A powerful stage is like a switch




A Higher Purpose At Every Step (Part 1)

A beautiful and important purpose of our lives is to make everyday important and worthwhile and also make sure that each moment of our lives is extremely valuably spent. How does one ensure and how does one know the right way of spending time? Suppose I am visiting a friend of mine and I will have a few things to discuss with him about our lives. In such a case, is this the only purpose of my meeting or can I have a higher purpose or should have a higher purpose? A higher purpose means being a virtue filled person having virtues or qualities expressed through my words and actions when I interact with my friend. Also, do I give the experience of my virtues to the other person or are they experienced only by me? Also, do I possess divine wisdom inside me while I interact with someone? Divine wisdom’s first step is experiencing myself as a spiritual being or soul? Do I see the other person also as a spiritual being while talking to him? Another aspect of a higher purpose in this type of meeting would be giving happiness and giving and receiving blessings. After such an interaction, do I experience contentment at the level of the heart or a deep rooted feeling of happiness of having contributed to the other person in a higher way? Or do I just feel superficially happy for a short period of time and the interaction is forgotten? These are some of the few things to observe and make a part of every action. We have given an example of an interaction or meeting a person, which is something we do the whole day – we meet a number of different types of people all the time.

Let us look for higher purposes in everything we do. Let us give, share and donate our inner treasures of peace, love and joy to everyone we meet and let us experience these treasures in every action that we perform. Just living from morning to night with no higher purpose is almost living like machines, just performing actions, with temporary purposes.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 10-07-2017

A powerful stage is like a switch which finishes darkness of negativity in a second.

Expression:Darkness is dispelled when a light is switched on. Similarly, a powerful stage is also a light switch. When this switch is on, one can put an end to all wasteful darkness and no longer have to labour to stop any wasteful thoughts. By becoming powerful, one can naturally become a donor, as there is nothing waste within.

Experience: When I am aware of my positive qualities and what I can contribute to others, I am able to be powerful. This naturally enables me to be light and spread the inner light to others. I am never influenced negatively with any kind of waste or negative, but am always able to maintain my own positivity and that of others too.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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