Adblock Plus Reloaded – Fake community, transparency and guerrilla marketing




Adblock Plus Reloaded – Fake community, transparency and guerrilla marketing

# Adblockgate has made since last Wednesday for neat swirls and our research on the opaque network of companies that gatekeeper has not only many mainstream media busy, but can also react in charge. This I take now extensively position!
Adblock Plus Reloaded – Fake community, transparency and guerrilla marketing

There are stories from time to time, in which one says after 10 minutes researching the common sense that you are there stumbled over a really big egg. Our revelations to Adblock Plus have not only immediately angeschmissen warning lights, these lights still do because it simply always more to abysses.

Yes, you can blame me as an independent blogger who earns his livelihood over advertising to have a conflict of interest. There is a small, but important difference: Our advertising is publicly visible (and thus also of course the networks with which we make money) and we have since in December 2007 at the start went out every even the smallest sponsor transparent communicated and published. A claim that Adblock Plus has not, but I’ll get to later!

You can get upset about my snotty way also, but I’m sure by light not take this. I prefer as a child of the Ruhr an honest and direct Art cotton ball jugglers and “around the bush”-speakers have with me a very bad stand Particularly when it comes to reveal a gatekeeper such as Adblock Plus!

I’m a blogger and who knows my comments and Rants knows exactly why I’m not going to qualify in this life for a post in the diplomatic service. Anyone who thinks about it beyond me, my character and mentality in the social networks, via email, and especially on the weekend on the mailbox (I should keep my phone number private) to have to judge that I know personally like to offer me. I’m also going to see again and again on events in Germany and had no problems at all with it to discuss my position in public!

This by the way, I repeat my invitation to the Adblock Plus makers! I would be happy about a public conversation in a Google Hangout. Live and Direct. As moderator, I would suggest Mr. Richard Gutjahr.
As part of the Adblock Plus transparency initiative that should not be an issue, right?

Back to the topic, because there is a lot of work up, saying this is again a longer essay, and therefore the same in advance:

tl, dr – Adblock Plus managing director was also in his second Press release not refute our allegations, but rather entangled and leads to Nebenkriegsschauplaetze. This he apparently surprised with a split personality, in other words, he “lives” multiple profiles on the net!
We show what is behind the so-called plug-in community, as Faida Synonym gefakete reviews or PR writes articles on Adblock Plus and how YieldKit has shot with his press release in the right foot!

Note in the margin: Regarding PR professional to Adblock Plus seems the way, already help to bring into the house, because apparently you could Ben Williams poach from Doo, which then must incorporate the same in a “worst case scenario” in Adblock Plus!

To Pressenitteilung of YieldKit of 27 June 2013 14:34

In the meantime, has also YieldKit (with large K) spoken up. The manager Mr. Krohne (with h) announces in its press release to refute any assertion and our “false accusations” and “unclean search” enlighten. The press release was sent to me in advance, so I quote: “. Had the opportunity to make the statements regarding YieldKit right.”

Gladly, Mr. Krohne. I Mach.

Mr. Krohne dissociates himself in his press release clearly by my assertion that one call to publisher, to place any keywords or free to manipulate its contents. I had this after a short explanation of the operation of YieldKit – ie the “hochpraezisen detection of products on websites” – something over exaggerated with the words “Fuck the content, we want keywords that you want but also” summarized.
For here, as I have for the misspelled After and company names apologize agency hereby expressly and expressly clear: it is of course at YieldKit not just keywords.
It is about doing one’s whole way of blogging “balanced” and himself makes it clear that it is no longer Blogger. No, YieldKit is, if one wants to do it right, a merchant, a dealer, a marketeer. A traffic hooker on the way to success!

