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AMD has seized various points in the first quarter of this year to announce its latest processors. The new processors are partly accelerated processing units, known as APUs, and partly traditional processors without graphic cores so. Thus, the company APUs for the FM2 + -socket, CPU for the same socket and CPU’s released from the FX series for the AM3 + -socket. Some of these processors comes this year with a new cooler, which we have already tested the Wraith variant. Moreover, the new processors relative, because it is not in any of the cases to new architecture, but existing processor cores, with only tweaks in the TDP and clock speeds.

AMD Wraith cooler The first processor that AMD released the new Wraith cooler, the FX8370 was. The A10-7890K same cooler followed in March. The same cooler but without plastic shroud, comes with the A10-7870K and the Athlon 880K introduced in April. To keep it simple, moreover, AMD released three processors with a silent cooler, but not of 125W, such as Wraith- and secondary coolers, but of 95W. The three processors consist of two Athlons X4, the 860K and 870K, and the APU A10-7860K. Finally, it was also the Athlon X4 845 cast: the cheapest, but as we shall see, actually the most interesting of the bunch.

A10-7860K which we benchmarked; The APU is in fact not for nothing comes with a 95W-cooler. He has been given a lower TDP than the 7850K, which, however, has a higher 100MHz base clock, but the same turbo speed. For the sake of clarity, we put the cast and in this review tested processors in the table below:

processor TDP cooler Architecture cores Kloks gpu Introduction Tested?
FX8370 125W 125W Wraith 32nm Piledriver Piledriver 4GHz – 4,3GHz no september 2014 Yes
A10-7890K 95W 125W Wraith * 28nm Steamroller Godavari 4,1GHz – 4,3GHz 512x R7 (866MHz) March 2016 No
A10-7860K 65W 95W Low-noise 28nm Steamroller Godavari 3,6GHz – 4GHz 512x R7 (757MHz) February 2016 Yes
A10-7850K 95W D3 28nm Steamroller Kaveri 3,7GHz – 4GHz 512x R7 (720MHz) January 2014 Yes
Athlon 880K 95W 125W Wraith * 28nm Steamroller Godavari 4GHz – 4,3GHz no March 2016 Yes
Athlon 870K 95W 125W Wraith * 28nm Steamroller Godavari 3,9GHz – 4,1GHz no March 2016 No
Athlon 860K 95W 125W Wraith * 28nm Steamroller Kaveri 3,7GHz – 4GHz no August 2014 No
Athlon 845 65W 95W low-noise 28nm Excavator Carrizo 3.5GHz – 3.8G no February 2016 No


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