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Current graphics cards from AMD not support all features of DirectX 12, a top executive of the company confirms to the site Computer Base. It mainly involves support for better effects. Nvidia’s 900 series has the support it on board, but also lacks features.

Across the German site Computer Base confirms AMD’s CEO that the current Radeon graphics cards do not support all features of DirectX 12. Cards from the 900 series from Nvidia does have onboard support for the functionality of the new graphics API which AMD is still missing, but those cards again miss other features. AMD lacks support for the so-called feature level 12_1. keep stabbing the Radeon cards with feature level 12_0. Level 12_1 mainly provides functions that enable better effects. The principal announced improvement of DirectX 12, the ability to control more efficient graphics hardware, is available on all graphics cards that work with DirectX 12.

DirectX 12 is divided into feature levels, levels with a prescribed number of features that should be supported hardware. The lowest level, feature level 11_0, contains with respect to the DirectX 11-api especially performance improvements. The higher levels feature 11_1 and 12_0, require support for additional performance-enhancing features. Feature level 12_1, the highest level, also requires support include Volume Tiled Resources and Conservative Grid. The first function could accelerate smoke and fluid simulations, while making Conservative Grid accurate ray-traced shadows as possible.

The highest level feature is currently only supported by Nvidia cards from the GeForce 900 series. AMD cards based on the second generation Graphics Core Next architecture, such as the 290x R9, R9 290 and R9 285 can cope with feature level 12_0. First generation GCN maps as the R9 280 and older Nvidia cards keep from stabbing the 400 series, respectively, feature level 11_1 and 11_0. The difference in support lies in lower resource limits for the older Nvidia cards; their AMD counterparts are more flexible memory addressing. The 900 series is less flexible than it GCN maps, so they may not be technically fully DirectX 12 compliant.

Soon, AMD comes with new maps, but according to rumors, a large part of which lineup from rebrands of current models. Therefore, it seems likely that a large portion of the 300 series will also do not support the highest level feature. The new top model, the R9 390X receives expected to be a newly developed chip. On the DirectX 12 features that supports the upcoming card, AMD wanted nothing lost.

Or Nvidia will gain much advantage with the full support of DirectX 12 features in his cards remains to be seen. Game developers are attempting to develop general to the widest possible audience; given the limited number of cards with full DirectX 12 support, it may not be interesting to stabbing much development time in positions that few people can use. In addition, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, both with GPUs based on a GCN-1.0 design, no hardware support onboard for features that are part of feature level 12_1. Perhaps Nvidia game developers might interest through its GameWorks program to make use of the extra functionality.

Update 15:59: Following a post in CJ’s Radeon Info New Discussion topic, as mentioned in the comments, a qualification is made ​​that clarifies the DirectX 12-supporting Nvidia cards.

Update 2, 18:25: Further clarification that the Nvidia cards support for missing features.


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