Android system: the most prominent events during the week




This week saw a series of important at the level of system News Android such as the detection of Google Inc., that the Galaxy S6 Edge phone suffers from 11 security hole and get a Google Notes Google Keep applying the new update to allow drawing notes, written by hand and revealed Jeona company for new smart phone Gionee Elife S Plus and the Declaration of the BlackBerry company about the availability of phone Priv officially in the United States and confirm Google Inc. that it will not integrate the Android system with Chrome OS system and for the application of Watts in August on a new update provides feature Starred Messages and the intention of Google Inc., in addition to provide and rewind the video tools for the application of YouTube

Google reveals 11 serious security gap in the Galaxy S6 Edge

Google Inc. revealed that the smartphone “Galaxy S 6 EDGE” Galaxy S6 Edge of Samsung’s Android system and the worker, suffers from 11 security vulnerability “high intensity” caused by amendments added by the company on the operating system.

Private security team the initiative “Project Zero” Project Zero own company Google, during a week of focus on the South Korean company’s phone, and explained that some of the security holes 11, can allow hackers to control the system and steal personal data.

Said Natalie Sylvanovic team of “zero draft” that has been most of these gaps reform, however, there are three low-intensity gaps remained without reform, Samsung said for its part that its security updates will address new monthly gaps.

Google Keep an application that allows the possibility of drawing notes and displayed on the main screen

Google earned observations Google Keep updated on the new application, where it became more like a traditional diary user can do through drawing and writing notes by hand.

And it can access the new feature through its own application Google Keep drop-down menu, where the user finds a new option as “adding a painting,” which is showing a blank page with three different types of pens in addition to the presence of eraser Fund and Adat that allows the user to select part of the painting, crop and transported to anywhere within the page.

The user can once you have the drawing done to save the note, as the user can later add additional graphics itself for the note, and that could be helpful in many aspects such as lectures, interviews, or in other cases the user wishes to keep a set of ideas which he painted in his hand within a single note and edited by .

Gionee unveils new smart phone Elife S Plus

Company “Jeona” Gionee unveiled a new smart phone “Jeona Aalaev S-Pulse” Gionee Elife S Plus, which is the major version of her “Jeona feed 5.1 Pro” Gionee S5.1 Pro announced by about two months ago, which came AMOLED screen measured 5 inches and accurately 720p.

Offers Elife S Plus AMOLED screen measuring 5.5 inches and accurately 1280 × 720 Kassala with a layer of protection from the type of “Gorilla Glass 3”, also offers a wizard eight type speeds of 1.3 GHz and type “Madt MTV 6753″ MediaTek MT6753, along with the graphics processor of the type ” Mali T-720 “Mali-T720.

The device also includes a random access “Ram” memory of 3 Jijaaitat, and 16 Jijaaata of internal storage space extensible, which owns 13 Rear Camera accurately Mijaksla, Front and other precision 5 Mijaxlat.

BlackBerry Priv which is running Android will be available starting from November 6

Alent BlackBerry company today Monday November 2, that phone Priv which is running Android will be officially available in the United States on November 6 by AT & T Telecom.

Users can get the device for $ 249 with the signing of a contract for two years with the same company, or can be obtained on the device without a contract for $ 700, the official price of the device when available all over the world.

And AT & T posted a video on the company calculated at YouTube to promote the new device and its features, where running Android 5 Lollipop contains a keyboard retractable to facilitate the writing process as is the case in most BlackBerry devices.

Google: Chrome Os will not be integrated with Android

Google has officially confirmed that the computers running Chrome Os Chrome OS will remain separate and will not be integrated with the Android system also noted rumors circulating in the recent period.

Said Hiroshi Lockheimer, in charge of the Chrome OS and Android in the company, he does not have any plans or intentions to withdraw Chrome or feed from the market at all, and added that Chrome or existing feed to stay.

It varies Chrome Os for Google Chrome browser that development company, Vkrom OS is a system for the operation of computers based on cloud storage, and offers a range of applications to complete the work, such as package for editing documents, and some applications watch video and play media.

A new version of Watts, the father of Android system allows to save important messages

Instant Messaging application got Watts father of Android operating system on the new update, allows users to add messages that interest them to a special tab called “special messages” Starred Messages.

It allows the new version “demo”, which carries the number 2.12.338, from the application of Watts in August by adding “star” to any message, whether it is a text message, or a picture, or a video clip, in order to facilitate for subsequent reference.

It is noteworthy that the application provides at the moment and function of the search, it is believed that it is not ideal to find a specific message, as the user finds it difficult to remember the specific words to help him in the search process, or when you search for an image or video.

Provide tools and rewind the video coming to YouTube for Android application soon

A final version of the YouTube application for Android system showed that Google royal his company will add tools to make and rewind the video, provide users with more space for control of video clips.

It seems that the aim of the new control options, which appeared in version, which holds a 10.43 figure of the YouTube application, make the process of moving forward and backward in the video is easier than the former.

It is noteworthy that users can at the moment to move to any part of the portions of the video by dragging the slider bar that appears below each video.

The released version of the application Instant Safe Signal system dedicated to Android

The communications OpenOffice insurance company Whisper Systems Open Whisper Systems for several days before issuing a copy of the application Instant Safe Signal run on the Android system, and the application was previously available only for users of iPhone.

He said yesterday Edward Snowden former contractor with the US National Agency NSA through his account on Twitter that he used Signal application on a regular basis.

The new version of the application Signal directed to the owners of the smartphone operating system Android interested in the privacy of their messages and communicate securely with iPhone users.

Google: More than 19 thousand Foundation are experimenting with Android Business

Google announced that more than 19 thousand Foundation is currently test-oriented and included the work of the Android system Android for Work within their systems and networks.

Android and allows the separation of regular business user applications for business applications, and thus can be used smart devices without problems within companies, with the possibility of the use of business applications and personal applications without any displays the company’s data at risk.

The company did not explain the number of companies that experience only, and the number of companies that started to adopt the new system within their networks, because the big companies do not adopt the new regulations only after a long period on the experience up to a year.

BlackBerry Android will provide security updates in real time for your Priv

Blackberry has announced that it will ensure the arrival of Android security updates in real time to the users phone Priv Alveseitovr officially on Friday, November 6 in the United States of America.

The company said that, although there are some limitations of the smartphone players, but it is in collaboration with some of its partners will deliver updates as they are released from Google, without having to wait for the approval of any party.

Users of Android usually waits for some time until you reach the updates to their devices, after the release version of the Google, the manufacturers send to servers connect to scheduled service, and thus delayed access to users’ computers for up to weeks, which may expose their computers to the risk of security vulnerabilities.

Google publishes its monthly report on the distribution of copies Android

Google Inc. released its monthly report on the distribution of copies of the Android operating ratios possessed by every version of the total operating devices Android system, although the figures indicate the presence of a copy Marschmilo to only about 0.3% of all Android phones, but it spreads faster than the spread of copy Lollipop.

The figures come a month after the launch of the new Android version of its Marschmilo and bearing the name, the system is installed and comes the latest Nexus Nexus phones 6P and Nexus 5X.

The figures indicate the beginning of a gradual rise to a copy Marschmilo, where she works handset manufacturers to issue a new update to its phones and its tablet, and mentions that there are more than one billion device that uses the Android system.


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