Yieldkit Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing

YieldKits spokesman Robert Walker puts it in YieldKit blog like this:

Balancing Your Blogging For Conversions

Rule number one – If you want to blog and run affiliate programs like YieldKit then you have to stop thinking about two entities and did understand what you need to focus on is a singular area. Marketing.
You are no longer a blogger, you are no longer an affiliate, you are a marketer. Traffic is the core element to your success. Without traffic you will never reach the top. […] Research keywords in your niche did can push you up Google Page rank and mate them in your blog. Change meta data, titles, texts and image synthesis headings to match words. Do not over fill your site, but a bit of clarity and consistency in your keyword choice will make it Easier for Google to identify you and your pages. Do not be scared of 2/3 words phrases, longtail words may be your only chance of ranking well.

I’m sorry that I have reproduced this highly complex context such shortened and thank you for the clarification. Blogging for me is now finally has meaning again .

Mr. Krohne has me further point out that the automatically generated by YieldKit links on a website are marked “clear”. The “significant” for the time being invisible Marker consists of a title tag that appears after a waiting second floating above the cursor. You can watch the whole thing on the side of, the release itself was created by YieldKit as a reference page for the Adblock Plus. A “disclosure notice” that Mr. Krohne supposedly demands of its publishers, you will not find on the site by the way, publicly available, so you take it self as manufacturers not as accurate with it.

Otherwise, please refer to the readme file included with YieldKit his WordPress plugin. There, the company priced the presentation of YieldKit links like this:

Will my visitors know I use YieldKit? = YieldKit The system lets the normal link (the one you created) Appear and then turns it into an affiliate link. HOWEVER, this only an occurs When the user clicks through. THEREFORE, casual users will notice no discernable difference. In the end, this approach helps to build consumer trust and Increases clickthrough rates!

The link camouflage as “consumer trust” to sell is quite … we just call it bold.

In the course of my Lord Krohne accuses a messy technical research, the statements on the website and tracking personenpezogenen were “not sustainable” – after all, you do not set cookies.

The evil cookie word. Mr. Krohne, however, the explanation remains guilty as promised because then the sales commission of a specific visitor to a specific web page to be assigned. Of course that is tracked and recorded in the Central filed with YieldKit Statistics. Like any other network also – – and of course the company is the centrally hosted YieldKit script tracken the requests as well as the thereby compelling as necessary API key. Cookie out cookie ago, something you no longer need it.

This should now be much too technical, perhaps there is somewhere a professional who wants to take the time more closely and explain stuff for most readers. Mr. Krohne holds me and the rest of the recipient’s press release clearly grenzdebile for writers who do not have the slightest idea of ​​art. Anyone?

Finally, Mr. Krohne has pointed out that at no gentler YieldKit cause existing affiliate links, but “the publishers pick up only the long tail”.
I opens up the compartment-Chinese not completely, but here we come to a point where we have to apologize apparently. Since we do not use self YieldKit, we rely here on the completely self-published by the company features of the software, because the already mentioned or the readme file of the WordPress plugins contains the following paragraph:

What if I already have affiliated left showing on my website? = Our system does not over-write any affiliate links you create on your website Unless You did change in your account settings. So you can work with your current partner as you did before. HOWEVER, we can help you manage your affiliate links for you. We offer better rates than our Competitors Because of our scale, alongwith Consolidated reporting, accurate link creations, almost maintenance and simple one paycheck for you to cash.

A question at this point: “better rates than our Competitors Because of our scale” is in the context of exclusive Adblock interpret Plus activation so that YieldKit his thereby achieved order of magnitude (scale) with 15 million daily otherwise blocked Internet surfers now quite is aware of this and are ahead of everyone else – still locked – Silver networks (Competitors) through better terms and fees (rates) at the actual advertisers is possible, right? Or what?

Mr. Krohne failed unfortunately – like Till Faida, see below – to take in the rest of the press release on the central and most important accusation – like he wanted to refute any of my claims.

