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Talagram is a free application messaging, partly open source, it runs on multiple platforms, and focuses on the speed and privacy and security point of view. And Talagram users can exchange messages safely with high encryption including photos, videos and documents from any kind of potential, the participation of all the application file formats and supports almost.

Talagram officially available on Android and iOS and Windows Phone, including phones and tablets, and is also available on other operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh and Linux, and works p web copy by browsers, allowing the user to use the various devices and platforms at the same time, and the The application synchronizes messages seamlessly between any device and another from user devices.

Talagram and does the same functions of any other messaging programs such as Watts and Wayne August, was the first version of the system iOS Talagram to launch on August 14, 2013, was launched the alpha version of the Android system on October 20, 2013.
Who is behind the application Talagram?

Was established Talagram in 2013 by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel Woodruff Russians and two founders of the site VK, which is Russia’s largest social network, Talagram is an independent company and nothing to do with Russia or network VK, and the company is headquartered in the German capital Berlin.

Talagram and is considered a non-commercial project nor reap financial income and not used propaganda and subscriptions fees and does not accept foreign investment, which is not for sale. He pointed to the developers Talagram they do not they build a user base but build messaging system for people.
Talagram privacy and the advantages and security and encryption

Nikolai with the participation of the team of six specialists holds three of them Russian doctoral degree in mathematics and encryption design a new protocol for special application called MTProto. And it combines the high encryption protocol that uses encryption algorithms AES type of length 256-bit encryption and RSA 2048 key exchange and type of Diffile-Hellman, and the encrypted data transfer speed and stability in performance. The design of this Protocol took a period of two years until it was adopted, as it is open source and can be accessed and read the details via the following link here.

The math team in Talagram asking openly challenging year for each of the messages can break or application-specific protection to encrypt the application shall inform about it with developers validate his words and get $ 300,000 thousand dollars.
Talagram and audio and video calls

Currently it focuses Talagram to communicate through written messages, share files and images the best possible way, and does not provide voice calls or video calls service yet. While many experts and analysts believe that the provision of Video, and audio calls would be a fatal blow to all competitors led by Watts in August, because it overcomes all rivals in terms of security, encryption and privacy.
Advantages of Talagram unprecedented detail to share pictures and files

Depends Talagram on cloud services and is encrypted fully, and uses servers distributed all over the world, so they can access messages from different devices at the same time, also can post an unlimited number of images, sound clips, video, and files from any doc type or zip or mp3 The size of up to 1.5 GB.

Talagram offers two options to communicate either by well-known and existing user has the contacts and have his phone number and use the application or by selecting a user name in the account so that the user can Contacted people across only the account name without their knowledge for his phone number, which allows the user to the attention of all aspects of its needs that was personal or through a commercial application-specific messages.
Talagram suitable for all users even for teams

The application Talagram suitable for the collection of people who want to send messages quickly and reliably, and the business can use small teams and large groups feature and use an application Talagram for the desktop, which has a strong choice in terms of file sharing.

Offers Talagram the possibility of creating groups that can accommodate 200 users, these groups has many advantages such as the ability to respond to a particular person in the group or refer to a specific person in addition to the presence of Alhastajat feature which helps to keep the orders and follow-up communication in large groups with high efficiency.

Talagram also supports the broadcast feature that allows you to send the same message to the number of 100 users of the contacts at one time and differently from the groups so that it can be sent to a group of contacts to the user and without that there is knowledge among those recipients, and will look like the letter unusual message from the user, and the user can establishment of a number of regulations to broadcast messages and to identify recipients and can be reused to broadcast different messages to the same groups again without re-established and identified.
Talagram offers broadcast channels feature messages to an unlimited number of audience

Channels feature is a new tool to broadcast messages to a large number of unlimited joint public channel, and can be used instead of lists of old broadcasts, offering the possibility to contain messages on the links hyperlinks URL, with a special counter for each message sent within the channel to see how many views, and users can join to know what channel and watch all that has been previously broadcast since its inception to the date they join them as soon as they join.
Talagram photographs

Users of Talagram image with the participation of 35 million and this number is increasing every hour and a way of comparison, the application of Anstagram users are doing with the participation of 70 million images per day, and offers application Talagram great potential to enjoy the experience of images and edit them.

Talagram offers a special search engine Animated Gif of quality as image-editing platform is a technician and an open platform posters, where users easily search the internet for motion pictures and send them to friends can.

This can be done by opening the attachment list of the exhibition Gallery where there engines search within Tbooiban one for the Web Search Web search engine Gif to search for motion pictures Search GIF, application and saves the animation and regular images of the user, allowing him to re-send it again.

It offers Images Editor application allows cut the pictures and recycling and improve the color and light before it is sent to friends, in addition to the possibility of using color familiar controls within Photoshop software such as brightness, contrast, sharpness and saturation and highlight and Blur, clarity, and many others.

Instant secret (encrypted) and more privacy with Talagram

Application offers more privacy through secret chats located within the self-destructing Talagram, including from the talks, photographs and video, and no one read these messages can only user and the future only, and no one can decrypt including Talagram company itself.

When you have created a secret conversation is the exchange of encryption keys between the participating devices, after the establishment of the conversation secret the application creates an image showing the encryption key, you can use this image and match them with the other device, if matched the two images can be sure that the conversation confidential and secure and can not be any one of the intervention.

When a user deletes messages has also deleted the application at the receiver, and can specify the duration of Zminh to destroy sent messages, photos, videos after reading it before or after the recipient opens to disappear after messages from both devices at the user and the future.

The application also alerts the user in the event of the future by taking a picture of the screen, a well can be re-conversion of secret messages to a third person, it is not saved on your company’s servers, and can not enter except perhaps from the original device, which it began the conversation.

And submit the application of additional security capabilities of the people through a password for the application mode so that increases the privacy and confidentiality, where the application can by pin code consists of four numbers or a word longer passage lock, can be used passwords to encrypt the local database in case of theft of the phone.

Nor can be accessed within the application without entering the passcode, and, if the application is lock the application notices of new incoming messages or the sender’s name is to keep hidden information from prying eyes content will not show up, and can be manually application lock through talks or to activate the automatic lock screen so The application lock after a specified period of inactivity.

And allows the application the user to choose who can see his last appearance through the privacy and security settings, and will not be a user can watch another appearance of the people who chose not to see his last appearance, but he will see another approximate receive them, this application reduces the use negatively this property, as You can see if the person to be available in the correspondence Talagram or not by the following four options:

Last appearance was close and that means the time between one second and 2-3 days
Last appearance in a week and that means 2-3 to 7 days
Last appearance during the month and that means 6-7 days to a month
Last appearance over a long period and that means more than a month and shows this option to contacts banned

The user can delete his account in full within the application by going to the page disable accounts, and includes deleting the account delete messages and groups contact points located within the application and can not undo the deletion after confirmation, as will delete all user data of the company’s systems.

The application Talagram added a new feature on November 19 2014, which is the automatic destruction of the account, where the application to delete the account, including from the talks and media, contacts, and all the data stored in the application servers in case the user has to stop using Talagram and has not logged in for up to 6 months, and the time period can be changed through the settings.


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