Allowance for aliens: how to take over Earth?




Allowance for aliens: how to take over Earth?


Insidious aliens of science fiction have tried many times to break the human race, from “War of the Worlds” and ending with the recently released film “Oblivion” . However aliens permanently break off teeth, probably due to the fact that the very nature do not just test us, trying to kill one way or another.

Before you eight ways to capture the natural earth that can surpass the best plans Martians.



In the classic scenario, aliens attack, they try to suppress the power of the earthlings enormous forces, as in the movie “Independence Day.” Sometimes they involve nightmarish creatures for its dirty work, like in the movie “Prometheus”.

In the real world regularly invaders attack Earth. Invasive species devastate many terrestrial ecosystems and cost billions of dollars of agricultural infrastructure.

But in the nature of an insect found the antidote: a great many birds turned invaders in their starters. People are, to some extent, do invade another’s ecosystem, hunting wild pigs, lion fish and Burmese pythons. And then eat them.
Excretion of technology failure

Вспышка на солнце

Alien Klaatu and Gort guests from the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” in 1951 deprived the earthlings to use electronic devices, thus bound hand military forces seeking to restore the balance of power in the world.

Sun has thrown out the same trick March 13, 1989, when the star storm triggered flash in the sun that broke the power transmission to the hydroelectric Quebec in Canada. 6 million people were left without light and in darkness for 9 hours, according to the NASA.

Even stronger solar storm erupted in 1859, breaking telegraph systems around the world, operators of electric shock and burning telegraph paper.
Mind Control


Brain slugs from “Futurama” and people “Invasion Body Snatchers” – a vivid example of how you can use mind control. Hijacking of the human brain will allow beings on the other side of the moon to carry out their dirty intentions.

Owners of cats are sometimes afraid that they are pawns in the plans of their pets for world domination. The most interesting is that the cat does have slop parasitic organism that can control the mind. The parasite Toxoplasma gondii captures the rat brain, causing them to sexually excited by the smell of cat urine, which is why they are becoming easier to eat. And as soon as the rat gets into a cat, the life cycle of the parasite continues.

People infected with the parasite, also exhibit strange behavior. The study, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, found that women who wear toxoplasmosis, one and a half times more likely to have attempted suicide.
Frozen planet

Фестиваль снега

In the movie “Twelve to the Moon” in 1960 the aliens have decided that people are a threat, and froze the planet. Subsequently, however, it was noted that the weather did not confuse people even in the Midwest.

Two words that should memorize any alien, I believe that he will be able to freeze the homo sapiens: the Ice Age.

Humans evolved as nature threw snowballs at us during the ice age. At present, we have quite a lively outpost in the frozen deserts of Antarctica. In addition, the well-known people seals that thrive in the icy lakes. If the planet is frozen, people can do a festival like the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival in China.
Forging a person

Индейцы имитируют быков

The aliens take human form in order to deceive the people and to seize power in the film “They are alive», «V» and an episode of “The Simpsons” in honor of Halloween.

Attempts to gain an evolutionary advantage by creating a deceptive copy of our planet taken over the centuries. Animals use mimicry to fool the other for a chance at survival. People use camouflage to pry the animals getting into their skins. Plains Indians disguised as bison, as in the image above: “The Indians mimic bull” Fredrick Remington.
Blow up the Earth


Vaughan destroy Earth to make way for a hyperspace transition in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” Douglas Adams. It was not so much to win as construction.

Do not panic. The real threat from outer space – asteroids and comets – bombarded the Earth for billions of years. But leaving only the scars and trophies .

Some scientists suggest that life originated on Earth, thanks to the cosmos brought from the depths of space debris. Chemists have even modeled the conditions of deep space and found that the chain of amino acids necessary for the formation of life, it could have arisen on the space dump ice.
Kidnap Santa Claus

Таяние льдов

The aliens wanted to bring the spirit of Christmas on Mars, stealing Kris Kringle in the film “Santa Claus conquers the Martians.”

Old Saint Nicholas may well fear the Martian scum. Climate change is melting Arctic expanse set aside for Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. But even with the melting Arctic Santa has enough time to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls.

From January to March 2013 in the Arctic sea ice is a crack that is thinned and weakened as the heating of the planet. March 15 Arctic ice has reached the maximum limit, but it was the weakest in its history.
Eat people

14-year-old girl eaten. Reconstruction of the head.

In one of the episodes of “The Twilight Zone” aliens arrive on Earth, proclaiming that they want to serve mankind (to serve). However, people are realizing too late that the word to serve multiple values. Including “serving food.”

Aliens are not able to feed us if we eat ourselves first. Cannibalism is common in nature, and it will confirm anyone who saw the mouse eats its own children. However, people cannibalism occurs infrequently. In New Guinea cannibalism was once the norm. Other Aboriginal people resorted to cannibalism in emergency situations. In the “lean years” in the Jamestown colony in Virginia settlers ate a 14-year-old girl. In lean years, cases of cannibalism in Russia was the sea.
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