I have shown in detail that the activation of YieldKit for the “Acceptable Ads” hoechst expired under dubious circumstances. I pointed out that Till Faida the managing director of Adblock Plus personally conducted these free circuit and that the participation of the supposedly highly active community in this process resembled a farce. It was now on to other users: # comment-113758

Furthermore, I have shown that for the activation of YieldKit the entry requirements for the Acceptable ads were changed in an unprecedented process and that calculated in this single act of both companies – switched involved partner Tim Schumacher (TimSchu) – Adblock Plus and YieldKit has to again to pressure their own investment in the Acceptable Ads:

I pointed out in this connection that opens the abuse of the add-ons door and gate precisely this concealment of persons and companies involved in Adblock Plus, and that this is already exploited unscrupulously by the investors and the managers. Neither their own “community” nor the users of Adblock Plus have been informed that investors and thus unclassifiable advertisers to tap into under the guise of “Acceptable ads” new revenue sources, while they provide elsewhere continue for with flashing banners new customers.

Adblock Plus is funded by investments by the very people who make their money elsewhere by just advertising facing us Adblock Plus now apparently wants to “shod”. Left pocket, right pocket. THAT is the mafia basic structure – the creation, maintenance and exploitation of a problem and then following the alleged exploitation of the solution. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Saul and Paul united as investors.

As it was said at Adblock Plus? “We are the solution, not the problem” – no, dear people, you and your investors are BOTH. That’s the perfidious, the never-ending money machine.

Mr. Krohne joins with its shared Private “clarification” to the list of Tarner and deceiver. Tim Schumacher, Mr. 44% with Adblock Plus, is involved with a six-figure sum in his company. It is not surprising that Mr. Krohne unceremoniously called another issue uncovered by us as “bullshit”.

No one at YieldKit so Krohne, the placement of the program in the “acceptabel Ads” to use to convince publishers to cooperation. Krohne adds: “Anyone who reads our site will find no statements or stepping on the subject.”. Dear Mr. Krohne, this statement is true. Correctly because you seem to have used back in the past days and hours the opportunity to delete the notes. Unfortunately, you are a tool called Google and their own press spokesman undoing. They are – sorry – a liar.

Those of you as “nonsense” designated representation was found among up to its deletion / and /

The still existing in the search engines snippet to this blog post is now deleted:

“29/04/2013 – YieldKit is one of the only networks being allowed through Adblock Plus, meaning our ads are not spam. The YieldKit system adds to user … ”

blogbeitrag geloeschtebsok Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing It should be mentioned that you – like Mr. Faida or Mr. Palant – saw no reason in April 2013, in front of the supposedly important and taken seriously Adblock Plus enlighten the obvious conflict of interest over the common investor Tim Schumacher community and the users of Adblock Plus .

Since it does not matter that They left to clean up the entries of your spokesperson on LinkedIn over the last few hours when your company announces full-bodied:

“We are supported by Adblock Plus, meaning you can reach 200 million more people with your affiliate links.”

Before: [Screenshot 2013-06-28, 05:30:13 clock]

LinkedIN 2013 06 28 053013 496×605 Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing After: [Screenshot 2013-06-28, 18:58:23 Clock

LinkedIN 2013 06 28 185823 496×605 Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing
Mr. Krohne? Are you still there? Anyone here used “bullshit”?
I find it shameful as you try the users out there, and also stupid for me to sell!
For press release Adblock Plus on 28.06.2013, 16:23 clock

I have already explained in detail what I think of Mr. Faidas understanding of credibility and honesty about the public and especially the opposite of Adblock Plus users (the “Community”). However, I still would like to specifically respond to its present press release in which he as before Mr. Krohne YieldKit of my “false allegations”, this time sorted numerically, wants to refute.

Please, be happy.

Mr. Faida focused at the beginning and later in the press release it to drop clear links between various entities under the table – finally to the oeffentlichkeitsscheuen investors will continue to be protected with Adblock Plus, which is also an appropriate comment by Wladimir Palant on the Adblock Plus confirmed blog :

ABP Platant Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing

So it is true, as far as you can over look that, that Adblock Plus has never released a Layer advertising. This I have never claimed. I merely pointed out that the money to fund Adblock Plus – an end in 2011 with more than 180,000 euros stuffed bulging war chest – is derived from at least one investor who makes exactly this money with advertising partners that use popups and layer ads.

