, but works via Gyro. Software instead of hardware feature. Must not be worse mandatory.


Still, I would the DxO Mark never regard as a measure of things, the class is close together. Nevertheless: The Pixel is a damn smart and great smartphone. The exclusive deal with Deutsche Telekom? Difficult to assess whether it is accepted there. By the way: Interesting that you so heard nothing from HTC. Not partners, one was demoted to a contract manufacturer for Google. It is not a HTC device, it’s pure Google (like an iPhone just Apple is not among others Foxconn). Google has no partner on the side this time.

Google has certainly pushed the price many Android enthusiasts on the head. But even control its own product recovered.

Short Demo Google Assistant on the Google Pixel:

The other solutions? Well, a pity that not everything comes to Germany. The coming to Germany VR story I find cool. That future. In a few years we may have no monitors, but the VR goggles on. And Google Home? Since you have not have to be clairvoyant to know that the smart home is a huge market with smart wizard.

What applies to you?

I am still undecided
I buy a pixel with 128 GB memory (869 Euro)
I buy a pixel with 32 GB of memory (759 Euro)
I buy a pixel XL 128GB memory (1009 Euro)
I buy a pixel XL with 32 GB of memory (899 Euro)
I buy no pixels / pixel XL
I’m waiting for lower prices and then buy

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After I slept one night on the whole issue, I am not disappointed by Google. Let them try their strategy. In the end of the market, the customer decides -. So you and you have enough options to invest your money. I expect a company nothing. Even Google is not a good Samaritan, the smartphone will sell for less than price, only to gain market share. This one has probably not necessary – like Amazon that time. Nevertheless, Google should think at these prices even know if it does not measure his update promises slightly higher. Receiving another go somewhere also.


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