Alhlil: State Technical companies threaten to technical companies




It revolves currently many questions among investors in information and communications technology market, about the reality of the market and the future of the companies with which contained information about creating more state-owned companies, where currently there are three technology companies and government are expected to increase in the future to the five companies.

And it confirms investors in the market, that the current government companies offer services to its ministries, in the sense that most or all of the technical projects of the Ministry broke through in this State Technical companies, as some of these companies offer their services to other ministries.

He explained m. Abdulaziz Alhlil, expert investment in the technical market and member of the Communications and Information Technology Riyadh Chamber, that the reasons it deems investors in the sector to create a state-owned companies is to find the fastest for the award and management of technical projects the way, as the system of government is proven to be coping with the speed and quality required in the implementation of these quality projects , as well as find and attract qualified personnel because of the salary scale of government, which is difficult to attract those Arabia qualified personnel who need high salaries (the highest state of peace) and continuous training at the highest levels.

He Alhlil: “It is also of the reasons is that some projects need to do more than just implement the technical project as some of them, for example, needs to consulting, especially in the proceedings, which may be the private sector did not prove its efficiency which, along with the great emphasis on quality, as the investment It would be great to build a technology platform The government will pay for the companies and government, “noting that the role of government technology companies is in the recruitment of personnel, project management and consulting services, but these companies have become implemented is itself such projects rug pulling from under the Saudi special technology companies, as there are two ministries are considering seriously in the establishment of state-owned companies for the same role, that is, that there will be five-governmental giants centered around almost IT budgets in the UK.

A member of the Committee on Communications and Information Technology Riyadh Chamber that government technology companies have had some positives in the market, most notably the accelerator obviously launched government ministries electronic services excellently up to the expectations of citizens and residents, but exceed, becoming Saudi Arabia, for example, is comparable in the Arab world in the field of electronic services -governmental organizations, and attract many young Saudis qualified and that has been developed significantly, where the percentage of Saudization in those companies exceeds significantly the private sector, and the most senior positions in those companies run by Saudis, as well as increase the quality of the implementation of projects in the market level where that situation not a financial priority.

Alhlil He noted that of the most negative aspects of state-owned companies first salaries of high-companies has increased the average salary qualified in the market for Saudis who make those personnel concerned with those state-owned companies because of the salary and job security, making the private sector live with himself this challenge, thereby limiting the largest market in the Saudization of the market since the jobs in more private sector, and with the increasing competition in the private sector, where share has become a top 20 technology company especially in the market to provide IT services less than a year, but that the presence of five state-owned companies will increase significantly this competition, but the private sector is currently felt by the three existing companies and that government spending is the main engine for the development of this sector, so it would be dangerous to the private sector draws the majority of large-scale projects to these state-owned companies only, which are characterized by high flexibility in baptism and changing work and payment pattern, and added that the presence of five companies will reduce the pressure on reform the obstacles that the private sector shift from growth and Saudization and the development of quality contemplative him, and the negatives as well as the killing of innovation, which is supposed to be done by the private sector and because of that some of the ideas that come out of the private sector to discuss with those government agencies implemented these government entities is Back Her idea to those of private companies.

With regard to solutions Alhlil explained they need to be extensively studied, but in principle a number of solutions and ideas which introduced the reform of the government procurement projects technical system to cope with the flexibility and the required payment on time, it may also be some government technology companies to convert to joint stock companies will develop the technical sector in year, and it solves the problem of competition and serious existential to those state-owned companies in the future, to identify the functions of those companies to purchase from Saudi companies and not from a global supplier directly in addition to overseeing the projects, and to identify a certain percentage contracted with the private sector directly, especially medium and small companies, and help small and medium sized companies to merge to be able to compete and create a program focusing on the development of the private sector and in particular quality in the implementation of projects, in addition to enlighten the private sector, especially the executive heads of the human resources fund programs and create their own program if at least progress.

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