The entire advertising on “parked” website of the company SEDO where Mr. Tim Schumacher still holds 5.45%, on whose board he sits and which are already at the very beginning in the Acceptable Ads with Adblock Plus, of Qualigo supplied . Qualigo has BinLayer taken over and has several porn domains, done!

Binlayer 605×212 Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing Mr. Faida like this company and the profits despite the common investor separate from each other, I do not. Money ends up here once for me in the left, another time in the right pocket of the same people. If you – like Mr. Faida – with the claim occurs, they wanted to make the Internet better and rid the world of boeser Internet advertising, then you do not go on this way, and the whole world about this detour concealed a pact with the devil one!

It is infinitely presumptuous, if not ridiculous, while one yourself by all bloggers, newspaper portals, forums, advertising agencies, advertisers, video portals and whom to call for a “clean” advertising behavior whatsoever in this web, in a roundabout way by some of the worst providers finance life is possible. After all, Mr. Faida, so that you also deny: just as the money is that you pay their bread rolls every morning for years.

Mr. Faidas “pursuit of maximum transparency” is as with Mr. Krohne even an end when it comes to the release of the company YieldKit in the “Acceptable Ads”. To “forget” Mr. Faida – yes apparently that happens to him more often – to mention that before the oh-so-transparent criteria were specially adapted . He also forgets that has turned hoechstpersoenlich in this special adaptation process of the investor Tim Schumacher and that none of the managing director was comfortable with it, the “community” transparently disclose that conflict of interest.

blogbeitrag geloeschtebsok Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing My urge to gather as much information about the people involved, was significantly affected by the recent press work Faidas, I admit. If you come in 3-day intervals for messages in which Adblock Plus protects our children from advertising, supposedly tracking the “data collector” inhibits soon be available also for Internet Explorer makes fun about the calls of the press publishers, this Views additionally blocks the ads that own (previously unverifzierbaren) celebrates download numbers, Google assumes diabolical machinations, Facebook as well (yawn), every little statistic for advertising behavior of every small institute for confirmation of their own raison d’etre approach draws .. . if you do all that, then people ask how I eventually asked if someone builts many smokescreens to hide other things.

I did not come in the course of which to occupy myself with all other Adblockern – can Mr. Faida like to catch up to me. Fact: Adblock Plus has been banned from the channel store because you a security vulnerability in the operating system Android has exploited and because other developers have complained about the intervention in their own apps. Which was uebertoent both Adblock Plus and the investor Tim Schumacher in more than polemic (“Do not be evil”) and this fact deserves clarification. I have delivered. Polemically? Yes. Because even I could learn something from you!

Adblock Plus Ads are history Quelle Adblock Plus 605×223 Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing

To Mr. Faidas rudimentary knowledge on the functioning of YieldKit I’ve already extensively opposite opinion Mr. Krohne. The “smooth lie about” that is attributed to me here by Till Faida, even spread of YieldKit exactly that. YieldKit applying the supposed “feature” of rewriting existing affiliate links even with the lure of the much better conditions, which thereby can supposedly achieve!
And whether YieldKit 25% of the advertising revenue for the “long tail” taken or whether Adblock Plus in sales negotiations actively serving the activation of companies in the whitelist, it remains the same facts. The combination of Blacklist and Whitelist to Adblock Plus is pushing between each site – whether “good” or “evil” – and their visitors and tries to get a piece of the advertising pie.

Joerg slide puts it in the German magazine night of 29 June said: “No one has asked him [Adblock Plus] so that the users have not requested it, the surf, and the site owners have not asked him.”.

