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Angee security system and advanced communication will change the way in which we protect and contact Bouapotna, we at Gateway Technical News dialogue with Thomas Turk Tomas Turek co-founder and CEO of the company Angee Inc, to tell us about Angee system and his company as well as his journey in entrepreneurship.
Story Angee
Thomas Turk, the founder of the company Angee
Thomas Turk, the founder of the company Angee

Thomas says that Angee is the security of an advanced communication system, will change the way we do to protect or call Bouapotna and our offices, but life is not related only to security, so it was taken into account by the intelligence when building Angee, to be the first intelligent security system useful indeed for homes and offices.

Thomas did not want to just build a new piece of technology, which will require attention from you to make it work properly, The technology must be effective and smart. Angee project will be able to change our lives, to change the way we live in our homes without any interference from us, Fmstqubla smart technologies will have a full knowledge of the details of our lives and the Merged in the environment in which we live or work, and would be able and intelligent to understand our way of life, and what you need without any request by the user, and make our lives easier, more effective and productive, and you’ll system Angee role in this future. Angee people will need to have tranquility and a high degree of comfort and ease in their lives.

Thomas entrepreneur, with multiple experiences in the Internet, smart phone applications and systems transactions He loves technology and physics, and he founded the company by himself at first, then was able to convince the other partners in his project and the formation of an integrated team, Thomas believes that the partner founder of great importance, to be skills held by different partners, and most importantly, a strong work team has a shared vision with the founders, and their condition was improving people’s lives.
Angee team work
Angee team work

The Thomas to finance the project for a period of seven months of his savings, and work full-time on the project Angee, and could he and the team in the end to build a prototype for Angee, and then worked to make the model into a product, to be put on Kikestertr Kickstarter platform for collective financing, and also works Thomas on obtain financing after Kikestertr campaign, the more invested in research and development.
What is Angee

Angee is a control device capable of vision angle of 360 degrees, with voice recognition feature, lock the door, and has sensors movement or vibration, and the ability to learn the user’s habits, is defined when usually come home, and when you sleep, and when you need to privacy, and he does it features according to your need, and so it is portable and work wirelessly, and provider of the application for your mobile phone is more than just a camera control.
You can program Angee in part to monitor your home or office, whereupon Angee notify you tried to access a table to your office in your absence, or one of the children tried to approach the dangerous place in the kitchen when you are not present
You can program Angee in part to monitor your home or office, whereupon Angee notify you tried to access a table to your office in your absence, or one of the children tried to approach the dangerous place in the kitchen when you are not present
There are times when you need privacy in Angee them know when to stop your watchlist
Angee for each additional sensors throughout the home or office
Angee for each additional sensors throughout the home or office
See what is happening at home or receive an alert when a suspicious movement by applying Angee
See what is happening at home or Angee that you will be sent an alert when a suspicious movement by the application for Smartphone
Angee Features

Of the most important features Angee the status of activation and non-activation, the entire area secure, camera able to spin 360 degrees, voice recognition, motion sensors, alarms, recording and broadcast and post video recordings, communication, ability to work without electricity through the battery for 10 hours, met plug pregnancy, privacy mode, the ability to learn habits.
Angee Features
Angee Features
Competition and market

Tells Thomas that the most important characteristic of Angee and makes it superior to its competitors, such as Canary, Nest Cam, Piper security, they have features such as portability spin 360 degrees, voice recognition, to identify the person at the door, sensitive movement and motion tracking, learning habits, the possibility of working wirelessly and also it has an internal storage space, and also on the clouds, and most importantly the lack of periodic fees or subscription fees.

Target for the market Angee is the US market primarily, but users understand anyone who wants to believe in and watching his home or his office, and wants to come to him from a distance, and knows what is happening and reacts remotely as well. Price Angee on Kikestertr $ 279. $ 329 US dollars, while the price future sales in the retail market will be about $ 429 US dollars.

For the market the Arab region, says Thomas that he was excited to market the Middle East and North Africa, and has a number of friends in Saudi Arabia, who told him that the regional market need for such a product, and the Thomas a number of supporters of the countries of the region to Kikestertr platform.
Concerns and stimuli

And Bsana to Thomas about obsession and Maiglgah said “everything and nothing”, and added “there are problems in the life of each and every one of us, in the same thing: business,” Thomas believes that it is important to learn to worry less about the current problems, and find time to look for problems of a different perspective, and we are trying to address the problems properly and enjoy this process, does not deny that more has something to worry is that time is running faster than we think, and find time to think is an important thing.

The stimulates Thomas, says that the stimulus deeply implanted within him, father of Thomas was an entrepreneur, and all the people who are around him two requirements significantly, was the stimulus is always has, even in difficult times, and at this critical time listening to classical music, and reading books about people working age who have spent the things that Bhboha.
Entrepreneurs Tips

Tells Thomas about how his choice for members of his team says, there are a lot of criteria but the most important is the culture, because the presence of harmony and understanding between the team members is something very necessary, and adds that he would prefer to keep a small team, and that Aogel the subject of expanding the company and team work, Fberoa Thomas better to stay small and do things correctly and grow gradually. The growth is fast and sudden surely will be on the expense of quality and at the expense of the working group, Aftrivth gradual sees the best way of continuity.

As for the tour, Thomas says that the guides played an important role, has been aware of this at an early age, since he was in high school he had known TP your level is the average of more than five people come into contact with them, so the Thomas From an early age inform himself always people who are a role model for him, listens to them and learn from them. And today has a number of people who Hilji them when they need advice, because they are not only have the expertise, but because they look at the problem in a stripper and unemotional.

As for the workshops, business entrepreneurs and events related to them, unlike most of the entrepreneurs we interviewed, Thomas says he does not attend these workshops at all, he enjoys more to spend this time more effective manner, with his team and they generate ideas, and finds Thomas Thus events as superficial and a waste of time.

Thomas tips for entrepreneurs “Put your goal seems impossible then proved to yourself that you are mistaken,” he adds, “to check that work hard with a lot of energy and positive, sleep well, all is well, read the flashing time with people inspired.”

Thomas definition of success “Success is the logical outcome because keeping track of what you like, I do not think success and I can not be described, but it comes when people notice that Matvolh makes the world a better place.”

Angee has set the goal of collecting US $ 250,000, and were able to bypass this amount by a large margin even before the end of the campaign, and you can get the support and Angee under the terms of support in the campaign Kikestertr.

Kikestertr campaign link here, the company’s website Http://, Facebook page here, twitter account here
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