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AirBolt is to re-design and the invention of the small lock that we use in bags our travel, intelligent to make it fits with our modern life and technology, and brings features beyond basic lock bag and his job, the more information the Arab gate technology news, talking to large Sidhu Kabir Sidhu, founder AirBolt company, to tell us for his product and his company and his experience with entrepreneurship.
Story AirBolt
Sidhu great founder AirBolt
Sidhu great founder AirBolt

Story AirBolt began the suffering of the “big” in one of his trips to the United States, after a long journey took more than 15 hours, arrived at the hotel room and finally wanted to take some rest after the fatigue of travel, and when he tried to open his traveling bag was unable to do so. Tried repeatedly to enter the PIN number but his attempts were unsuccessful, and with that record PIN number on his cell, but this PIN number simply does not work, and being in the country visited the first time, nor friends or neighbors has, it can borrow pliers to cut the lock mates, and it does not want to tear bag also destroy, what was it, however, spent more than 45 minutes is experimenting with the possible numbers to be able to open the lock, but this led him to think that there must be better to lock and unlock the bags method instead of the old way miserable, but when his research did not find anything, then he decided to “big” to solve the problem by himself and invent new lock AirBolt.

AirBolt is an intelligent lock can be locked and opened by the application from your phone, as well as programmed, and has many features such as locating the bag, alert in case you forget the bag or moving away from you or stolen.

“Substantial” work more than a year and a half to reach Maousel him now, he has a strong team and all of it his experience and his ideas, who are from different cultures and ages.

Unlike the rest of the entrepreneurs who have Balkaihm, he founded the “big” his company alone, and did not work with the founder of another partner, he says, “big” that the co-founder selection process must be done wisely, and must be taken into consideration how this dynamic person and has the same The future vision for the project, was his decision to establish himself and his company brings together around innovative thinking and has a creative team, he has a vision for the company and previous experiments, he found that the presence of partners may distract the attention and the road towards the target.

Financing AirBolt way through austerity Bootstrapping, where that “big” was financed by the company of his work in full time as an employee, as well as from some of the deals carried out by, so he collects all of that and invest in the establishment of the company, after all the long hours, the sleepless nights, the the result is satisfactory for him.

After the initial design of the form, AirBolt launched a campaign to Kikestertr platform for collective financing, and was able to collect more than 133 thousand dollars from more than a thousand supportive, and the goal of the campaign was only 50 thousand US dollars.
AirBolt Features

Lock and unlock the lock wirelessly.
Trace place.
Reserve button to open the lock physically.
Used by the Transportation Security Administration TSA allowed.
Alert in case of staying away from it Proximity alert.
Alarm clock.
Advanced security features.
Control privacy.
Add custom features.
Support Android devices and iOS.

AirBolt Features
AirBolt Features
AirBolt specifications

Measuring 55mmX16mm.
Weight 60g.
Textured zinc plated.
Metal rope made of stainless steel.
LED light.
Li-ion rechargeable battery.
Battery up to a year old.
Shipping via microUSB.
Generation Bluetooth 4.2
Compatible with Android devices and iOS.

AirBolt specifications
AirBolt specifications
Competition and market

“Substantial” says that comparing the lock AirBolt smartphone with some smart bags, which began recently show, you’ll find it in AirBolt been all this technology put this lock Alsgbr, and you can close anything intelligently and not just bag, and adds all of us has the bags, why should we pay hundreds of dollars to buy a new bag smart, this smart-lock bag will make any smart, and will not affect your budget compared to the price of smart bags, and so it is not a little weight, your bag will remain light when traveling.

Is interested in “big” global market in general, and has also interesting market, the Middle East and North Africa, AirBolt are not yet available in retail stores, but can be ordered through the Internet, and when it is the signing of agreements distribution, will be found in retail outlets in the region.
Challenges, concerns and motivators

The fact that the working group in a small AirBolt, makes continuity and follow-up and commitment to budget a real challenge, Building a new product takes a lot of time, as well as maintaining quality, and the team should remain the status of alert and hard work all the time to stay in the lead, adds “big” they are an emerging company and a young woman, not mind working long hours, but they always do advance planning and taking precautions, to be always have enough time.

