AMD 990FX will not new chip succeed, overall pace of slowdown or only APU cope 2013




AMD 990FX will not new chip succeed, the overall pace of slowdown or the only APU cope 2013
AMD news processor graphics card

Would like to see the new GPU products really have to wait until 2014.

Previously, we reported that AMD APU products will launch this year signed a handful of aces , as well as sad than AMD in 2013 will continue to use the HD 7000 series products as graphics related main message.

Before we obtain a complete AMD ROADMAP contains desktop CPU, GPU, Chipset, and platform supporting planning point of view, from the roadmap confirms previous message is correct, also indirectly confirmed by AMD in 2013 indeed slowed down the pace of the graphics products progress seems to be sad AMD graphics control they expect there will be a new performance level.

The first is the AMD platform planning in the next two years on the desktop market, is basically the same as divided into the the Enthusiast (fanaticism), Mainstream (mainstream) and Essential (entry) and third-order.

Composed of fanatical level platform Volan will Vishera processor 900 series chipset, and HD 7000 series graphics card, which will run through 2013-14 Enthusiast platform this time only solution, but aside Vishera processor aside, 900 series chipset has been quite a long time did not update, it is also on the general performance, and expansion conditions, the addition of this platform AMD graphics card with only stopped at the HD 7000 Series and the 2014 did not quite have the opportunity to see a new generation of AMD products under this looked set already can determine one has longer the concern of mood, intended for direct Put push The center of gravity moved to the Mainstream.

Mainstream platform relatively active, in addition to this year’s upcoming Richland platform, intends to launch in 2014, the Kaveri platform. Outside the the Richland platform of information we’ve reported a lot of elements contains Richland APU, FCH, you can also see independent HD 8000 series graphics cards, but the 2014 the Kaveri platform planning, part of the display card specified in the “Sea Islands Graphics . ” This seems should permit the HD 8000 products we see next, it is most probably Rebrand, or still using the present the GCN architecture of the GPU as a basis.

Integration of the news reports in the past , and we will later mentioned GPU Roadmap, can be used as evidence in 2013, AMD to give us a fresh GPU is probably some difficulty.




GPU part, you can see the most current GCN architecture is HD 7000 series as the flagship include fanatical to mainstream this block, entry-level is quite historical, Northern Islands family Ciacos GPU replacement.

More interesting is that the red block, red block some representatives of the “Sea Islands” family, with our understanding of the end of 2013 there will be the first of a Sea Islands family members is “Oland”, can be seen below located in the Cape Verde . However, one planning cf 2014, AMD marked in red block on Next GEN GPU, which represents the framework is actually used by the Oland, can almost predict the GCN, control Oland and above feature list compared with each other can also be confirmed this point.

This situation and before the Northern Islands family publishing situation quite similar, then by Northern Islands series released the first wave of Barts (HD 6850/6870) the same is also using the older ones VLIW5 architecture, to the high-end Cayman the GPU (HD 6950/6970 ) began to use new VLIW4 architecture.


Can determine, AMD will be released in early April, the code Bonaire XT Radeon HD 7790, Radeon HD 7700 Series Adds new combat capability, and we have previously obtained information that this card will be handed over to the first-line, such as PowerColor and Sapphire AIB The partners released, However, there is another message is stressed that this card will be simultaneously launched by various partners. How, the answer should soon be announced.


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