Mr. Faida more selective going on when it comes to the explanation of the typo-correction features in Adblock Plus. From the striving for maximum transparency is nothing to remember namely also in this element in Adblock Plus. The user of the add-ons, this is touted as a safety feature against malware infested sites from automatically angehaengten partner IDs and a commission payment to Adblock Plus is nothing to see in the software.
At the same time Mr. Faida forget – or he does not know better or do not want to publicize it – that there unnoticed by the user will be overwritten each click on an Amazon link in the last 24 hours. So would anyone actually a cherished forums happy with a click advertising during the day lying back, so this beforehand otherwise associated information are attributed only to the address of the Eyeo GmbH manipulation and transfer by Adblock Plus. The system is called “load cookie wins”, Mr. Krohne there certainly can provide further information. Clickjacking is called also.

That being said: is mainly affected by the Amazon description. There is no advertising service for the company – Adblock Plus displayed the advertisements Amazon even on all sides. There is no conscious clicking on an Amazon link and this violates mW against each partner agreement concluded with Amazon Adblock Plus!

Now I do not know exactly whether I should feel flattered when I “outrageous” allegations and outright lies accuses a professional Internet Scam-containing double-and triple-identity syndrome. But I’m thinking about it, I promise!


Both Mr. Faida and Mr. Palant showed even in the last two days very peeved about it, that someone so busy detail the individuals in this opaque network. Both be said: we all-as a blogger and as journalists – stand for with our real names every word that we have ever written. We are not just “marketeers”, even if companies like YieldKit’d like. We are not satisfied with an associated infected twenties to distribute your press garbage. We network with each other and we are honest with each other about – disgusting, right? And we are just like any Vertuscher Mr. Krohne who thinks everyone on the internet is possible to be fobbed off with a press release, because even for investigative reporting ‘is not there any more money anyway. For a good screen capture program, the money still not enough, Oli.

We stick – unlike her – for not smarter than the rest of the world. Just ‘think over it, Mr. Schumacher, Mr. Krohne, Mr. Palant, Mr. Faida / van Dijk and all’ the others out there who still think they have time to get us the big Gravy Train, in which they interest to our readers and round lead at the user’s own nose.
In a very crucial point and I are Till Faida but at a wave length: me also drives the “pursuit of maximum transparency” to.

Then again why my final questions:

Who are your investors?
Whose and thus inevitably drive with the manner in which we earned money as your transparent “non-profit open source project” funded in all areas?
Does the money in the war chest now bulging from companies and investment holdings that elsewhere “evil” Blinkebanner switch and so you drive the user into the open arms – or not?

Where the clear just yet. Then we can contact the remaining kindergarten level (quote Wladimir Palant) like to save time and see where that leads us.
Take transparent and highly active community

The Lords of Adblock Plus lay for years in the same record again and again and talk of the highly active and transparent community. Well, then let’s look at it once, and leave time to talk numbers!

Adblock Plus Forum 605×180 Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing

Well since going from the punk. With 50 million users, the Forum has thus nearly over 27 000 members. That’s almost as would the FC Schalke 04, with its 119 000 members lead by its Annual General Meeting on 5 present or the next federal election has a turnout of o.o5%!

However, we focus equally on the forum for the whitelist activation:

Adblock Plus Forum 2 605×44 Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing

101 topics and 283 posts fabulous! Mind you, we’re talking about the most successful browser plug with 200 million downloads and 50 million active users!

Adblock Plus Forum 3 605×432 Adblock Plus Reloaded Fake Community, Intransparenz und Guerilla Marketing

Those who are now wondering why because there are so few “community” members discuss … These are not users like you and me, these are the Adblock Plus makers and their employees. Completely transparent here nachlesbar:

Dear Mr. Faida, whom would you still doing here at all with this fake sell for stupid?

Ok, keyword Fake … since then I have one more thing:
Cthuliox, Rutger van Dijk and Till Faida

Even with reddit, the popular social news aggregator, reporting to Adblock Plus is being discussed controversially . reddit offers the creators of Adblock Plus at the same time an excellent example for the way a real community can function as a control instance.

With reddit there with “HailCorporate” a specially designated area, will be revealed in the stealth marketing activities of a company on the platform. Report strangest and questionable user accounts that are placed by PR and advertising ambassadors a company under the stealth of a supposedly objective, neutral visitor on the platform.