Does not hide the “big” concern of failure, and says that as a person he can not deny his fear of failure, even though everyone say that you do not have to worry about it, but it’s true for him, Anxiety is normal in humans, and you have to know how to deal with anxiety , he is worried that fails, but he knows that with all the experience of failure will become a human being is stronger than before, and know that there is a journey and adventure new front of you, and it will lead to something bigger and greater than the previous adventure, in the end you have to accept the result whatever, and to learn from them and grow with them .

What motivates “big” is that every effort being done to develop AirBolt that improves people’s lives, it could be a positive change in this world somehow happens, it will make it feel satisfaction and happiness. When doing what you love and help people be sure that the path taken by It is the right track, and that’s what makes you happy and full of you is a challenge to offer more.
Design AirBolt
Design AirBolt
Development AirBolt
Development AirBolt
Entrepreneurs Tips
The method of selecting the team

How “great” choice for his team include detailed interviews by function, begins testing up online, then the interviews, and the thing that is looking for in the developed is devised, he loves people who love what he is doing, but they have to add something distinctive to the company, when the interview Advanced, Nphr not the person who answers the questions accurately, but the person who shows interest in participating, and naturally begins to provide ideas and suggestions, this is what attracts his interest more than skills possessed by applicant.
The role of the family

Family needed “big” some time to be convinced what he was doing, but understand the importance of the idea, and when they were able to absorb it, they became attuned and supportive to him, The family always prefer the safe path and learn the risks of entrepreneurship and Matanajh of significant resources, but “substantial” say you that you are serious convincing them and explain to them your plans, your family Westdamk, he finds himself lucky that his family was a positive role not doubting what he was doing, but they were supportive Hakiqin, and the matter was in the correct way to reach them with the idea. Reminds us “great” example to support his family, he was spending many hours of the month to work on AirBolt, in addition to the time his work day-in and his job, and when a full-time wanted more of the project AirBolt role was positive his family, and encouraged him to do so and gave him moral support to achieve his dream.

Despite the “big” belief in the importance extension, that does not have a guide at the moment, he says, if you have a person than you do a lot of experience, there is always a lot to learn from him, and his advice is to always work with people who add expertise, ideas and creativity for your company, it is founded his research on the best way to do something, then ask advice and advice, when is uncertain does not hesitate to seek help, and finds that being an entrepreneur and founder of the company, all the ideas and answers do not have to be derived from it, but must come from the team also, who have experience and expertise in different walks of life, the answer is always there if you have prepared to listen.
Workshops and events Entrepreneurship

The “big” in the presence of some workshops Entrepreneurship and found them useful to form relationships, but finds that these events in his area (Mlbroon, Australia) is not that important compared to what is happening in the United States, in terms of its ability to stimulate creativity and the development of emerging companies.
Useful tools

“Substantial” say they are in the company are using applications that help them to communicate faster and smoother, and increase productivity, and tells us that one of the tools they use are Slack, enabling them to share information among team members and create a communication line, they can work chat specific topics groups, as well as post files, and can be integrated with Dropbox Dropbox remains everything simultaneously, and in addition to Slack uses a “substantial” Dropbox and GitHub to control the application versions.
Special tips for entrepreneurs from “big”

“Never give up” This is what he says “big” has passed much of the times that he felt that he should lose hope, but somehow returned to continue in his project, and this is what he always opens his new doors, when faced with a difficult situation, try to think this situation as an opportunity to learn, and pounced on the problem, and solve it once, and when gaining skill to solve a problem, you can use this skill in the future, every problem faced make you wiser, stronger and better.

Success for “big” is something simple, it is your ability to play Balhi whom you love, and that you have a balanced life, then you can play the efforts of unusual when doing something you love, and become simply a man with the achievements of unusual, if you still are something not like maybe it’s time to change that, Scurry and explore your potential.
Explanatory video about AirBolt

More Pictures
The transfer of authority to open the lock to someone else
The transfer of authority to open the lock to someone else
Open Mtrban candy, for example, when your solution to the puzzle
Open Mtrban candy, for example, when your solution to the puzzle
Action AirBolt team
Action AirBolt team

The company’s website
Kikestertr campaign
Facebook page
Twitter account

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