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Amazon-alexa Amazon Echo and Echo Dot to sneak into Germany, those interested should probably soon have the appropriate invitation or the devices in the mailbox. Here in Germany, Amazon Echo does not start immediately for everyone, Amazon wants to scale – in addition, there is always the point “German language, heavy language” to consider. Ahead of invitations Amazon now has the appropriate pages updated and apps for Android and iOS. So the user finds here useful about Alexa on the sides. Alexa, soon on a light version Fire TV to find the generation 2015, can be adjusted to the effect on the website that the Fire TV Listen for the weather knows where he is – and what temperature units he used to .

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Any other service via the Fire TV is also visible, for example the area of ​​music. In the end, only a few visitors will be able to see the page in the browser, so you can control everything via the app – this forms the website 1: 1. Also the apps has already adapted Amazon and made available to German users.

In addition to the settings described above, you can find examples of questions that can be asked about Alexa – both on the website and in the app – and which she answers in the best case. These questions I have included here in the blog. A detailed test of Amazon echo you can read in the near future here in the blog. I’ll watch and see if it is a useful for me the device exactly Smarthome ‘s gadget. While Amazon Dash buttons are not interesting for me – but for colleagues Ostermaier – Echo’s already a different house number.
Amazon Alexa

Here are a few examples of things you can say to Alexa.

Alexa, why is the sky blue?

Alexa, what is Mount Everest?

Alexa, what is the capital of [country]?

Alexa, what was the first album of [artist]?

Alexa, what is the square root of 64?

Alexa, who is the singer of [band]?

Alexa, how far is it from here to [place]?

Alexa, what is the definition of paradox?

Alexa, what are 5 miles in kilometers?

Alexa, when is the sun going down today?

Alexa, who plays [role] in [series]?

Alexa, what is the latest movie by [actor]?

Alexa, what is the IMDb rating for [Serie]?


Alexa, when will my next date be held?

Alexa, what’s on my calendar?

Alexa, what’s going to happen on my calendar tomorrow at 9pm?

Alexa, what’s on my calendar for Saturday?

Alexa, add an appointment to my calendar.

Alexa, add “shopping” to my calendar for Saturday, February 27th at 3pm.

Play media playback on Bluetooth devices








“Separate my phone / tablet.”

“Connect my phone / tablet.”


“What’s going on?”

“Make yourself louder.”

“Please turn down the volume.”

“Volume on 4.”

“Sound off.”

“Stop the music.”



“Next song.”

“Endless play.”

“Place a sleeptimer in 30 minutes.”

“Stop the music playback in 30 minutes.”

“Finish the sleeptimer.”

“Add this song added” (during Prime Music is played).

“I like this song” (if a song or track is played from a third party / prime radio stations).

“I like this song is not” (if a song or track is played from a third party / prime radio stations).

Smart Home devices

It is always important to remember that you must present your devices with Alexa, or support them. To find the “Find my device.” Is the whole area of the skill Alexa app.

“Turn on the light in the hallway.”

“Dim the light in the living room to 20%.”

“Turn on the coffee machine.”

“Turn the fan to 75%.”

“Use the exterior decoration.”

“Set the house temperature to 20 degrees.”

“Lower the temperature in the bedroom.”

“Switch on movie time.”

“Put energy into the living room.”

Discovering music

“What are the favorite songs from [artists]?”

“Audio samples from [artist].”

“Listen to the sound samples from [artists].”

“Search [title] of [artist].”

Get traffic information

“How is the traffic?” “How is my way to work?”

“How is the traffic situation at the moment?”

Get updates on the weather

“How is the weather?” “Will it rain tomorrow?”

“How will the weather in [place] this weekend?”

“How is the weather in [place]?”

“What is the extended prediction for [place]?”

“Will it snow on Monday?”

listen to the news

“What is my update?”

“What’s in the news?”

“What’s new?”





Supported leagues:

World Championship Football
EPL – English Premier League
ATP Challenger Tour Tennis
ATP Challenger Tour Tennis
NBA – National Basketball Association
NCAA Basketball Men’s National Collegiate Athletic Association
NCAA FBS Football – National Collegiate Athletic Association: Football Bowl Subdivision
NFL – National Football League
NHL – National Hockey League
WNBA – Women’s National Basketball Association

“What is the score of [name of the team]?”

“What about [event] game?”

“When will [team] play next?”

“Has [team] won?”

“Who won the [team or event] game?”

“How was the score on the [team or event] game?”

“When is the next game of [team]?”

“What is the status of [team]?”

Tasks and ToDo

“What is on my shopping list / to-do list?”

“Add butter to the shopping list.”

“Put oil on my to-do list.”

Listen to the audio books

“Read [title].”

“Play off [Bay Titles].”

“Play the Audiobook [title].”

“[Title] on Audible play.”


“Continue my audio book.”

“Go forward / back.”

“Next / Previous chapter.”

“Go to Chapter 2.”


“Place a sleeptimer in 30 minutes.”

“Listen in 30 minutes to read the book.”

“Finish the sleeptimer.”

Music on PrimeMusic

“Play some Prime Music.”

“Play some Prime Music to relax.”

“Play Prime Music for dancing.”

“Play music from [artist].”

“Play the Playlist [titles].”

“Add this song.”

“Games [Artist] on Prime Music.”

“Games [titles] from [artist].”

“Play Jazz from Prime Music.”

“Play the [Name] sender on Prime.”

“Play the [Artist] station on Prime.”

Radios and serials

“Play a Coldplay station from [Third Party Music].”

“Play the show [title].”

“Games, Jazz” from Spotify. ”

“Play the station [title].”

“Play Radio One on TuneIn.”


“Order [product name].”

“Order [product name].”

“Retype [product name] again.”

“Add coffee filters added to my cart.” (Adds an option to your shopping cart on the Amazon website added)

“Track my order.”

Alarm clock and timer

“Wake me up at six in the morning.”

“Set the alarm clock to 7:30.”

“Set the weekend alarm clock to 9:00.”

“Set a repeating alarm clock for Tuesday at 16:00.”

“Set the timer to 10 minutes.”

“How much time is left in my timer?”

“What time is it?”

“What is the date?”

“What time is my alarm set?”

“Clear the alarm clock for 7:30 am.”

“Delete my alarm clock for Sunday.”

“What alarms are set for tomorrow?”

“What timers are set?”

“Stop.” (When your alarm clock or timer notifies)

“Snooze.” (When your alarm clock wakes you up)

“Delete the timer for 10 minutes.” (If you have set up multiple timers)

Switch between profiles

Hey – you are not in the single household? Goes also

“Change the accounts.”

“What is the profile?”

Always usable


“Volume up to 6.” (0-10)

“Sound off.”

“Sound on.”

“To repeat.”


“Get louder.”

“Please turn down the volume.”



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