A single step of courage brings a lot of progress.




Cooking A Meal – Subtle Energies At Work (Part 2)

When cooking a meal, switch on the role of a beautiful creator of the divine sustenance for the mind and body. The divine sustenance is pure energy filled food. Switch off the role of a hard-working mother, which makes cooking food a boring and difficult task to be done everyday. Create the following affirmation in your mind while cooking the food and bring it into practice – I love making a meal using the creations of nature, the ingredients that are given to me by the elements of nature. With my beautiful inner state of mind and by being connected with the Supreme Being of pure spiritual energy or God, I shall pass on this pure energy to the food I am cooking. By doing this, all those you eat the food, will be benefitted spiritually and physically.

So making a meal is respecting and loving these elements to the fullest. Also, although nature’s elements are eternal, it is important to know that when nature loses its purity, it’s God who purifies it and returns it to its original state. That is why God is incorrectly called the creator of nature, which he is not exactly, although he is a transformer of nature. So the nature’s elements also, when in their pure state, give pure energy to the soul and the physical body. But, today as we all know, these elements have lost their purity on a physical level. This is because of causes like vehicle pollution, emission of poisonous gases from factories, deforestation, depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, etc. This is also because of the use of improper materials to grow vegetables and fruits that are harmful to the physical body. The elements have also deteriorated on a subtle energy level, the spiritual energy level. This is because of the impure and peaceless emotions in the minds of human beings, which travel to the elements and make them impure and full of negative spiritual energy. So it’s important to purify your meal ingredients before their consumption.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 26-02-2018

A single step of courage brings a lot of progress.

Expression:The understanding that one can do a lot and reach great heights, enables one to take courageously a step forward. With each step taken with courage, there is a hundred-fold help received. Also courage means to understand the accurate method of achieving things. When there is this kind of courage, there is a lot of progress in whatever is being done.

Experience: The aim to achieve the best enables me to have the courage to take a step forward in all situations. So I am able to be light yet powerful under all circumstances. Because I also find myself receiving help, I am able to further increase my own courage. There is nothing to stop me, but I continue to experience progress, in both the positive and negative situations of life.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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