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Every spring Acer makes its big announcements for the remainder of the year at an event in New York. Tweakers this year there was again not only to report on the announcements, but also to see them first. The two most interesting announcements, Switch 12 Alpha and the Aspire S13, we can try shortly.

Acer Switch 12 Alpha

Acer Switch 12 Alpha

Where it is exactly, is not entirely clear, but Microsoft’s Surface concept showing four years after the introduction of the tablet in 2012 enormously to catch on. Having similar convertibles from HP , Dell , Lenovo , Samsung and even Huawei encountered Acer could not stay behind. The Switch Alpha is a convertible with a 12 “screen, which in itself is not new for an Acer convertible. What is new are the built-in standard and 3: 2 aspect ratio. In addition, the Alpha must be distinguished by the Core i processor cool passive; while the competition requires a venitlator.

Housing and screen

Acer Switch 12 Alpha With Switch 12 Acer Alpha is late to the party. Virtually all competitors have already put up their 12 “-convertibles and now look only Acer also occurs. This means that the manufacturer may well continue watching how you put such convertible into each other. The result is a convertible that resembles several other convertibles.

The complete enclosure of the Switch 12 Alpha is made ​​of aluminum, which is brushed on the back in a horizontal striped pattern, reminiscent of several Acer Timeline notebooks from 2009 . is at the bottom edge of the housing is the standard, which is very similar to the instance HP applied to his Envy x2-tablet, with as a difference of the rubber-like protection that prevents scratching the standard. The metal feels sturdy, but weighing nine grams, the tablet is not exactly light. This is inherent to the form factor; by the dimensions associated with the 12 “screen is the tablet does not keep long in one hand. This applies for example even for the Surface Pro 3 and the Galaxy S TabPro , we have tested recently.

Acer Switch 12 Alpha As a laptop replacement works Switch Alpha in our opinion a lot better. The 3: 2 screen, the famous resolution of 2160×1440 pixels and an IPS screen, which gives a nice sharp picture with good viewing angles. The keyboard is essential to make the switch Alpha as laptop replacement ‘succeed’, is well copied by the competition.

Acer has chosen the keyboard, like to meet with the Surface Pro, a soft, fabric exterior, which unfortunately attracts some dust. The keyboard can snap magnetically to the laptop in two ways, wherein the face may lie or may be under a small angle against the tablet on the table. Also we saw earlier in the Surface and example, the Envy x2, but the idea is good copied. The keys have more travel than you would expect from a thin cover and the touchpad has a surface on which your finger easily glides back. Backlighting for the keys is also available, so you can strike the right keys in the dark. On the left side of the keyboard cover is a loop to hold the optional active stylus.

Acer Switch 12 AlphaAcer Switch 12 AlphaAcer Switch 12 AlphaAcer Switch 12 Alpha
As for connections, the Switch Alpha is again a strange duck in the bite. There is in fact no cuts, such as the Galaxy S TabPro example, and therefore the tablet is thicker, but also good to use as a laptop. There is a standard USB-A connector provided, as well as USB-C, both of which have a maximum transfer speed of 5Gbit / s. The charger has a separate connection. This is easy because you do not have to sacrifice USB-C port if you want to charge the laptop, but on the other hand is USB-c connection of the future for charging tablets and you should therefor always your Acer Adapter carry with you.

Hardware: ‘liquid cooling’

Although the Switch Alpha thus shares many other convertibles there is one thing that distinguishes the Alpha and the passive cooling of the Core i processor. The Galaxy S TabPro and the cheapest Surface Pro 4 are passively cooled, but his performances with a Core M processor. The Switch Alpha features a Core i3, i5, or i7 of processor, which is the liquid cooled. Acer calls it Liquid Loop, which sounds more interesting than it is.

Acer Switch 12 Alpha

To demonstrate the cooling Acer had taken the Liquid loop from the laptop and found that it is simply a heat pipe such as those used in computers for years. According to Acer which is sufficient cooling for a Core i processor, but if that really is the case, we’ll figure out a comprehensive review at a later time. It is certainly striking that the relatively modest heat pipe should be enough for a Core i processor, which standard cooling has a TDP of 15 watts, while Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a lot more copper used for a CPU with a cool 4.5 watt tDP.

Preliminary conclusion

The Switch Alpha is not original tablet, but that does not necessarily have to have a good product. The first impression is certainly positive; the tablet has “borrowed” the right things of tablets from other manufacturers. The standard and the sturdy metal case we know, as the keyboard to be used in two ways, and backlight inherits. Acer moreover stressed you get there indeed just the keyboard when the Switch Alpha at what is undoubtedly a swipe at Microsoft’s Surface tablet, with the Type Cover is a fairly pricey accessory of approximately 120 euros, but you get there just the stylus .

Pricey Switch Alpha is certainly not. The cheapest version will cost nine euros and will probably feature a Core i3 processor, 4GB of memory and a 128GB SSD. At the competition you are usually thousands of euros lost for the tablet including keyboard. Acer consequence hundred euros less a Core i3 processor, which on paper is faster than a Core m3, which you find in most competitors. Or i3 his papers performance also can deliver, totally depends on the cooling off. We hope Switch Alpha soon also be able to undertake a comprehensive test.


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