An open question is why there are no leaks associated with iWatch?




An open question is why there are no leaks associated with iWatch? 51



No need to be a fanatic of the company in Cupertino , to be aware of virtually all the rumors regarding the new generation iPhone. It just so happened that this information is collected and published not only specialized resources, such as ours, but also many others, not so long ago, technology is not interested at all. Just everyone realized that these topics can provide a solid flow of traffic – a sin not to use it. However, in contrast to the specialized resources, all the other often misinterpret with provided data. Someone due to lack of understanding of the topic, someone, again, just for the sake of traffic. But thematic resources sometimes do not miss an opportunity to add to your material unnecessary details “from the ceiling.”

But here’s what’s funny. New rumors about the next-generation iPhone appear almost every day. And the closer the estimated date of the premiere, the more interesting diversion. Needless to say, the best, if I may say so – photos of alleged devices. Of course, they are all made some Krivorukov owner of the phone with the terrible camera, the lens of which, by itself, smeared greasy fingers. But to see all the interesting, do not argue.

Well, we already know exactly what the new iPhone will boast with extended dimensions that will affect the diagonal screen size: it will be more. Most likely, according to the glorious tradition of the iPhone 6 will be improved camera, new processor and other updated features, which change with each new generation smartphone. Enumerate all the possible changes it makes no sense, since we do not about the details. Speech about the fact that we all know what the next iPhone. Even those who do not follow the news – and it knows it. It just so happened to such news can not hide if they wanted to.


But no one knows anything about the “smart watches” that we want to believe, too, should provide Apple. Rumors iWatch appeared not too later rumors about the new iPhone. You can even safely assume that they appeared earlier. No one will remember. But the fact remains that only a rumor that there was – this is the one that should iWatch will be born. That’s all. No details and details.

Apple, of course, very good adds fuel to the fire, making a variety of purchase. And, interestingly, shopping concern not only companies, but also people. And one and the other one way or another may be associated with the production of the best “smart clock” in the world. But the news is absolutely not add any information. For example, Apple hired a top manager of TAG Heuer . But let’s think about what can help us, in terms of presenting iWatch, a former director of sales of Swiss watches, even some of the best. Watch from Apple will be comparable in quality with the Swiss watchmaking works? Or the sale will be at iWatch Sales TAG Heuer? The latter, incidentally, is not so good, I guess. Rather, the contrary. In any case, for Apple. The only thing that somehow remotely and can be called a clue – pictures of patent applications. But even with an interference fit.


But everyone understands that ignore the topic iWatch also impossible. Subject something very interesting. It will at least bring traffic resource. Therefore, many IT-journalists (too proud title for many members of the industry, of course) try to collect all the rumors literally on grains. But nothing intelligent still does not work. As a rule, most of the material about the iWatch associated with concepts which concocted some designers or just enthusiasts. Interestingly, of course, to look at options for iWatch, but we must understand that all the concepts are too far from reality. And such is the fate of all the concepts, not only in the case of the iWatch. For example, fans of cars also had no luck in similar terms.

The result is as follows: the journalist sees and tries to come up with a concept that could contain such an absurd sample (other somehow and was not). Then everything depends on the imagination of hacks. Someone capable of great, someone on – for less. Needless to say, all the concepts are accompanied by standard features inherent in the existing “smart clock” or “smart bracelets” (or sports). Accordingly, ideally, the clock should at least be able to keep track of the distance traveled and the number of steps taken, calories burned and other physical data owners. Interesting, but not unusual, as you know.


No one has written anything unusual, nothing new and nothing unique. Of course, there were a lot of assumptions, such as those associated with the processors and other technical details. But let’s face it: they are absolutely nothing confirmed. It’s not even a rumor. Ridiculous speculation, nothing more. And many simply wishful thinking. What is also quite funny. But, again, nothing more.

Accordingly, the only possible outcome of the two events. First – hours from Apple will not do. But most likely, they still will. All comes down to. Definitions The following iWatch can be traced in all the latest action from the Cupertino company. So, the second option consists in the fact that iWatch still be presented – realistic. But there is a most important question: why was not a single leak, which was somehow linked to the “smart clock” from Apple? Why?

Even if we assume that Apple will spread the announcement of the new iPhone and iWatch at two different events that are still to come will fall, it is time to appear much more reliable rumors and leaks interesting. Try to remember, when the first rumors about the iPhone 6. It was so long ago that it seems that they have started to appear on the pages of specialized resources for the next day after the announcement of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. So why is there is nothing that would be associated with the iWatch?


All that now invent – frank delirium, do not be offended. There is absolutely no little credible rumors or leaks. And it is not clear why this is so. Confidence that the iWatch will be presented – it is, seriously. But not the main thing – even a small hint, which would confirm our expectation. Think of all the latest presentation of Apple. The network generally flowed all the news, be it a brand new iPhone or iPad, be it a minor update of some of the MacBook. We may not know all the details, but we at least guess about the possible appearance. Now we do not know anything. We do only logical reasoning, suggesting what should be iWatch default.

Is Apple decided to think about the security of their data? But if you manage to hide iWatch, then why not get to crank a similar trick with the iPhone 6? There is no desire? There are no opportunities? Or what we see – some of the new strategy? Is it possible that there are no leaks iWatch for the sole reason that they are, for example, will only be carried out the next day after the announcement, and now prototypes are available only to a small circle of old-timers Apple? If so, you should only applaud Apple: the idea failed. If there will be no leakage iWatch before the announcement – it will be something big. And, quite possibly, a trick Apple crank will never be able to. By the way, remember that a brand new Mac Pro the company from Cupertino still managed to hide from prying eyes until the premiere. Experience is available, it turns out.

But, seriously, why not leak associated with iWatch? ..


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