AIVD: Snowden led to overreact at targets




The revelations of Edward Snowden have ensured that targets of the AIVD started to use stronger encryption. It claims the intelligence service. “Our targets are paranoid, and Snowden has not helped,” a spokesman said Thursday.

A unit head at the AIVD responded with his comment on questions about the use of end-to-end encryption. After the revelations of Snowden is the use of strong encryption and other privacy measures by persons to whom intelligence agencies to focus increased considerably. This emerged at the seminar ‘AIVD in 2020, “that the intelligence held on the occasion of his seventy existence.

“It’s an arms race,” said the department against Tweakers. When asked whether the service in favor of backdoors or other ways to weaken encryption, he will not go. Especially in the US and Britain is much discussion. “We have good encryption. We have the crème de la crème of the mathematicians and encryption experts to try anyway just to be able to get enough data. If it does not go left, but right then.” He clarified that the service thus multiple ways within the legal authority behind trying to get information on strong encryption.

According AIVD’er try the service by using strong encryption that so ‘as much as possible to work around it, but he does not clarify this. In addition, attempts services at him to stay with the latest techniques and the AIVD this young techies to. “Think of the quantum computer, which could usher in a new phase again.” The AIVD together with TU Delft research into quantum computers, appeared a year ago.

The Intelligence expects that humint, the more traditional way with people gathering of intelligence, will play a greater role. “When looking for the real intention is humint the crux. Here we expect most of it, but it will go hand in hand with technical means.”

The service sees the expansion of powers as in the proposal for the new Law on Intelligence and Security is also in the light of access to new technologies. One of the discussion points of the new powers it may undirected interception of digital communications. According to the AIVD, however, will change nothing in practice: “We never unfocused tap off, we do not even have the manpower and resources to tap unfocused.” In addition, according to the authority strictly controlled, “We are the best controlled governmental authority in the Netherlands.”


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