There is now a user named Cthuliox on the radar screen advised that for several months always speaks up when it needs repairs, once again, to jump into the breach for Adblock Plus.

Cthuliox pretends to be a normal, independent Internet users and announced after many positive statements about Adblock Plus:

“I do believe did ABP is one of the best things did happened to the internet. Maybe They are not a perfect in every way, but, They do offer me a completely different internet for the load-years. ”

Soso, They, me …

We make it short: in Cthuliox is not a neutral user of the platform, but to the managing Till Faida hoechstpersoenlich! He again uses a disguise identity to the already also on reddit, with its pseudo-blogs, and chrome-plugins-org so successfully applied principle of subversive advertising message placed to exploit.

Under Mr. Faida has another, also camouflaged Twitter account and called there “Rutger van Dijk”. With the selbstgewaehlten slogan “open source. Privacy. Geek. “Mr. Faida twitters there like yourself and to send (@ AdblockPlus) and others in regular distances positive messages and images to your own product.

But now it will finally be retired (un) funny. Mr. Faida seems his own second-existence, to have his alter ego “Rutger van Dijk” become so internalized that the limited space on reddit Twitter and more large not sufficient for such a strong personality. Because:

“Rutger van Dijk is an open-source enthusiast. Loves to write about Google Chrome, Chrome Web Store, Chromium and Adblock Plus. Owns and writes for ”

With this self-glorifying description placed Rutger van Dijk aka Till Faida – because only the domain belongs to the well known – as a guest article camouflaged applicable amounts on foreign blogs!

Examples Anything else?

Date of Article: May and June 2013. Presumably (hopefully!) did not even know the infected blogger, with whom they had to do it because in reality. To put it bluntly, these items are pure PR and marketing ramblings disguised as objective, helpful instructions, under an assumed name on other blogs to the obfuscation of the actually relationship with the beneficiaries in business. Traffic and Backlink dirt, specially prepared for the important U.S. market. These items are exactly what our Lord Faida been so impressive on its own, supposedly (quote Wladimir Palant, Till Faida quote) “forgotten” domains and has demonstrated: Fake, Scam, bullshit!

For the record again:

THIS is Till Faidas understanding of clean, honest advertising. So the man with a raised index finger gigs around for three years now through world history and want to show bloggers and journalists works, what it should look kindly advertising.
This is the man who now laments ” They want to drag us through the mud “- ne boy, since you already sitting up to my neck in it and apparently feel fit as a fiddle.

If all of us to Till Faidas idea of ​​clean advertising take us an example, then we present the visitors soon so just faked reviews and praise of Products that we dictate the marketing departments of companies and processed into finished virtual Postkoerbchen.
Ideally located in a few keywords which are then “unremarkable” and “non-interfering” can monetize over YieldKit. The actual advertising message, the promotional value is conveyed in the text, it notices something without the Till in Faidas eyes seem in principle deppige readers. Product Placement on flood network. If you’re a blogger particularly fond of, you get the product placement for a few cents, as may blitz itself acquired advertising and nothing more you can earn.
The principle will in future also wonderfully expand to videos or complete TV contributions – Red Bull journalism for all, anytime, anywhere. My contribution to the current Adblock Plus Video Contest would be then so hereby Sponsored Content Pretty Fucking Awesome !

Maybe we Faida Mr. or Mr van Dijk should activate on mobile geeks a guest blogger account, which would simplify many things and soon we were a part of the “completely different internet”, the Lord Faida so excited.

How waer’s? And hey, the Blinkebanner’re gone, all is well.

PS As a bonus, I have a sensational blog post by Till Faida showing now that he has so pure marketing perspective on it. He invents times equal to the # Pallengate and hopes to shoot with a slightly getuneten press release a little in the social networks. Till, let’s finally time since the specialist of it and Take care of your other identities in the network (namely because we have unearthed more)


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