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You must be previously heard about the application of mobile phone snapchat , which allows users to send video clips and images, which are destroying themselves self after a few seconds.

The application snapchat application messaging to share and participate moments, so that allows the user to take a picture or video and add a comment or anything that wants it, and send it to a friend or add it to its own story to share with some or all friends, so friends can see them for a specified period of up maximum ten seconds and then disappear.

With the spread of the application spread among users question the reason for confusion about the usefulness of them use messaging application that sends images or short video clips to friends and they can not save them.

In fact there is a possibility to save photos and videos sent via snapchat application, and the application contains a lot of things that are beyond what the eye you see at first glance.

If you want to know everything about snapchat and how it works Read on and you will quickly realize that more than just the application of the teenagers using it.
What is snapchat?

The snapchat application messaging to share photos and videos, was launched in 2011, and has applied snapchat unique feature is the possibility of the picture display or video clip briefly before disappearing forever.

Although the snapshot does not remain permanently present, where the application is hidden automatically after a period of time, but the user can do to take a snapshot picture of the screen to save what was sent.

The number of active users per day in the application snapchat about 100 million active users from all over the world, and the reports have pointed to the application users send about 700 million image / video per day, as of the month of May 2014.

The spread reports that display Facebook company $ 3 billion for the acquisition of the application, and that due to the large popularity given to the, to the later one of the founders of the application to reject the deal and the money, prompting Facebook later to launch an application similar as the Slingshot.
Maine uses snapchat?

Although the application is directed primarily to teenagers and adults, but it is used by all ages, according to several research companies, where reports have indicated that the majority of users snapchat are under the age of 34 years.

The figures indicate that the proportion of users of ages between 18 and 24 years of about 45%.
The proportion of users between the ages of 25 and 34 is about 26%.
The proportion of users between ages 35 and 44 is about 13%.
The proportion of users between ages 45 and 54 is about 10%.
While the percentage of users ages 55 to 64 about 6%.

Application and acquire new users every day, as he has a different population structures, where studies have shown the video application users Vine or so-called Viners name using special story Psonab chat feature as another way to communicate with followers.

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